I am Tired. I Do Not Know if I Can Still Carry On the Fight, If It’s Just Me.

I knew what I was getting myself into, but I still fought.

In fact, when I first started writing 2 ½ years ago, I knew that one day I would lose my job. But I still wrote.

When I first started writing, I wanted to advocate to the government for change. I thought that perhaps the government hasn’t heard us, so if I could reach out to them, they would start listening to Singaporeans and change the policies to protect Singaporeans.

How naïve I was.

Less than a year into my writing, I realised that the PAP government does not care about Singaporeans. After analysing the new policies that they would introduce, I realise that there is always a caveat – the policies will always be crafted in such a way that would benefit the PAP at the expense of Singaporeans.

I still remember that after Budget 2013 was announced, I broke down.

It was then that the shock sunk in – they didn’t listen. They were not going to! I cried. To think I had naively believed that the PAP would actually listen.

That night, I met a friend. We discussed how Singaporeans needed to vote right so that we can vote for the opposition into the government, to protect Singaporeans.

But I went home dejected.

I did not know if I could continue writing, after realising the truth – the PAP was not going to take care of us.

Thus I snigger when I hear the PAP say things like, “The PAP will always be on Singapore and Singaporeans’ side.”

If the PAP is truly on Singaporeans’ side, they wouldn’t have come out with policies since the early 1980s to hurt Singaporeans.

For the past 30 years.

When I got home that day, I did not know if I could write again. For the next few days, I felt betrayed. Could I write again? The PAP would not listen.

Roy Ngerng smiling edited

[Photo credit: Channel NewsAsia]

But soon, I picked myself up. I started compiling the statistics about Singapore. I was on a new direction – I needed to let Singaporeans know the truth.

If the PAP wouldn’t listen, at least I needed to let Singaporeans know.

The journey wasn’t easy.

First, I had to learn to think all over again.

When I first read about how it is the responsibility of the government to subsidise its citizens so that we would be taken care of and protected, I was taken aback.

“You mean, the government is supposed to take care of us?”

After being told for years that you either rely on yourself or you fail, I have learnt to believe that if I am not good enough, then it is because I simply wasn’t good enough.

The more I read, the more I realised how I have been taken for a ride all this while.

A government is supposed to take care of its citizens. Why weren’t we ever told that?

Why were we only told that if we fail, that’s because we are stupid?

By May this year, I was on a rampage. I had gone on a crash course over the past two years, learning what the PAP has been doing to us for the past 30 years.

I needed to let Singaporeans know! I had to let Singaporeans know that we are being abused!

What I didn’t know was that Singaporeans weren’t ready to know.

Or to face up to the reality of things.

When the suit finally came, I thought to myself – I have to fight this.

I fought because I believed that a few months down the road, the people would rise and fight together.

It never came.

When I first discovered that the government was taking our Central Provident Fund (CPF) retirement funds to earn 6% in the GIC while only giving back 3% to Singaporeans, I couldn’t wait to let people know.

There was no reaction.

Or what about how the government was taking our CPF to keep for themselves and how we are losing as much as half of what we should have gotten back? This would have gone into the hundreds and thousands or even millions for each Singaporean.

Still no reaction.

Or what about how the government is also on the GIC Board of Directors? Isn’t there a conflict of interest?

Still, there was none.

I was disillusioned. I fought because I had hoped.

I had hoped that Singaporeans would join in in the fight.

If they knew how their lives were being marginalised, maybe this would compel them to stand. Maybe this would make them rise and take their lives back.

And as I kept writing, I started to question if this was ever going to happen.

Since May, I have written about a hundred articles which exposed how the government was taking our CPF to earn for themselves.

With each protest I spoke at, I asked myself – so what? Would things change? Would people stand?

But I needed to keep up with it. I needed to give people hope.


But within me, the fire was flickering. How could I keep fighting, when people aren’t? When they wouldn’t?

But I pressed on.

By the end of September, we made some bad mistakes. We got ourselves cornered.

The bad publicity rushed in like the mad cow disease. So did the PAP ministers and members of parliament run amok in their criticism.

They had a field day tearing us apart.

But that was fine.

What could be worse than what I was already going through?

Moreover, I have always believed that my conscience is clear. And I know that I could hold my head up high because I have always done what I believed was right and always acted with integrity.

I have done what I could.

But what disappointed me was not the PAP. I hold no grudges against them.

I even waved at Deputy Prime Minister Tharman when I saw him in parliament once. His head a bit shiny but otherwise a nice smile he would always put, that was until I questioned him at the forum organised by the Institute of Policy Studies.

Still, it wasn’t the PAP that disappointed me. I had grown accustomed to their actions by them.

When some in the opposition parties and civil society activists also criticised us, I was … shocked.

Of all people, I would expect them to … at least understand.

I wasn’t doing this just for myself. Yes, I want a more equal society, I want a more just society. I want our people to be treated right. I want the poor and the old to be able to live with dignity in our country.

I want a better place to call home.

Yes, I was also rash, impatient, impulsive. I ran too fast. I didn’t wait. And got myself into all sorts of trouble.

But it shouldn’t be about me, should it?

I was doing it because I believe in a better future. Could we all invest in this future together? It doesn’t have to be me fighting for the cause. It could be someone else. I just happen to be the face of it, for now, for then.

But I would gladly have someone take over.

When even the opposition and activists criticised us, my heart sank.

Now, I am not angry with the opposition and activists. But … I was disappointed.

In this time of oppression in Singapore, the least we needed to do was to unite against the oppressor – the PAP.

We might have our differences but I believe that we need unite against a common goal, so that once we achieve freedom, we would be able to recreate our home.

But I do not blame the opposition and activists.

I understand why they did what they did. If I am a politician, I would do the same.

The PAP has created a culture of fear where even the opposition and activists have internalised it. You have to play on the safe side so that you won’t be eaten up alive.

That was something I never understood. I only knew how to barge. I was impatient. I have seen their cruelty and I didn’t want to wait.

I understood why the opposition criticised me – if they could distance themselves, at least it protected them from the wrath of the PAP to come.

It worked, and I am glad for them.

I will soon become unelectable, but the opposition parties need to preserve themselves for Singapore and Singaporeans. They know that. And they know that they needed to play the game.

And so I understand.

And Singaporeans, you must understand.

Worker's Party

The opposition has done a great deal.

Some might think that the Worker’s Party has been quiet. I personally wish that they could speak up a bit more.

But in the two years that I have written, it is also because the Worker’s Party has spoken up that has allowed many among us bloggers to shed light on what the PAP is really doing.

Because of the Worker’s Party and the Singapore People’s Party’s questioning in parliament, we get to know things like how of the $66 billion we have contributed to Medisave, we are only allowed to use 1.3% in a year. And we are only allowed to use 3% of the Medifund funds that have been set aside.

I also thank Dr Chee Soon Juan from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) for speaking up for us when the incident happened.

For all his life, Dr Chee has dedicated his whole life to fight to bring democracy to Singapore. I do not think that I can ever live up to what he has done for Singapore.

I will be honest here – it has been unfortunate that Dr Chee has been labelled as crazy by the PAP and this image he stayed with him.

Have any of you met or spoke to him before? I have, briefly. But from what I have seen, this is a very smart man who has a vision for Singapore – he wants to bring equality to the people. You can see it in the policy papers that the SDP has released.

But has he deserved the respect that he should rightfully have? Because the media gatecrashed his image and Singaporeans fell for it?

Just as they have once again.

Chee Soon Juan

The National Solidarity Party has also taken pains to meet with the SDP and the Singaporeans First Party (SingFirst) to look into collaborating more intensively with the other parties.

