How Should You Vote at the Next Singapore General Election 2015?


(image credit: Channel NewsAsia)

The Singapore general election is coming soon. Some rumours say that the next election will be held on 12 September 2015. It could be earlier, in August after National Day or before the year is out.

The PAP ruling party has gerrymandered and changed the Singapore electoral boundaries yet again.

The changes were announced today.

Here is a quick analysis on the changes in the electoral boundaries.

(1) For my Sembawang friends, Sembawang Central – where I live – was moved from Sembawang GRC in 2006 to Nee Soon GRC in 2011 and back to Sembawang GRC again in 2015.

(2) The PAP believes that it will lose the East Coast GRC to the Worker’s Party. It moved Serangoon Island from the East Coast GRC to Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC. Looks like the PAP wants to develop Serangoon Island in the next 5 years and does not want any hindrance.

(3) The PAP also looks like it believes that it will lose Nee Soon GRC to the Worker’s Party. It moved Simpang and Seletar Island to Sembawang GRC, in the hope that it can develop the Woodlands-Sembawang corridor with free rein, which Lee Hsien Loong announced at last year’s National Day Rally.

(4) The PAP also deleted Joo Chiat SMC and Moulmein-Kallang GRC because it knows that it will lose them to the Worker’s Party – the Worker’s Party won more than 40% of the votes in both constituencies at the last election.

(5) For the three other key development areas that the PAP has planned for – Jurong, Tampines and West Coast GRCs – the PAP has consolidated these areas and largely left them intact, which means they will likely field who they consider to be their strong candidates in these areas. Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam currently helms the Jurong GRC.

From this, you can see that how the PAP redraws the electoral boundaries is broadly dependent on three things:

– First, it is dependent on making sure that the constituencies which posed the biggest threat to the PAP at the previous election are deleted – which we already know.

– Second, the PAP already has development plans in mind and have redrawn the boundaries to allow it (it hopes) to hold on to certain constituencies so that it can fully develop these areas according to its wants. In that sense, the PAP has parcelled out Singapore into areas it considers important to keep for its growth-at-all-cost model, and those which it considers less important.

And if you understand what it means when the PAP wants to develop these areas, it means that the PAP wants to build more shopping malls, increase rents, increase prices, increase revenue for themselves and allow themselves to get rich. So, you want to let them?

– Third, you can see that the PAP believes that it will lose about 10% of the votes at the next election, as most of the constituencies with boundary changes are those which the opposition won more than 40% at the last election, and which the PAP believes it will lose.

And if you track the past three elections, for constituencies where their boundaries did not change, the PAP lost an average of 10% in these constituencies at each subsequent election, which means that at the next election, the PAP will indeed lose another 10% of the votes.

The PAP won 60% of the total votes at the last election. So going along these lines, based on the PAP’s prediction, it means that they would likely lose 10% of the votes and only win about 50% of the votes at the next election.

It would most likely be a 50-50 at the next election for the PAP and the opposition. This is a chance for us Singaporeans to set things right!

So, Singaporeans, you want to help the PAP lose and help Singaporeans win?

– So for my friends from the East Coast and Nee Soon GRCs, help to fulfil the PAP’s fears. Let them lost these 2 GRCs.

– And for my friends living in the Sembawang and Pasir Ris-Punggol GRCs, do you want to give the PAP free rein to develop your areas? Do you want to let Teo Chee Hean and Khaw Boon Wan win these areas again? If so, vote them out.

– And for my friends in the Joo Chiat SMC and Moulmein-Kallang GRC, these have been absorbed into the Bishan-Toa Poyah GRC, Jalan Besar GRC and Marine Parade GRC. So, help the opposition win these 3 GRCs as well. Vote Opposition.


