I am a Singaporean who cares about social issues in Singapore. I hope to share my views and analysis of the social situation in Singapore to generate healthy and constructive discussion.

My wish is that my fellow Singaporeans will become happier and be able to live their lives with more passion, in a free, just and equal environment – not just one enshrined in our governing principles, but one that is real.

I hope to be able to add to the constructive discussion that is gaining momentum among Singaporeans, to help our government mould Singapore to one that Singaporeans will be proud of, and to live in dignity with.

I believe in equality and respect, and respect towards the human condition. I will support any governance, policies or programmes that can help us achieve equality and respect for one another, without harming others.

I have also a set up a Facebook page for this blog. You can go to the link here.


You can also connect with me on my personal Facebook page here

I also have another blog which talks about my journey as a gay man living in Singapore and how I have learnt to become a stronger person, with more awareness, mindfulness and empathy in my life. You can read about my journey at: http://myrighttolove.com/

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  1. migarium

    Salute you from the place, which is far away distance from the Singapor. I don’t know what is going on Singapor. But I liked your struggle for the things, what you think is not correct. When I find a time, I will read your blog better. For now, good luck.

    • landragon123

      Thanks, for what you read in this Roy affairs is just a tip of an iceberg, the details will never be review for it is now of cover-up and more cover-up to prevent and exploration of GREAT Corruption SAGA in the history of Singapore since the Tay Cheong Guan case.

  2. Zane

    Mr Roy, no doubt your intention is good but my sincere advice to you is it is not late to give up on what you are standing for. You cannot make any change to the system. Just go back become your “good citizen”. You are risking your future here. Believe me at the end you will realize your effort was fruitless because human are selfish.

    • landragon123

      Zane the stupid to give stupid advice, Mr. Ravi will be well able to advice not YOU. You mean Roy is not a good citizen for exposing Singapore Greatest Corruption that is going on in most Ministries and NGO and even Singtel, CPF and the Police, now renamed the HOME TEAMS. NPark is already confirmed case.

  3. Zane

    What good’re you doing this? Everyday everywhere injustice always happen. How much can you do? If you really want to help, make sure you on top otherwise you just an egg, you cannot win over greed & selfisness. Just a sincere advice from me.

    • landragon123

      Who are you Zane to give advice. If you ask me for advice, maybe you came to the right man. I AM a man of PEACE and A11 I wrote are FACTS and there are true and nothing but the Truth. When a country is in such dial state of sadness where everything goes wrong, there must be guts for me to point it out.
      I have Black & White evidences of these wrong doings in the Ministries but because LHL is the son of LKY, not body dares to said anything to protect their own ass. The WP articles are call memories of LKY sets in STONE and no one dare to change it. It is these attitude that we are in for the biggest shock when the corruptions surfaced SOON.
      Most Ministry have 2 computers operating at the same time. One for the general public and the other for the Corrupted officers in the ministries to get the monies there wanted by unethical doing which are done because the Government wanted to save monies by OUT-Sourcing. These give the operating Guild Lines to these so call contractors to undermine the systems. IF LHL is to stay a day longer, millions are lost everyday for he is too sick to knows anything going on inside those corrupted MINISTRIES. LHL Is now giving away monies to professions like the Doctors who abuse the Pioneer Generations by overcharging and tell us, it is OK as LHL is paying for it.
      Please, monies wasted and cheated are our monies, not LKY or LHL as they are here as our government to look after our welfares and run our government, no to abuse their power.