The parties are doing what they can, in quiet steps, to see to it that change can come to Singapore.

I understand why they have to do what they do. I hold no grudges.

But what disappointed me as well – when Singaporeans as well were swayed by the PAP’s propaganda.

I wrote for two years and fought for five months precisely because I hope that we could awaken to the truth and straighten out our minds.

But when some Singaporeans got sold to their depiction of the story, I became dejected.

No! I fought because I wanted Singaporeans to know.. but now, it was going down the drain.

They knew it, they had planned for it, and they managed to turn things around for themselves.

They won. I lost.

That doesn’t matter.

What matters was that Singaporeans would understand.

But when that started being lost as well, I realised what it all meant.

I don’t know if Singaporeans are ready for change…

I fought because I hoped that a few months down the road, Singaporeans would rise.

It wasn’t going to come.

But again, I understand why Singaporeans do what they do.

The people closest to me have told me too – you have to understand, I have my flat to pay for, my children to take care of. I can’t stand up. If I do, what will happen to my family and my children?

Which is why I envy the Hong Kong people. In interviews with the media, they say – because of my family and my children, because of my future, I will stand up. I will fight.

I was touched when I read that.


But this is the state that Singapore has become – the fear so deep-seated that our logic is now ruled by fear.

As much as we put the blame on foreigners for coming into Singapore, many are able to come in, and recognise what is wrong in Singapore almost immediately – they can tell how the PAP is f***ing Singaporeans up. They do what they need to do here, then they leave.

They can go back home.

But Singaporeans, this is our home. We do not dare to acknowledge what is going on, because we feel powerless to do anything about it. And so we decide that things are acceptable, we hope that things will go away, hoping that one day, Singapore will become a better place.

And so, we backtrack on our anger sometimes. We turn our anger into repressed feelings of frustration.

But by doing so, we are doing ourselves in.

Over the past few months, as I waited for Singaporeans to rise and join the fight and when nary a few came, this is what I learnt to understand.

The foot soldiers were never going to come.

Now, my friends, let me tell you a grim reality – your hero is going to die. And you know it.

But you were waiting and watching, hoping that maybe he is strong enough to fight the battle and will come out alive.

I am sorry to disappoint you. I am only one person. And they know that they can beat me up alive. And they have.

I thank you for your support. I thank you for raising funds for me to fight this battle.

But you need to understand, as long as you don’t join in, there is little else I can do.

When the battle is over and done, I will be left in a corner, picking up the pieces.

Another hero bites the dust and you will be left going back to your days of silent repression.

You might also hate me – why didn’t I do more? Why didn’t I plan better, so that I wouldn’t allow myself to fall into a trap? Why wasn’t I smart enough?

And you might blame the people around me. Why was Hui Hui so impulsive? Why did she not think for Roy?

For the faults that Hui Hui has, she was one of the very few people who stood by me and fought.

And the some of the people who have come for our events and have been dragged down with us as well.

roy_court_271014 (1)

The reality is that no one can save us, unless we save ourselves.

I was a blip, like many of the blips that had come, some survived and are living to fight another day, like Dr Chee, while some died fighting for Singapore, like J. B. Jeyaretnam.

Some have continued strong and silently, like Low Thia Kiang and Chiam See Tong who remains in our hearts and minds.

But no matter who comes along, only you can save yourself.

Only you can help yourself.

But will you?

Someone asked me – I am worried about my job, my house, my life etc. I want to stand up but I am afraid of losing this. Can you tell me what I should do?

I cannot give you an answer.

But what I can tell you is this – I have lost my job and my life here (for how many will employ me again?), but I stood my ground.

What Singaporeans do not realise is this – if hundreds and thousands of you decide tomorrow that you want to rise against the tyranny of the PAP, what can they do?

Send in their soldiers? These soldiers are the boys, and men, and women in Singapore – our family. Will they lift a finger to hurt us? Maybe the few aligned to the PAP will but the soldiers who really matter? Will they?

The PAP knows this as well. They know that if Singaporeans decide tomorrow to stand and fight back against them, they will fall.

And Singaporeans will be liberated.

You will keep your jobs. And your homes.

But they are also betting that if they can continue to scare one or two people, they can set an example for the rest.

They didn’t succeed with me. I fought. And I fought because I thought you would.

To your question on what you can do if you do not want to lose what you have? Fight together, that’s the answer.

When all of us rise and fight, we get the PAP out, we will still keep our jobs and our lives.

Will Singapore collapse without the PAP? Don’t kid me, c’mon. You honestly think that after the years of education that only the PAP is good enough to run the country?

If no one else among us can run the country, then I will say our country never had a future to begin with.

The PAP knows this as well. And that is why they try their darndest to fix the opposition.

You have a chance, Singaporeans. You know it, but you don’t dare to take that step.

Fear is very powerful, but fear can also become a source of strength. Do we want to wait for our lives to collapse before we finally see the reality of things?


Many among those who went to Hong Lim Park to hear us speak went because they have lost their jobs, their homes and their life savings. And that is when they finally feel the pain.

Before they lost what they had, they were also believing in the PAP, trying to hope that if they do not see the bad side of things, the bad will never come to haunt them.

But you know that it is only a matter of time that if you do not do something about it, you will be the next one on the chopping board, or your children.

It is only a game of hide and seek.

Remember how mother told you never to play with fire? Well, you are still playing with it.

But I don’t hate the PAP.

The PAP is doing what they do because they have to. If you want to fight for your own survival and your own wealth, you would do the same.

It will be selfish for us to blame the PAP for doing what they did to us. When it is us who gave them the chance to.

If our first instinct is to scold the PAP and get angry with them, without first doing it to ourselves, then we are hypocrites.

Then we are cowards. Which we are.

The PAP are only a few people who have been enshrouded in a belief system that they have been brought to believe in and which makes sense to them.

Just like I have a belief system which makes sense to me – and a few others. I believe in a more equal society, a fairer place where the young and old, the unemployed, whether you are gay, lesbian or bisexual, or transgender, or whether you are disabled, or whether you like animals, are a cyclist, etc, that this is a place we can share and grow together in.

PinkDot 2014

At the end of the day, it is our growth as human beings that matters.

This is what I believe in.

Does the PAP believe in that? Maybe some of that but they have other priorities as well – how to grow their own wealth, for example. Every time they increased their own salaries in 1994, 2000, 2004 and 2007, income inequality in Singapore rose with it. So did the share of income that goes to the rich.

Today, the rich-poor gap in Singapore is the widest among the developed countries.

But a country is not made for only a few who control the resources but is made up of all the inhabitants that live in the country.

A country’s pathway has to be decided together by all its beings.

And this is where we have gone wrong, but no means only the PAP’s fault. For we let them.

If Singapore is the way it is today, you have a part to play in it. It would be unfair to blame the PAP.

We had a chance but did we take it? We could speak up but did we do it? We could speak to others to change things but did we do it?

If things are the way they are today, every single one of us have a responsibility as to how things turn out.

It would be childish and irresponsible to keep blaming the 60% of them. Aren’t we all Singaporeans? If we truly believe in a Singapore, why are we dividing by ourselves?

Yes, they might use the divide and conquer method. But that doesn’t mean we fall for it.

You really think 60% of Singaporeans voted for the PAP? I reckon it is much lesser. Or would have been.

Thing is, does it matter who the PAP is? Does it matter who the opposition is? Does it matter what this country is.

At the end of the day, the question you have to ask yourself is – what do you want of this country and what are you willing to do for this country and for your fellow countrymen?

If you wouldn’t do it, then don’t expect it from others. If you wouldn’t speak up, then why complain?