In summary, these are the constituencies which you should vote Opposition:

(A) Constituencies which Opposition have already won:
– Aljunied GRC (5 seats)
– Hougang SMC (1 seat)
– Punggol East SMC (1 seat)

(B) Constituencies which Opposition won more than 40% of the votes at the last election:
– Mountbatten SMC (1 seat)
– Potong Pasir SMC (1 seat)
– Sengkang West SMC (1 seat)
– Tampines GRC (5 seats)

(C) Constituencies which Opposition won more than 40% of the votes at the last election, and which the PAP is also trying to “fix”:
– Bishan-Toa Poyah GRC (5 seats)
– East Coast GRC (4 seats) 
– Marine Parade GRC (5 seats)
– Nee Soon GRC (5 seats) 

(D) New constituencies carved out from constituencies which the Opposition won more than 40% of the votes at the last election, which the PAP carved out in a bid to protect themselves:
– Fengshan SMCs (1 seat)
– Jalan Besar GRC (4 seats)
– MacPherson SMCs (1 seat)

(E) Constituencies which the PAP wants to protect to continue to develop these areas for its own want:
– Sembawang GRC (5 seats)
– Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC (6 seats)

Total seats that Opposition should be able to win accordingly: 51 (57% of the seats)

(F) If you want the Opposition to win two-thirds of the seats so that the Opposition can implement policies to protect Singaporeans, then also vote these constituencies where the Opposition won more than 35% of the votes at the last election:
– Choa Chu Kang GRC (4 seats)
– Holland-Bukit Timah GRC (4 seats)
– Marsiling-Yee Tee GRC (4 seats)

(Additionally, if you want Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to take responsibility for the failings in Singapore, then vote PAP out of the Ang Mo Kio GRC, where there are 6 seats.)

This way, the Opposition will win 63 seats (70.1% of the seats) and be able to form a new coalition government which will then be able to implement new policies to finally protect Singaporeans.

– Do you want your wages to increase?
– Do you want the government to increase its health expenditure so that healthcare will become truly affordable to Singaporeans?
– Do you want education to be free to protect your children’s future (instead of the PAP giving $400 million every year to foreign students)
– Do you want the government to provide unemployment benefits for the many Singaporeans who have become unemployed today (because the PAP did not enact policies to protect the jobs of Singaporeans)
– Do you want the government to implement an old-age pension to protect your parents and your own retirement?
– Do you want the government to #ReturnOurCPF?
– Do you want the government to be transparent and accountable to Singaporeans, to let us know what they have been taking our money to use?
– Do you want to stop the PAP’s use of the law to persecute our children unfairly?
– Do you want to stop the PAP from abusing power further?

Then #VoteOpposition #VoteforYourFuture

Vote for a new government to protect your future, and your children’s future. Vote for a new government for Singapore’s future. For our country’s future. For our home.




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      • Skye Ashford

        If u guys really think thay WP can bring Singapore greater heights then go ahead because after all that you guys are going to regret it so badly and can’t do anything about it

  1. landragon123

    I wrote September 12 will be our GE date in FB and maybe it is going to be right since you mentioned it again. PAP will still be our next government. I hope we will get a New PM and many present Cabinet Ministers replace with more professionals, not EX General who have given our present government many lapses as AG reported.

      • landragon123

        If the opposition does win it is a miracle that we Citizens will regret. Our present problems is our PM rules Singapore bottom up when a good government should be TOP Down like his father did. Present PM is too soft, dare not sack Ministers who did many lapses or I should say their ministries are in LAPSES.
        MOM is one , Police is another, MOH also have many problems. Mentioning 3 is more than enough and for company SMRT is as I called Singapore Most Retarded Teams. With so many problems and it CEO is paid highest in the market. I have told them to seek Richard Benson help as Virgin Train was awarded the best train in 2013 & 2014.
        AG reported that CPF lapses but I think it is corruption that is going on and Singtel which I like to call SINKTEL is also in the same corruption group.


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  2. yvgbhunimk

    It doesn’t matter what kind of tricks that PAP has or how smart they are. As long we all are being united, the citizens and the oppositions. There is no way PAP can overpower people’s power. If only the oppositions can merge into one or two parties. The dream of overnight change of regime or 2/3 new gov will surely be able to come true.

    What we can do now:

    •Posting things that will expose/ugly to them anonymously on the net. Be guai lan with them, like they give you SG50 fun pack, throw it away to nearby rubbish bin or to sell them on online. So to shame them up.

    •The oppositions must not end up in 3 corner fight, not to reveal too much of the party plans on the net till last min, at most summaries their plans only. Help out those needy that being left behind by PAP and things that PAP bo chap with. From last election to the upcoming one, always build rapport and help people on the ground. So to gather support and ideas to build up your party manifesto.

