My Closing Statement for the Defamation Suit with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

If you are interested, you can read the closing statement that I wrote in my defamation suit with the Singapore prime minister in the link below.

The closing statement is the final position and arguments that are presented to the judge before he/she makes the judgment.

Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong sued me in 2014 for defamation. Below, I stated my case.



  1. curious netizen

    There’s 3 recurring strategies used by PAP and its minions when they are shamed by reality:

    1) SLANDER the singaporean using state-controlled media
    2) SUE the singaporean using state-controlled system
    3) DETENTION without trial for the singaporean

    It’s perhaps more interesting that the ones that they attack are their own citizens, whose taxes contribute to the gross salaries+bonuses of PAP

  2. Tan

    Dear Mr Roy,

    I am Mr Truman. Another Ordinary Singapore.

    Years ago, the rich, elites and scholars. All the upper class make me The Real Mr Truman.

    The government discover I was bullied.

    Now instead of helping me, they are helping their own people to cover up everything.

    I think it is kinda harsh to ask someone who has been suffering for many many years to be tortured in this way every single day.

    I am sick and tired of this place called Singapore where everyone worship money.

    May I know how did you managed to move oversea?

    I know for the fact, the government is actively pulling all sort of strings and connections to force me to stay in This Prison Island and cover up everything.

    Thanks Joel Tan

  3. Tan

    Dear Mr Roy,

    I am sure you heard about my story.

    I am sick and tired of all the selfish people here.

    As a previous activist, you tried to fight for the rights and welfare for these selfish people.

    But the people here never appreciate you. Instead, every election, they happily vote for PAP while at the same time, make the opposition work for free everyday.

    I am sure that you would agree that if Singaporeans are so generous and willing to pay people billions of dollars to create all sort of problems for us. They don’t really deserve to keep asking the Opposition to work for free for their welfare.

    While they everyday turn on a soap opera about all their daily troubles and still keep voting for the party that create all the nonsense all the time.

    My name is Wyren / Joel Tan Qin Han,

    I have been severely bullied here by the rich, the elites and the government here. The government discovered I was bullied. And used their extensive network of connections to keep me imprison in Singapore.

    Then the people here all came smiling at me and pretend that they want to overthrow the government while their real intention is to keep bullying me. I was bullied for many many more years after that.

    And when elections came, they happily vote for the PAP and mock what an idiot I was.

    I observed them silently from afar. As they happily betrayed me. Step on me. To climb the corporate ladders. Getting high salaries. Big fat bonuses. Having Sex. Making Babies. Getting married.

    Having all sort of fun and merry while I was suffering in plain sight.

    I know these are not my people. And till this day. They are still finding all sort of reasons to bully me. I just want to move on with my life. Start my life. And instead, they are busy finding all sort of reason and excuses to keep bullying me.

    Please help me escape this hellish place.

    Thanks Joel Tan Qin Han 9889 4862

  4. Tan

    Dear Mr Roy,

    We have never met before. I am just a reader of your blog and I love your insights at times because you speak for the people. For the little ones. And I do see your blog full of information and insights unlike the local media which is full of propaganda and bullshit.

    For some reason, The Singapore Government is bullying me almost on a daily basis. I literally have enough of them bullying me daily and am seeking assistance to leave this country.

    Any help or advice would be really appreciated.

    Thanks Wyren Joel Tan Qin Han +65 9889 4862

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