If we truly want change to come to Singapore, then we have to decide what we want to do for it. For if we choose to remain silent, then silence it will be for Singapore and change will not come.

I am tired. I have fought but I have had also a unique opportunity to look at things from a vantage point – to observe how Singaporeans have acted, and how the PAP has acted.

It has been an eye-opener.

I have fought but I do not know if I have the energy to keep fighting, or if I should shrivel away into my hole, and hibernate for a while.

I have to tell you the truth. The PAP has managed to press down on me. They have won this round.

But my life doesn’t matter. Someone told me this and I agree with him – one day I will be forgotten as I will soon be, and as many others have.

Now and then, you see people from the looney fringe – yes, you can feel free to call me that – come out and do some stupid things like challenge the government (or rather, the PAP) because you want to stand for integrity and justice and you fight your way through.

Some people fall, some people get co-opted. Some people fade into oblivion.

But change will come not by one or two but by the many who believe enough in it to want to stake their lives and fight for their lives.

Perhaps some are right to say that in Singapore, our tolerance level is so high that even as our lives are even more marginalised by the PAP, that we are willing to take our tolerance to a whole new level – and this is not a compliment.

For until collapse comes then, only then will Singaporeans and the PAP alike feel the pinch.

I want to appeal to Singaporeans and the PAP to come to our senses and to come together for our country’s future.

But I do not know if I still have the energy to do this.

I write this with an aching heart, as a soreness drills itself into the depths of my chest, disheartened.


  1. tec air

    I have been reading all your mails in the past months. I understand what you want and I have the same feeling as you. There is very little hope to make thing change drastically. Patience is the formula to success for you. Please think of those who scarified their life for a good cause and yet nobody know them. At least few millions of Singaporean know you. Yesterday there is a young rich man who died in one of the most stupid way.. I knew him and his family. Do you think he lead a very meaningful life?? Do not believe there is no impact in what you write. How busy is the minister in preparing issue related to CPF. Let you know something interesting.. Do you know those chicken kept in cages for week do not know how to walk ( or fly or run) even when the cage is open? How could you expect thing to change so fast… From the day I read your article, I know you will be disappointed one day… However I am very glad there is somebody like you and your group around to wake us up. Move 1 step at a time.. We are behind you. Perhaps the most immediate thing to do is to raise fund for the fine…$250K? Fireflies


      Please this guy is calling himself a “hero” in this article. What a joke! Did he ever think before that no one is following him because he is simply not qualified? Roy is too foolish, too immature, too impulsive and too irrational to be a leader, much less a “hero”. The Workers’ Party is standing up for our rights in a constructive way. Roy is not helping Singapore and it will be better if the “looney fringe heroes” just fade into our distant memory. Rot in your bankruptcy Roy, and start reflecting.

  2. Hello

    Ok u want our support

    But if u mention so much about salary, will you reduce minister salary to $80,000 a year maximum if you become one? And promise singaporeans or continue taking what u are opposing against? Will u speak aloud and promise this for us?

    • Pen

      A cleaner’s salary and no more because if cleaner’s pay is enough for them to live in dignity, then they should be contented. Anything more is justified greed.

    • Jackfruit

      eh ? the opposition also talk so much about MP salary before the election, after they got voted in, they proposed even higher than the Committee. now they are quietly enjoying the salaries.
      He no need to be elected he already got more than $100K in just a few weeks .. plus income from advertisements in his blog ..

  3. Omod

    Hi Roy! A big big thank you for standing up for the minority. You will face immense challenges today but remember these challenges are here to build your character and to develop you into a better politician and public speaker. One day in the far future we will vote you into parliment and these experience will serve you handy! Stay strong, fight on, even if you take a step back to preserve your health to fight another day. The protests can tone down a lil they may be reaching a tipping point where it may start losing its effectiveness. You are a smart lad, keep writing on your blog, use international media, strike only when the time is right!

    Thank you once again for without you PAP will not be having this CPF feedback panel. We have doubts on its effectiveness but it’s a good start nevertheless. Let them self destruct, scrutinize what they say and help to highlight flaws in their arguments that most Singaporeans have been blindsided. Show evidence, keep them on their toes, one day the fortress will collapse and truth will prevail.

    Stay healthy, stay strong, fight on, fight smart.
    Thank you Roy!
    From a true blue Singaporean


      This guy can never become a politician. He is too foolish and too under-qualified to be one. Look at the politicians around the world. Since when have you seen an uneducated and lowly-skilled worker like Roy take the stage against the government. Lee Hsien Long graduated from Harvard, where did this fool graduate from? Even the lowly-educated in PAP and Workers’ Party have worked their way through the ranks and proven themselves. Roy didn’t work his way up. He merely has a big mouth.

  4. A new generation

    Never quit fighting, there are those who are brainwashed by the PAP, and then there are those who are awakened, either by your words or the words of others. The PAP no longer has a monoply on information. We no longer just have state media telling us ‘truths’. We have the brave Singaporeans who dare speak up against tyrants. We have you. A new generation is coming, the ones who are more aware. The ones who see things differently. I’m a part of that new generation. The foot soldiers you speak of are coming. I and many others like me, who are too young to influence politics, are waiting for the opportunity to rally and rise up with you. I understand you are tired, most of us do. But please, you’re the face of opposition in Singapore, our bastion against cronyism and tyranny, wait for us, just for a bit longer, we’re coming.

  5. DumbOppositions

    “That night, I met a friend. We discussed how Singaporeans needed to vote right so that we can vote for the opposition into the government, to protect Singaporeans.

    But I went home dejected”

    Your greatest mistake. All have been sold to the devil. The one platform where you are baited for good and evil and souls are bought and slaughtered.

    It is the same all over the world. Sooner or later, the rot begins to set. And then history is repeated like market cycles that play into the hands of the rich and powerful.

    Despite the fact you have hit the brick wall, knowingly, you still harbor the same illusion that the wall will come down if you keep hitting it because you figured, others will join you. If enough gathered, the walls of tyranny will fall.


    Because all fell for the grave mistake, the wall of tyranny will never fall. It just get…replaced!…dumb ass!

  6. OhWell

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  7. 铁证如山

    面对黑压压的势力, 要忍受 。

    捕鱼的人,风里来雨里去,本来就没有家园。 他们拿走了渔网,大不了改去种地。 小贩的孩子,本来就一无所有, 没有逼迫, 或许你没机会改变 。他们夺走了饭碗, 大不了改去写书 . 天无绝人之路.

    年轻人,去理个发, 打起精神, 振奋起来 , 做你有兴趣的事。 你的工作和优势很多,首先他们引领你亲身经历了一场老一代被迫害的圈套, 这段历程将让公众看透透那些“十二讲” 的不实之處 。

    境外出版社有兴趣购买这个记载的版权,包括每个博文后面的评论. 世界如要了解新加坡 ?了解李光耀 ? 了解新加坡司法 ? 不只看高楼大厦和樟宜机场,不看谁最有钱主办F1 ?谁的宴会最奢侈 ? 聆听每个人的故事都这么相似, 整合一本新加坡民间的真实幸酸记载, 比以上各类竞争有历史价值 , 慢慢来,不要在一夜之间仓促完成 。

    了解塞翁失马,焉知非福的故事, 这比喻一时虽然受到损失,反而因此能得到好处。也指坏事在一定条件下可变为好事。 它形容人的心态,一定要乐观向上,任何事情都有二面性,不好的一面,有可能向好的一面转化。 A loss, no bad thing . 读一些好书. 书籍是人类进步的阶梯, 幸福的源泉,人生的指南针 。

    请向老人家问好, 并祝他们身体健康。也问候韩慧慧以及其他4位受害者,你们牺牲自我,唤醒新加坡早一天走出独裁国家, 为国争光 , 你们正抒写新加坡现代史上的一页辉煌 。你们的觉悟,使得那些没有觉悟的天阶薪水获得者,惭愧不已, 无地自容. 他们標榜個人至上, 傾向欺騙和操縱他人钱财謀取私利, 把他们自己看成是万物之主的怪物已经受到广泛的谴责 !