    •Civil servants, political interest people and high educated people by joining grassroot, PA, RC and etc. By providing PAP good suggestions/complains to improve the country better, leak out info to oppositions from behind and to be an undercover in there to observe what PAP is up to.

    With these surely we can bring them down for good.

    • Amelia nah

      Why people hating on PAP? If other people suppose to win they will whether or not the government change the boundary. If they good they win, not good then don’t win Lor… I don’t really understand why there is like so much fighting cause I thought all the government will work together for the better of the people? Why even need more then one party actually? I’m very young so I don’t understand but can somebody explain to me please?

      • wallansaini

        Hi Amelia
        Your political immaturity says it all.
        Yes you might be young and obviously you are intelligent.
        It doesn’t take too much effort to read all of Roys articles.
        If you did, you would not pose such a question and you would not be politically naïve.
        My suggestion is that since you are already on this blog, start reading and educate yourself.
        You have much to learn.

      • ted

        indeed, you have much to learn. in the internet world there are lots of ppl who writes half-truths in order to hoodwink naive individuals….
        my advice is you and other young ppl like yourself is the need to read more books in the library, understand history, economics and human behaviours, etc.. understand why there exist ppl like roy who will lie and falsely accuse others of wrongdoings when in fact Roy is the very person who lies… strange, right…. well, evil exist in all forms, just becos Singapore govt had protected us for so long but that does not mean we should lose our ability to tell right and wrong…
        you can and should read everything and be open-minded but you must be critical of whatever you read and do not be hoodwinked by ppl who tells half-truths. remember, HALF-TRUTHS IS THE SAME AS LIES….
        then you will know why policies are structured in a certain way and policies are made to benefit every Singaporeans and not individuals… an example is why do we need immigrants? ask yourself if you want to stay in a country where there are more old ppl than young, do you want to solve this problem now or do you want a govt which will just sweep this problem until Singapore has too many old ppl and young ppl leave singapore becos they do not want to stay in such a country… I would rather have a government who takes charge and try to resolve or slow down such problems. take note, all developed countries in the world wants more young ppl in their countries and these countries are competing with Singapore for such young immigrants. why do you think that is so?
        lastly, i want a government who will tell the truth and solve the problems and accumulate more reserves than to spend, since we can accumulate more reserves, we can also spend more $ to help the poor…
        what about u? what sort of govt do you want?

      • wallansaini

        And, Amelia,
        Don’t let people like Ted lead you astray.
        There are always two sides to a coin.
        An intelligent person like your good self will read all sides of a story.
        And read Roys articles and make up your own mind.
        Ted has obviously made up his.

      • ted

        indeed, dun let anyone influence u…..
        in order to make wise choice, one needs to understand as much as possible…
        like LKY said, it is crucial to educate all Singaporeans when we gain independence. why?
        the reason is simple, educated individuals are assumed to know how to be decipher right and wrong. thus will not be hoodwinked into believing lies….
        so, read widely, be critical and do not believe everything online becos ppl online can be phantom writers who do not need to be held accountable to any lies spread…

      • lea xian loon

        When ‘natural aristocrats’ investigate themselves
        No dishonesty ever. Just business as usual.

      • lea xian loon

        Hunh!? You dare call us PAPer pigs stupid?

        We helped break down Singapore’s Most Retarded Teams more frequently nowadays with our ingenuity, and lost >S$50 billions from CPF via TheMasak Holdings, and still got promoted you know?

        Don’t anyhow say, we ask our eunuch Pinky Lee boss to sue you like Roy ah

    • MK

      Countries without good leaders will suffer. I agreed that our government is not perfect , however, we the citizen can sit down and discuss issues or shortfall with our government.

      We need not have to get 3rd party to help us pass message. 3rd party will also have their agenda.

      If we don’t handle with care, whatever accomplishments that our government & SG Citizens made in the past may be wasted. Impulse decision comes with a price.

      Just be careful

      • ted

        yes, i agree… please start blowing the whistle on any individuals who are corrupted and spread lies…. it can be anyone (PAP or oppositions).
        in the face of crime, there is no need to discriminate. evil in the govt or outside the govt needs to be eradicated.
        so, come out and blow your whistles loudly….