    • wallansaini

      Dear Zane
      If what you say is right, than all the efforts of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Lech Walesa and Nelson Mandela would have come to nought.
      But it did not, did it.
      All these people started off alone and had an ideal, were far sighted and only thought of the greater good for their fellow human beings.
      We can never forget the enormous contributions these people made for the betterment of humanity.
      Without them, India would still be under British rule.
      There would have been no American civil rights movement. Without the civil rights movement, America would not have an African-American as President of the U.S.A. today.
      Lech Walesa was the pioneer for the workers rights movement and went on to become the president of Poland. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.
      Nelson Mandela freed South Africa from apartheid. He sacrificed much, even spent many years in prison for his beliefs.
      He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his lifetime of work and sacrifices and was the first president of free South Africa.
      Do I need to say more.
      I would not place Roy in the same category as these men, not yet anyway.
      But this Singaporean is making a real difference to the democratic process of Singapore.
      The great men of yesteryears and people like Roy do not do these things for reward.
      These are far sighted individuals that come by only once during ones lifetime, like some comets.
      We need to encourage such people, not dishearten them.
      In the end, he is only trying to make Singapore a better place, there are no ulterior motives.

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  5. PAPSucks

    Sir Roy, can you do an article on NS and its relevance. Specifically, can you focus on emigration and how PAP uses NS as a tool and punishment to deter men from leaving the city state. Thank you.

  6. Avram

    Dear Roy,
    I’ve always admired your insight to matters and courage to speak up. I am sure you want to make more of your fellow countrymen to “wake up” and care more about the country. Following are just some of my little thoughts on this.
    City people are busy. Even for those supporting you, it will be difficult and demanding to read through your long articles. To make matter more complicated, I noticed sometimes you repeat what you had said before, in long paragraphs. As such, I suggest you just structure your article in such a way that there are paragraphs with titles underlined, with supporting points following. Those who agree or know the details can skip those immediately. For reference to old facts / arguments, make it a hyperlink to previous articles / points so that people can dig into it if they want/have time.
    The point is, I do believe you need to make your points across in less than 3 minutes, at a maximum. People’s attention time span nowadays are extremely short. If there are many new points that you want to discuss / cover which will go over 3 minutes, try break them into separate articles.
    I know things are easier said than done, especially from a bystander’s point of view. But I do sincerely hope that your messages can get across to a wider audience and so I am writing this to just share my thoughts.
    All the best.

  7. landragon123

    I think I have said what I like to say and to LHL’s FB for almost 1 year without a reply. But on his 2nd day in hospital, he answered me with a Thank You. I told him he was too busy, and since have the time to read my advice, it will be good for him to retires a living man. Who will outlive each other, LKY or LHL, this is the debate going on now in the coffee shops.

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  10. Sarah

    Hi Roy,

    Firstly, let me say I’m glad you decided to join an opposition party. People like u, are what we need.
    Next, on voting.
    I’m not sure if everyone is aware of how votes are counted.
    I have legit sources, very legit, who were involved in the counting of votes. And according to my sources, who are on team PAP, they were told to fight in anyway they can to make the vote a pap vote.
    Let me list a few examples;
    A vote was seen as ‘FU’ in the pap box. This particular vote was discussed amongst the agents to see if it’s acceptable or not. They fought for it and came up with acceptable, as FU simply meant ‘For U (pap) ‘.
    Another voting slip only had a full stop or a dot, in the pap box, and that was accepted too as voting for pap.
    And when similar markings came up for the opposition party, it was disregarded and rejected.

    I know that you’re an influential person hence I feel someone like u, could educate future opposition voters, and bring this issue to light.. We just want fairness, that’s it.

  11. Samantha Miles

    Hi Roy,

    I was wondering if I can sponsor your site for a client of mine that is based in the UK. It will be about travels, holidays, cruises or city breaks.

    It really is simple work and, of course, the ad copy is upon your approval. We will make sure it will fit you and your readers’ taste.

    Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you and looking forward to working with you.

    Samantha Miles
    Web Outreach Team

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  13. Dan Yew

    Woe is me ! And I thought this was a blog giving medical advice on maintaining a healthy stress free heart. Instead its about a guy with an axe to grind.

  14. Johnson

    I think they (PAP) should lock you up, first for being a gay then for being a liar, I won’t vote for them again if they can’t even handle a fagot like u….

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