  8. carbo


    I started being sceptical first wrt your articles and disagreed a lot , mostly out of disbelief that our govt would be treating its people like this. I quarrelled or argued lots w my hubby whenever he talks about the facts read in your gathered data. Then after years of living in australia did it finally dawn on me that indeed we Singaporeans …my family back home …has not been cared for as much as these Aussies have. When I go to work and see so many elderly in their 55s and above sitting around coffeeshops enjoying their breakfast and spending time visiting galleries, museums, many also doing volunteer work..I found out that they can start
    Receiving their pension money by 55 onwards. And many can afford to see good private doctor becaus their healthcare provided by the govt covers a good deal for them. I started to envy them and at the same time ache for our parents back home who have to keep working to make sure they have enough CPF minimum sum left for retirement.
    Many of the young people all the way to adults can study mid-way and change courses in private institutions just to try it out what they really like to study for because they need not pay upfront for any pre-uni fees. … Something called school funds they applied for. Students with families can have allowance to help them out…. Students alone in a certain family income ceiling get allowance too… The Aussies here have a govt who thinks about them more than I can see back home. The poor without jobs and disabled get disability fund of 400 plus a week.. Which is more than a cleaner back home gets for working forty hours a week!
    Thanks for the data and i can truly see for myself now that I am out of Singapore. My vision has improved and I am not kept in the dark anymore. I wish you well. I hope to go home and bring my gifts and helps to the less fortunate and see how when we all get together we can bring hope and joy again to the society in need . we may not all be fighters but we will be the encouragers and pillars to bring hope while the changes take place … May be slow but hopefully steady and strong. Small droplets of rain over time can cause a crack in the pavement. That is how I see the effort you and your friends will be impacting …and I hope there will be justice and a true democracy like how we have pledged everyday of our lives.

      • Shareya

        yes their income will not only monthly salary , but also their government given per person per year 150,000.00 cash reward for encourage above 65 years old people which like to work continuously.

        their government leader not greedy for themselves, they don’t like to show off and hold F1 spent national cost for nothing meaning, they put the national people’s love for the first priority

        for example, every 5th grade student received a free laptop from government , many of example ,
        Singapore leader can not make it, don”t take the top world income, don;t sue people use the national account,

        it is gene problem between Singapore Chinese leader ( Revenge, selfish, thinking that he is superior ) and the western country leaders (Fair, Equality, Respect for the individual’s will )

      • All hail the Australia government


        I would sure like to know where you are getting your news from. The Australia you quote seems to be different from the Australia on this planet. The laptop scheme has ended in 2013 because the funding for it has run out.

        If the government is giving $150000 to the people, where is the news for it? Someone must inform the numerous poor older Australians in the workforce who have no idea about it.

        Lastly your last statement reeks of racism and assumptions of an uneducated marrow minded person.

    • The utopic everybody wants

      You must have been talking about a different Australia. I have worked in the healthcare sector there and I have seen elderly who live in public housing who survive on bread only for a whole week, with insects crawling around the house. People who have to stuck waiting in ambulances in the car park due to overcrowding being being able to just enter the emergency room of the hospital.

      The tax on income which is at least 20% for average income and does not include paying the annual medicare fee of 1% of annual income. Meaning that even if you have never see a doctor for the whole year, you still pay a fee to Medicare to subsidise other people medical fees. Also, to see a private doctor, Medicare only pays $37.05, you got to pay the rest of what the GP will bill for a standard consultation ( average consultation is about $75) and this does not include medications. You still need to go to the pharmacy to get your medications and pay a fee since it is not totally covered by Medicare as well.

      Furthermore, if you ever need to see a specialist urgently, the free public sector will take forever and if you don’t want to wait forever, you will need to pay money to see the specialist in the private sector. Good luck to you if you do not have private health insurance.

      How about the fact that the Australia has a budget deficit and it’s not expected to return to surplus for another decade. That the government is finding ways and means to get the budget back to surplus which is increasingly difficult due to the fact that the mining industry which the economy has previously depended on is slowing down drastically. That the unemployment rate is increasing, at least 6.1%, one of the highest in a decade. That it is hard to find a permanent job, I have known of friends with degrees who struggle to find a permanent job in the healthcare sector, the only jobs available are contract jobs even in the public healthcare sector.

      The retirement age has been increased as well, meaning that someone born after 1 January 1966 will not be able to apply for the age pension until 70. So they will need to rely on superannuation (which is something similar to CPF) and other savings between retiring from the workforce and reaching age pension age.

      Just like in Singapore, there are homeless people in Australia as well and people struggling to survive. There are ways that Australia is better but do not make it sound like a utopia everybody dreams of.

  9. carbo

    Thanks for taking the bite we all fear to take ourselves. Our lack of courage may indeed one day be the fall of our democracy and freedom and equality.

  10. ThinkTank

    Demoncrazy. True freedom respect nature. When nature is respected, equality is empowered. The world is unified. The beast is locked up forever.

    If you are that smart, you won’t be under the thumb of a prickhead for more than 50 yrs.


    Hi Roy, I have kept all your articles you published on The Heart Truths . You have put in a lot of effort on researching information which even PAP MPs cannot conjure with the whole country ‘s machinery at their becks and calls . You have done a fabulous job of revealing what most singaporeans are unaware of , hidden from them from the gods of this country . I hope you will not give up your fight against tyranny , non- transparent policy and dictatorship in this good country . You can be assured that there are many many silent supporters behind you in your battle against such principalities and forces . The donations to you to pay your legal fees against the highest office holder in such a short time period is a clear sign that we are all in support of your cause . I am sure by the next GE the share of votes will swing more in favour of the oppositions . Let hope that the foreign elementms who becomes Singapore Citizens over the last 2 decades will not out numbered pure bred and born Singaporean citizen voters . The loyalty shown by the former group may be formidable enough to ensure that the ruling party will stay in power in perpetuity because of the gratefulness factor of saving these lot of people from their previous inhospitable domicile . True blue Singaporeans will then realised all to late that our country had been sold to the dogs ! Too late to regret except for the few fortunate ones who managed to obtain a residence somewhere else . For the majority , they have just to accept their fate here , much like the situation in HK now .
    By continuing to speak out , hopefully the number of foreigner intake will slow down at a manageable pace for true blue Singaporeans to produce more kids and catch up with the relentless assaults of the aliens !
    Don’t give please Roy ! If you have to pay S$250K or Even $$1.000,000 , the donations coming in to support your cause will be a clear and good sign to you that there is a silent majority strongly your cause and you !
    Tomorrow will be better if you and we all persevere !
    Unity is strength !
    God is great ! God is love !