      • Bullshit Roy

        Just to add on this topic… Please bring any wrong doing to the authorities like cpib, online and offline resources like stomp, tOC, ST… Tell oppo and PAP AS WELL… we do not let criminals get away… Totally agreed

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        A politician preaching compassion while paying himself obscenely from taxpayers’ monies is like a thief talking about how important it is to be honest.

      • lea xian loon

        You are damn “daft”, not to know that the swine’s buttocks was seared by its own lightning fart 🙂

      • PAPer Tiger

        You, a PAP IB dog, call LKY a “lying bastard”?

        Continue. The public loves to hear PAPer confessions 🙂

    • landragon123

      If PAP cannot get good new blood into the party, no need to wait 50 years. 10 to 20 years will be enough to see new government by other parties. Just depending on EX Generals to govern and using FEAR facts to frighten the citizens will not work.

      • Bullshit Roy

        Is these so called FEARED FACTS, really Facts or just lies?
        If it’s facts, why hide them?
        If it’s lies, just expose them…
        Singapore became what it is becos we face the hard facts… Even the most powerful man on earth will not derail us… We can give u “face” becos u r the most powerful man but we will never waver if the facts r on our side…

      • lea xian loon

        PAP is obese with our CPF and tax payers $. But freaking incompetent and lazy…except near electiion times

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        In the dictatorship, all foreigners are equal. But those with money to launder and fake degrees are more equal.

    • Bullshit Roy

      I love to have oppositions in parliament but I can never derail from my convictions to only vote the best man and party for the job.
      Becos I love my country and my children. I do not want them to live in a less prosperous country…

      • Bullshit Roy

        If oppo wants to hear the truth… From the bottom of my heart, oppo just need to be and follow lky principles and convictions. Work for the interest of Singapore and its ppl… Do not lie and falsely accused others. Face the facts that Singapore face…
        Serve the residents with honesty and do not only hire ur own ppl to projects…
        Then u will have some chance for ppl like me to vote for u

      • wallansaini

        Hi Roy,
        The IBs are at full force trying to destroy all legitimate discussion.
        They are trying to hijack your blog.
        PAP seems to be afraid, in fact, very afraid.
        Ha! ha.

      • Bullshit Roy

        Hi Roy
        If u give me 2 parcels of land in orchard road and 3 parcels of prime Manhattan land and 2 parcels of prime London UK land.
        I will cast my vote to u.
        Becos I know Singapore will be Gg downhill if ppl like u are in parliament, so I’ll seek the orchard land and leave Singapore once u come into power. Why stay if useless ppl like u come into power? I love Sg but I can’t lay down my life for idiots like u and oppo

      • lea xian loon

        Within ‘Constraints’
        The tyrants cannot tolerate criticism, but yet like to pretend that they do.

      • wallansaini

        Let me make it easier for you.
        Don’t vote for the PAP guys because:
        1. They are steeped in Conflicts of Interests.
        2. They are vindictive.
        3. They are greedy.
        4. They are lazy.
        5. They can’t follow simple accountancy practices.
        6. They are not transparent.
        7. They are not accountable for their actions…etc

        Notice that I have not made any elaborations on my points because anyone who even knows 10% of Singaporean politics will know what I am talking about.

      • Ted

        Really, u seem to be talking about all the opposition….
        And all these oppo really no need to be accountable until now WP keep mum about everything. Shamefully guilty of all ur points….

      • Skye Ashford

        Idk if you guys are delusional or what because if so, leave Singapore for the better. I dont know whether you got taught in school or not about how hard it is to build Singapore in a short span of 50 years from 3rd to 1st world country. You listen to all the WP bullshitting about how Singapore should become a welfare state and stuff and they nitpick all the tiny mistake that the PAP make. Look at the bigger picture. PAP has a vision for the COUNTRY to develop and improve as a whole. WP are just pleasing the citizens and then what next? What about the economy and the rest? A country cannot work with just pleasing the citizens. Sorry but it doesnt work that way if you think it does. Sometimes you just have to work hard and study hard and get your lazy ass a job instead of lazing at home and trying to feed off the government’s money. A country can’t afford people like that. All in all, if you really want Singapore to slide downhill, go ahead, vote for WP cause you will just regret.

        On another note, for those who knows how good PAP is and yet want to vote for WP “just because they need to hear some opposition”. Well, we cannot afford a slip. Or else you will all regret for life. Just think twice before doing anything.