  12. Singaporean

    you are no HERO.. just a delusional prick who wants to incite riot.. you are a NOBODY.. dun make it sound like you are so great.. everything PAP’s fault.. everything you do is right.. come on lah.. WAKE UP !!! that’s why no opposition party want you

    • SIMPLE

      This is only a prelude. The real article is the next one. “Please donate to my legal fund. I can only fight for you if you stay with me. Believe in me”. in a long self puffing way. Like a cake puff up full of self-righteousness… so predictable and then Hey what have you done to those children with special needs—

    • Kungfu Panda

      If you think you are really a hero that fights for every single Singaporean, then continue to do what you believed with pride, honesty and integrity. There is just a thin line between a HERO and ZERO…Dun behave like a loser by writing a long suicidal essay when things just didn’t go your way.
      There are also many things that the government did well and Yes, there are also many which they did not handle well. The problem with you is that you just tell those that you think and believe which are the negatives ones.
      Learn from Chiam See Tong and not ones like your idol Chee…And you will realised why many of the PAPs still respected Mr Chiam.
      I cannot understand why you even want to associate yourself with HHH and that made you really look more like a clown or joker being associated with her…Do you really need her presence as a morale booster?
      You are a smart young man with great thoughts and ambitions…Use your wisdoms which God has gifted you in the right way.
      You have never been alone when God has always been with us…

      Hopefully one day you will realised and fulfil your full potential and really help others in the most effective way.

  13. Casino

    Who is next to be sued? Oh wait..those who kena already or are also pap type but differ in some areas..preferred the safer route now…wait for election to woo sickoporeans so they can get voted into parliament and collect parliamentary RANSOM for playing it safe by abiding by parliamentary rules and saying only politically correct and non offensive stuff in parliament…lol… no changes basically..still as oppressive …at best…consolatory changes to soothe fat mouths..lol

    Who wants to join opposition? Raise hands lol

  14. Ivan Ho

    Hi Roy,
    What you have done in the revelation of PAP’s doings through thehearttruths have caused tremors though not earth-shakening yet will be acknowledged by those who are hopeful of change at the next GE in their quiet ways though not manifestly expressive. Don’t despair; you can hold your head high knowing that PAP govt is
    hearing, setting up CPF Advisory Panel to look into the CPF national pension
    savings scheme and seeking solutions to address the retirement inadequacy which you’ve eloquently highlighted!
    On behalf of Singapore Patriots,

  15. David

    Hi Roy,

    I want to commend you for your effort and offer you some words of encouragement. You are one of the bravest Singaporeans I know to go the route you have chosen. I agree with your assessment that the PAP continues to try to grow its wealth and in so doing, they need to keep a certain percentage of the population satisfied enough that they will not join your fight and for the others, keep them scared enough not to join your fight. I think you are finding that the PAP has succeeded so far in this endeavour which is the reason there is no uprising.

    But it’s all a matter of timing. One day, the way things are going, there will be enough unhappy people and there will be an uprising. So long as the PAP continues to increase the inequality gap, (if you have data, and can post the income inequality trend, I think that would be an excellent indicator of when the people become ready), then one day there will be enough unhappy people for a revolution. The million dollar question being when?

    Again, I commend you for the path you chose and the suffering you are undergoing. Without being indifferent to the amount of suffering you have already endured, and the future suffering that would be involved in a continued battle, I would like to offer you this thought, that even just 1 person has the potential to make the difference, even though it may not feel that way now. Sometimes just 1 person is the spark that can set the entire bonfire alight. If that 1 person is true and sincere and genuine, and fights openly, honestly and fairly, more and more people could end up being swayed in seeing such a person brutalized by a stronger enemy. The most damage that you could do, is to go down as a martyr and it is certainly something the PAP would not want to turn you into.

    The eyes of Singapore, and the world are on you. I don’t think there’s a person in Singapore who doesn’t know your name. Positively or negatively, you have the potential to sway us with your words and your actions now. Even all the negative comments in response to your article are proof that you are reaching all groups of people, friends and enemies alike. You are still a huge threat to the PAP. LHL’s reputation has taken a serious beating from this entire suing escapade, to the point that it could be could cost the PAP 2016. Hold tight to your principles. You really never know what you’ll achieve until you do it.

  16. The Reality

    Let it be known that there are from among those who hastened to judge you, there are many who believe in you. Let it be known that I have never doubted you once. You are doing what is right. But what is right has been corrupted by the PAP. PAP has corrupted Singaporeans with “kiasuism” and “kiasism”. To at least 50% of Singaporeans, this is a pathological condition. These values have been used to demoralize the people. But the waves are rising. And the PAP is seeking to replace Singaporean majority to 46% of the population. The challenge in Singapore is how to get those uncles to read the internet. Things have to start in a small way. Do not be disheartened. They are many good souled Singaporeans. In fact, at least 40% of them are. And this number is rising. Singaporeans know what is happening and they are watching, just as the PAP is watching Singaporeans right now. I say, to you, that a warrior does not give up. But a warrior is also not blind. Self-preservation is a real phenomenon in Singapore and Singapore will never be an innovative land with the PAP. Rest. Recharge. And take care of your family. Do not regret anything and do not expect anything in return. The pen remains mightier than the sword. The young Singaporeans are aware something is wrong in Singapore and PAP’s policies are the problem.

  17. observer

    unfortunately you guys could not play the politics, and to think you went in with all the advantage. Shame.

    o well, take it as a learning lesson. my advice to you would be to stop associating yourself with the loonies, and distance yourself from HHH. you at least have some substance and prose, she? what does she offer besides her stupidity, impatience and reckless?

    For shame.

  18. An overseas Singaporeans

    Dear Roy,
    greeting to you.
    now it is my time 2217 hours , 10 Nov 2014

    7 years ago my home was destroyed in Singapore. i have more then 20 times letter to government as well as PM , unfortunately no respond. after leaving Singapore, I almost sent my daily diary to PM LHL , share with him the new life i received and the welfare system i received in Europe which my family live here . guess if PM himself could read my diary, Singapore will slightly improve.

    I wish to share with you that poor people will not always unfortunate. no matter how difficult, never give up life .

    this July we noticed your lawsuit case through the internet , my family began to follow me and concern . since then, as an housewife everyday I forgot cooking while my husband come back and complaint ” my wife not at home ….”

    I watched at you and Singapore news in my reading room, I explained to my husband :” that Singapore young guy says that was my misery … … Singapore solidarity with my life…. the deeply pains was unforgettable…….please let me cry for a while …..” .

    I told my husband you wrote my thoughts and heart , and I’m your fan.
    ” what about me ?” my husband asked,
    ” I would rather die for him if any evil party attack him ! no one in Singapore will help people , only him an rare gem …”

    Roy, you are so young and would empathy with us, in my mind that you are our stone . This is a miracle.

    When we are thinking why PM never see our feedback. suddenly strange things happened , his secretary threatening me through in this website. We have a common question how come such despicable person in PM’s office ? no fundamental organizational discipline. PMs Office is not like an authority, more likely gossip team or housewives. Instantly PM’s image was completely destroyed.

    over the past more than four months, we see this team is a team of persecuting Singaporeans. that conclusion is so bad . The problem many people have seen that.

    life had many ups and downs, as long as faith unites good fellow Singaporeans together , our life will be better day by day. rely on the Lord’s strength & walked out of the predicament, I also pray for you, Hanhuihui, and other 4 people every day, you will get peace.

    love those who loves us
    God Blessing you and all Singaporeans


    Roy you are a joke! Your childish self-righteous acts don’t make you a hero, it makes you a fool! It’s not that we are not uniting. We just don’t want fools like you to represent us. At least the Workers’ Party have one or two qualified members that can represent us. YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED ENOUGH. NOT EVERYONE WITH A BIG MOUTH CAN BECOME A POLITICIAN. THAT IS WHY YOU FAIL.

  20. averageguysg

    Hi Roy,

    For one, I believe you too that are not in this to be a politician and earn a high salary. Second, I too am a believer in some of the opposition parties and civil society activists you mentioned.

    It is about timely that perhaps you start to realize that while you are obviously being lambasted by the PAP, it does seem weird that you receive little support from much of the above 2 mentioned groups there. But do give Singaporeans a little bit of credit there. Its not that they have not spoken up. The WP has, in its own small way. Dr Chee as well. Mr Tan Jee Say recently sent a petition to the President asking him to reveal the true details of operation coldstore. So yeah, while they might not have done as much as some would expect, they are.

    Yet they leave you in the lurch. Why? Are our opposition and activists a bunch of self serving, political preserving cowards who do not stand up when you are hit? Are they more concerned with debating about hawker centre ceiling cleaning than fighting for you? I think not. Lets give them more credit than that? Perhaps you have not realized that while the cause you advocate for is a relevant one, you have done things in a way that no one can condone. You said you respect Dr Chee. He did advise you to apologize. We have waited till now for something resembling an apology. Is it that since the mighty PAP never seem to apologize for their mistakes, Roy “the people’s hero” Ngerng should therefore not be held accountable for anything too?

    You can only fight the battle you are in. By now it might be obvious to you that your tactics and behaviour are unable to get people out on the streets in their thousands, as we see in Hong Kong recently. They are obviously not getting much change done as well. Why not ask deeper questions? Why not back to the drawing board? Why persist with your drama creating antics? You get no support from the PAP obviously. Now opposition parties and civil activists distance themselves from you. The neutral Singaporean, I’m not sure how many really bother. As you might have noticed, your latest crowdfunding for the Hong Lim Fracas is way slow even though the amount needed is much lower this time. Maybe its time to realize that its not that Singaporeans are suddenly happy with or hoodwinked by the PAP now. We still have our problems and we still want them to be addressed. Its just we have realized that you and your tactics are obviously not working for one, and for two, they are not what most of us want to endorse.

    But you might not agree. You will stick to the same few hundred who turn out for you, and maybe the few thousand who praise you for a hero online and believe that you speak for majority of Singaporeans.

  21. Trans Europa Express

    Hi Roy,

    Did the word count in your Microsoft Office commit suicide? (that would explain a lot)

    Otherwise it must surely be more tired than you

  22. Observor

    You have done in 5 months what the all the fucking opposition MPs and all opposition couldn’t do in 20 years. Fuck WP! SDP! Fuck Gerald Giam and Pritam Singh too!

    • MoneyTalks

      Once you get voted into parliament and enjoyed the good and rich life, you will never want to be like Roy. And if Roy gets in, it will be the same.

  23. What the?

    Yes Roy! You made young singaporeans reflect about a truth that comes from the Heart! The Heart Truths! What the PAPigs are busying doing is indoctrinating Singaporeans with a “double-edged sword” truth. 7 out 10 Singaporeans know the PAPigs are just wayang and all their disruptive polices are wayang.

  24. averageguysg

    Its also getting rather tiring how you and those like minded like you, attribute the silence and criticism of opposition and civil society activists as because they want to preserve themselves. Bear in mind that some members of the WP, SDP, and NSP came out and pulled no punches on what happened on the Hong Lim fracas. And on you.

    Now, it is kind of a backhanded insult to say that these opposition and activists have to pander to the PAP and join in the bandwagon to run you down, so that they remain electable. WP MPs for one, were not afraid of speaking up vehemently against the Population White Paper. Give them some credit. And maybe realize that if no one seems to be donating now, or supporting, it is perhaps for a reason.

    You are right on 2 things. You will soon be unelectable. I’m not sure, with your handful of supporters and no political party backing, were you electable in the first place. You are also right that you knew only how to barge. You come across as intellectual, intelligent in writing, but you at the end of the day behave like barger, a noise maker, a drama king. That is why, you fail.

    Singaporeans will fight. We will just carry the fight without you, that’s all.

  25. Econs

    Roy. U keep on insisting that CPF interest rate should be 8 %, since the government made more than 8 % by investing with our CPF money. You have overlook one important point that 25 % of the government’s revenue does not come from tax revenue. It comes from its various investment. Of course the government can pay 8 % CPF interest rate and make people like you happy. But who will take care of various social spending ? Increase our GST or income tax? Look at Sweden. How high is their tax rate? All your economic theories are not sustainable. We are spending at the expand of future generations.

  26. The Half Truths

    Hi Roy, just by looking at your URL, you have accidentally revealed that you are ready to flee.
    “i-do-not-know-if-i-can-still-carry-on-the-flight” Yes, you are definitely ready to carry on the “flight”. You realised, after these few months, that a generation of well-educated Singaporeans are not going to take your “Half-Truths” at face value? Even the opposition has steered clear of you — don’t you see what’s wrong?

    You say that you are disappointed in Singaporeans. Let me tell you, Singaporeans are equally disappointed in you. You have not won the support of the masses, not because they are scared of PAP. It’s because you are simply not worth supporting. It’s that simple. Your articles and accusations are laced with un-truths and half-truths. You play the victim card almost as often as my mother buys 4D.

    You know what you can do before you flee? Account for the money that you have taken from Singaporeans. Write another long long long post (since that seems to be your forte) to tell us where the funds have gone to. Then you can board the next “flight” out of Singapore. Bye!

  27. averageguysg

    Also please don’t say “I can’t fight if it is just me.” That kind of implies that no one else is fighting except you. Then what about those you listed? WP, Dr Chee, and so on so forth. Civil society activists? They not doing anything right? Must be. Only Roy the hero is doing something. And poor Roy is suffering because no one is helping him.

    And come on, all those “I don’t blame them, we must understand, blah blah.” Obviously your article is an obvious rant against the lack of support for what you think are heroic actions on your part. Then you turn around and try to play the noble statesman and say “but i don’t blame them. they just have to survive.” Yeah, once again, a roundabout way to portray Roy as the only guy willing to sacrifice and do something. Heck, what of those opposition members who campaign door to door every GE? I am an advocate of having an opposition voice here, but it is damaging to the opposition cause to have people like you portray yourself as doing so much more than them, when all you have done is make noise and ask for money.

    Hate to post multiple times but your self inflating, act pitiful stance is really not working, and you need to look into it sooner rather than later.

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  29. Xmen


    You should have a chat with Dr Chee. He has been through much worse.

    To continue or not is your personal decision. But what you have done is for better and inclusive society. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people are proud of your effort and good intention.

    The often quoted “60%” is fast becoming an urban legend. The 3 elections after 2011 are all UNDER 50%. There has been a seismic shift in people’s acceptance of alternate narratives, even if the people are still somewhat subdued. We won’t know until a year from now but it ain’t going to be pretty for the incumbents IMHO.

    If you decide to continue, just do what you are best at. Churn out more posts!

    Regardless, I wish you the best.

    • averageguysg

      You know when I read your previous comments I can agree with your statements that people like Roy are part of a democracy. I still do.

      But I can’t imagine how you can stomach his antics as something that should be lauded and praised above all else. You really buy his claims that he is a hero? That the fact that opposition and civil activists are wrong to criticize him along with the PAP? How many are “proud” of him in the same way they are proud of someone like Low Thia Khiang?

      I know this. In time to come there may be no place for the PAP’s style of government. Well and good. They either adapt or perish. But I also know this. A society cannot be built on the back of supporting people like Roy. If we make the mistake that supporting him is necessary in order to bring about change, I cannot imagine what is going to happen.

    • Xmen


      Your comment is so Singaporean! LOL.

      Tell me if any of these people are NOT considered extreme by many of their own people – Aung San Suu Kyi , Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Liu Xiaobo. Mind you, all of them are eventual Nobel Peace Prize laureates!

      Okay, Roy is no Nobel Peace Prize laureate and never will be one. But his work should have been lauded and praised as you suggested! His antics is so trivial if you compare to the people I named above. But if you insist that he went out to heckle some kids, you are either NAIVE or a PAP IB. So stop giving the PAP-indoctrinated excuses. The ELEPHANT in the room, or the NAKED EMPEROR, is the one that you should be after. Btw, these people are helping themselves to the millions and you are complaining about Roy’s?! What’s WRONG with YOU?

      It’s sad that Singapore students do not study Humanities. This is something seriously lacking in the Singapore society. I hope the new media will expose the people to universal ideals instead of being confined to the PAP-norms.

      • averageguysg

        I do not believe Roy heckled kids. I believe that instead of making the situation work for him, which is to win over the YMCA crowd in another way, he made it worse by barging, yelling and marching around when someone else is having an event. That alone showed that he is not someone who knows how to advocate effectively for change.

        What should we laud or praise Roy about? The fact that he spoke up? We’ve heard this excuse many times. He has used it many times. He speaks up, therefore it doesn’t matter what he uses, how he does it. I have refrained from attacking him on his own blog, I have thus far just tried to raise questions and doubts. But I think it is downright deplorable that he now turns on the opposition and fellow activists, trying to portray a picture that he and only he is self sacrificing, going the distance, willing to do something but they are not. That we Singaporeans (many of whom donated huge sums of money to him) are cowardly, apathetic to leave a hero like him in the lurch. Do you not see the self inflated ego? The delusion of grandeur? Maybe you don’t.

        And the usual PAP IB, PAP indoctrinated excuses, million dollar salaries. So what? I disagree with your precious hero, therefore I am an advocate of paying ministers millions? You obviously do not know me and my views on that matter. Which is alright, as I have not spoken about them on this blog. I am here to speak about Roy. I will vote for an opposition I deem worthy. I will support the cause of denying any single party full dominance. I see the need for free speech and for this country to relax on some long held norms. And no, I did not even agree with the Prime Minister for his use of a defamation suit on Roy.

        But that’s not because I believe Roy is right. I believe that the PM should not have sued him, because in time, someone like him will get found out, called out, and now, abandoned of support. No need for a defamation suit.

        You believe Roy is your salvation? That we should all throw our weight behind him? That many still support him? I don’t think that even he himself thinks so, if not he would not have written this post expressing his angst at a lack of support.

        And just a point of perspective. Aung San Su Kyii was under house arrest for years and maintained a widespread support despite that fact. Here, Roy Ngerng has organized 5 protests, written countless blog posts, and has people still willing to donate money to him. What’s his support, other than the usual suspects like yourself? Want to compare him with those greats?

      • averageguysg

        2 more facts, Xmen. You don’t call the actions of Mandela antics. Mandela made sweeping changes to a nation and inspired a generation. But I think we can call the actions of Roy antics. Roy marches around Hong Lim Park and asks for donations, then calls himself a hero.

        Also, backtrack to 2011. Where was Roy when Aljunied GRC was won by the WP? Where was this blog? Did they need his heart truths, his plaintive pleading back then to make this breakthrough? Hardly. And I don’t think they need it now. We therefore don’t need Roy here to claim credit as though he is the only burning light in the opposition and that we can’t do without him.

      • to Xmen

        Dear Xmen
        every read your opinions, you are real have a leadership style , we do hope you will be one of the Singapore leaders or a civilian prime minister

      • Xmen


        I am not sure why you keep bringing up the YMCA incident. In the scheme of things, how important is it? The YMCA episode is unfortunate as it has been used successfully by the PAP to deflect the core issues. What few changes that PAP has made or promised to improve CPF or help the poor are similar to what they did to the PWP, i.e. no material change in policies.

        You say Roy is not someone who knows how to advocate effectively for change. So who has been doing that, huh? There is a social crisis in Singapore today (read what Roy just posted on what’s wrong in Singapore). Where are the activists? the press? the opposition? Singapore has seen no real opposition nor activists like other democracies (HK, Australia, USA, Germany.) Roy is right that no one (esp WP if you guys are reading this) is outraged about the lawsuit and (for goodness sake) the Parks and Trees Act. He is right that the opposition and activists are hanging him out to dry. But they acted this way because this is Singapore! (/sarc)

        I have already wrote that “Roy is no Nobel Peace Prize laureate and never will be one.” He is no Aung San Suu Kyi , Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, or Liu Xiaobo. BUT if any of these great people were Singaporeans, they would have been marginalized just as Dr Chee, JB Jeyaretnam, and Dr Chia Thye Poh. Where were your so-called opposition and activists who clearly deserted Dr Chia Thye Poh for freaking 32 years! If Aung San Su Kyii were imprisoned by LKY, LKY would have ensured that she had no support! So please stop making excuses for the inexcusable.

        Roy is not my hero but I fully support what he is doing. I sincerely hope that you and others will support him despite your reservations. He is no devil. He is not unethical. He is young and he has a dream. And I think you want to keep the dream alive (for the sake of your children if nothing else.)

      • dust2dust

        The dream or vision must be workable. None has come with such a vision.

        Who can unseal the book among you?

        You look for the obvious. The strong, the articulate, the illustrious and the charismatic. Did anyone you hold in awe brought peace on earth or resolve all their national problems?

        They all died or will die. Just like you are hoping the current dictator to die. The mess, however, still remain, howbeit a different kind. Sooner or later, the ugly will resurface anyway. Your latter day idol may just undo eveything. No?

      • @averageguysg

        Our watershed that you work for a family, and Roy work for the people, Your advantage is crafty, but he is clear vain, different classes, different interests represented, If you do not use dirty tricks, you will not win the election.

      • Xmen


        Singapore had a dream and vision in the 60s-80s. So a dream is definitely achievable.

        In the past 2 decades, however, it is more like a nightmare for the poor and marginalized.

        We need someone with a heart to solve many of the social problems today. Dr Chee would be a great candidate.

      • please hor

        So all we need is a heart to solve most of our problems. No need for expertise in any fields, strong leadership or capable team-mates cos love can overcome everything.

  30. moon

    They’re still many stupid people who think politicians represent them. All politicians are motivated by their own personal values and they speak PRIMARILY for themselves. All politicians are as weak as your dog when faced with treats. Even your strong man can’t resist the power of money and is addicted to power and glory.

    Under such a political system,you must learn to be grateful slaves…..slaves to your wealthy(sooner or later) and weak representatives.

    • averageguysg


      You remind me of what Terry Xu of the online citizen wrote in one of his facebook comments. In it he said something like “I know they did not do it in the right way, but right now there is no one else more capable and more morally right than them.”

      In a way its a backhanded compliment. We don’t have an Aung San Su Kyi, or Mandela. Our opposition and activists are useless, because they do not make enough protest, they side with the PAP on this YMCA incident. But what do we have? We have Roy Ngerng and his clique. And that’s all we have, so we better support them. Never mind that basically they are a bunch of rabble rousers, bargers who probably will never get elected and command the support of the masses. No use to elect more WP MPs because they are useless anyway. But we have Roy Ngerng. As much of an undesirable loose cannon he is, we got no choice. This is Singapore, we only got Roy Ngerng, so lets get behind him whatever he is or has turned out to be.

      Actually who is the more Singaporean here? What is the difference with your argument, and those people who always say “I see no alternative from the PAP, so I continue to vote for them.” For you it is, “I see that only Roy Ngerng is willing to come out and make the most noise, so I will support him.” Different context, but same philosophy.

      Sorry but I don’t endorse that. And sorry as well, don’t compare Roy Ngerng to Chia Thye Poh or JBJ. Or even Dr Chee. As much as I think Dr Chee is crazy, I think he manned up in the sense that he bore his burden manfully alone. And I think he adopts a less “crazy” stance in politics now, which makes him a lot more relevant. If you look at Roy Ngerng, I wonder if he ever realises his stance isn’t working. I don’t think so. He will give the same sob story as above, and continue to ask for donations.

      • averageguysg

        On effectiveness, I get it that you want to see change. To me, I see change as being able to be achieved with a 2 party system, with a broader and more balanced discourse in civil society.

        But you say we should support Roy Ngerng. Ok, and then what? What will he do? Will he be Prime Minister? Or maybe he will lead a protest of thousands at the Istana, if he can get that many. I think he had his shot. He had the ears of Singaporeans, he had their money, he had their sympathy. Thus far, what has he done with it?

      • Xmen


        You have so many pre-conceived biases and your analysis is often flawed and uncritical. I will try to explain here.

        You are being disingenuous when you keep bringing up Aung San Su Kyi and Mandela as if they could be Singapore leaders. Let me remind you that Mandela was once labeled a terrorist! LKY once expressed more confidence in the Burmese Army as the only institution “keeping the country stable and preventing civil war.” He also doubted the ability of Suu Kyi “to govern if ever she came to power.”

        Why do you suggest that Roy Ngerng is unelectable? Is Roy running for office? Or do you just make that up?

        Many Singaporeans think that Dr Chee is crazy. Many thought JBJ was looney fringe too. How so? Because the MSM told them so! You have no idea the immense power of state and media.

        On effectiveness – at your rate, nothing is ever going to happen. Study history. You will still be talking about the *current* CPF issues (and the PWP for that matter) in 5 years, 10 years time.

        Roy is a glimmer of hope but he’s right, Singapore is largely hopeless with (many) people like you.

      • please hor


        So Roy Ngerng is a glimmer of hope cos he writes a blog, is being sued by the PM and holds countless rallies at HLP with declining support and attendance? Do share with us one of his numerous achievements so that we are able to renew our faith in his wondrous existence.

      • Xmen

        Roy represents the more independent thinking young generation. That is your glimmer of hope right there.

        On the other hand, you…

      • please hor

        Oh I see. Then I am overjoyed that there are independent thinking individuals such as Roy who inspired independent thinking in people like you. Independent thinkers who brush off all critics of Roy as PAP supporters. Independent thinkers who believe everything Roy says. Independent thinkers who believe that Roy is the only solution to Singapore infinite problems.

        Hey wait a minute, that sounds like a cult!

  31. Ivan Ho

    Tough times never last, but tough people do.
    – Robert H. Schuller



    Don’t lose your way
    With each passing day
    You’ve come so far
    Don’t throw it away
    LIVE believing
    Dreams are for weaving
    WONDERS are waiting to start
    Live your story
    Faith, hope and glory
    Hold to the TRUTH in your HEART

  32. Fayne

    Oh Roy, pls don’t talk until you are so almighty. The reason why so few people are with you in this is because most people see you as a trouble maker that’s all and you have gotten yourself into trouble. Now you want the people to go to the street to protest ? Yeah, maybe a hand full of people that’s all.

  33. 讀 早報,問總理

    李总理:我国廉政模式 不能用“高薪养廉”概括
    2014年11月11日 [李显龙在总统府接受中国著名媒体人杨澜专访。(通讯及新闻部提供)]



    访谈节目介绍,近半个世纪以来, 新加坡不仅经济增长显著, 还创造了举世公认的社会文明和政治文明, 廉洁高效。根据国际透明组织贪污印象指数显示,新加坡多年来均为亚洲最廉洁的经济体。
    – See more at: http://www.zaobao.com.sg/special/outline/story20141111-410742#sthash.vD91cxLi.dpuf

    如果你有工廠,製造利潤, 你拿天價薪水是你的事,
    但是身為沒有任何私家產品的公務員首長, 有兩種情況你可以從國庫裡帶頭拿最高的天價:

    1。 國家財產,大家有份拿。
    2。排名人上人拿最高天價, 排名第二等即部長拿二等天價, 排名地獄位置的國人拿地獄價。起碼要給個價 !

    如果連起碼的地獄價都沒有給國人, 你所謂的廉洁就是變相貪污的一種形式。 不然你下台,讓別人有機會拿。
    如此廉政之國, 大有人在,

    新加坡如果有” 政治文明 “, 你就會給年輕人機會, 選出新的總理. 而不是長期霸位, 這一次你迫害Roy的案列, 證明你开始衰老, 不適合做新加坡人民的总理啦, 报复性强, 高高在上, 无包容性, 贪得无厌, 只会念别人为你写好的演讲稿, 你对新加坡人没有成绩。为了新加坡人民的身心健康,希望你下台, 人们可以从这里的留言看出, 你的团队是一群黑帮, 他们没有教养,只拿钱,混饭吃,设计芳林公园事件, 利用权力, 假接“司法”之手, 至人民死地。

  34. 讀 早報,問總理, 問法官

    拿天价的人,山珍海味, 闭目养神, 自说自话,游山玩水, 以为自己是上帝, 每天接受崇拜, 活着自己的圈子里, 与世界隔绝。 哪里懂吃草根的族群每天连呼吸都困难。 从李总理的一系列表现来看, 有时作秀,有时暗示将对人们不客气, 他早就与人民格格不入了 。

    法官处理案件时向一方当事人倾斜,但必需在法律许可的幅度之内,请问李兆坚法官, 淡马锡挪用公积金的事实, 试问这里面有掩盖的幅度吗 ? 法官与原告家族关系密切,私下交往,诸如此类的问题并不违法,但却违背了法官的职业道德。


    公正是法官最重要也是最基本的一项职业道德要求,涉及到各方当事人的合法权益,必然会有权势、金钱、关系等各种因素的影响,这时候法官应做到:“贫贱不能移,威武不能屈,富贵不能淫。” , 恪尽职守的职业道德胜过高薪厚禄的金钱利欲, 以一腔浩然正气赢得社会的尊敬。

    非常遗憾, 你们几个通过50多年的关系网,淡马锡挪用公积金的事实被李总理带头否认, 被法庭李兆坚法官判Roy向老天爷问话有罪, 你们在铁证如山的大是大非面前, 公然撒谎, 告知天下极其不诚实的做人态度, 简直是上上下下一片黑暗 !

    我们从Roy的博文读懂平民百姓的本色。澎勃的朝气、昂扬的锐气、浩然的正气,在他们身上闪烁着光芒,这正是新加坡时代进步的根本所在。 现在在众目睽睽下, 拿了钱澄清了又怎样呢 ? 我们看到的画面是你们首先拼命设法整死Roy, 然后再向韩慧慧下毒手 , 害人计划都在这里留下足迹。

    你们说的好听,做的龌蹉。 即使今天赢了小房间,终于永远输了大社会 , 如要换回民心, 除非你们改邪归正。
    否则新加坡只有期待李总理立刻下台,两位副总理完全有能力立刻接班 !

  35. The martyred saviour

    The martyred saviour in self pity mode whereby nothing is ever his fault repeated ad nauseam.

    Look at the people who surround you, who cursed LKY to die, who say that the mentally disabled children would not know what is going on anyway, who say that the disadvantaged children should be thankful for you people livening up the events, who insults other people mother with vulgarities. These are the people who you are associating with proudly. Why would any respectable oppositions want to support or praise you?

  36. Brightz Yong

    Roy and Hui Hui,We appreciate u and Hui Hui v much,  learn from WP Mr Low,   keep a low profile, u are young, advise u to read 三国演义 and 孙子兵法)  

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