        Those still loving WP to bits. Good luck to you and your beloved WP. See Singapore go down then you will realise the price that comes with just a moment of folly. Fools.

  3. Return Our CPF $$$ & Go Harakiri!

    Vote For Regime Change Come GE2015 Because: 1) Save SG, Your Future, Family & Jobs 2) To get back our CPF $$$ @55! 3) HDB flats are overpriced & inflated 4) Hospitals & Medical have become “profit-Centres” 5) COE & ERP are “day light robbery” for working class & average Joe 6) Our bright had to give up Universities to Foreign Students who cost million$$$ 7) Our CPF R.O.I are peanuts & underpaid! 8) Our living cost is above London, Paris, New York & Tokyo! 9) Our wages is 3rd World & suppress by cheap imports of Labour & PMEs 10) SGporean become minority in Our own country! 11) Our Leaders & MPs are Overated & Highest/Overpaid on this Planet! 12) Our jobs replaced & displaced by dubious FTs, Fakers, FTrash & Cheap Charlies 13) Our Universities flooded by foreign students while our Parents had to sell Homes to pay for overseas studies:( 14) Our Citizens betrayed & become “new poor”! 15) Our nation building & sacrifice past 50 Years down e drain:( 16) Our “red passport” given freely in return for new citizens votes! 17) Our MRT packed like sardines & major breakdowns 18) Overpaid paper Generals are appointed to critical Ministries & Agencies for possible coup? 19) Opposition ward denied $14m TC subsidy:( 20) Million$$$ of our CPF & Taxpayers $$$ lost thru toxic & bad investment by GLCs, Temasek, Town Councils, Polytechnic etc. 21) Current PAPaya has become “Vampires & Blood-Suckers” causing Pain, Suffering & Misery to Thousands of unemployed & poorly paid Singaporeans! 22) Locals discriminated by employers preference for cheaper, younger & not-necessarily better Foreigners! 23) Our industries flooded by cheaper labour with questionable degree, qualifications & experience! 24) Our locals not given a chance to be Doctors yet thousands of Indian, Pinoy & questionable doctors mistreat our patients & Local hospitals:(

    • Bullshit Roy

      Indian doctors maybe but the rest r just bullshit…
      But what is ur suggestions when the brightest of Singaporean doctors do not continue to work in public hospitals and choose to work in private practice after their bond is over… Do u know how much singapore has invested in their eduction?
      U r welcome to suggest what good ideas u have to stop this outflow of the brightest Singaporean doctors… More spaces in nus will only mean more doctors leaving when the time comes…

      • landragon123

        It is human nature and the Chinese are always wanting to be BOSS. So settling up the own clinic make them Boss. They are still in town right? If you like and can afford, lookup for them or else go to the government clinic and hospital for the cheaper treatment.

    • Hello

      Honestly before you even start commenting, or should I say, complaining about PAP, can you think through what you have contributed to the betterment of our society? And can you please look at other countries and understand where we are at. We have come so far from a country with no hinterland and for that, we should seriously be grateful for our forefathers and LKY as well as PAP. I agree that more things can be done let’s face the facts, can the workers party or any other opposition party do any better? I rather capitalise on PAPs experience than to let some random party in. All those “help the poor” blah bla blah. Save me that crap. We have to consider the sustainability of our future generations. If you use our funds now, whose going to pay in the future? If you say “take from the rich”, that is pathetic. The rich is socially mobile and they will simply move away. When it comes to that, we have no other resources to lie on. And this is why I support PAP. Cause they have the foresight to plan for the future. I don’t want to be paying for some old dudes ass when he’s broke in the future. I’m all for helping the poor and aged but come on, you need to help yourself too. We can’t burden our young that much. And that is why CPF is there. Besides, the investments of temasak, yes some have failed but can we also look at the others that we have profited from? Instead of nitpicking on the bad points of PAP (which I think is rather myopic), we have to consider both sides of the story. Also, what has the workers party done for us since the last elections? Last point, before you claim all those stuff above, can you please get your facts right? Go read up in the Internet -.- do you even know how the government has been changing the immigration policies ? Honestly, I think what they are doing is more than enough. Yes there is overcrowding BUT without foreigners, our economic viability is seriously impacted on. Do you even know how many local businesses are facing collapse due to exorbitant Singaporean pay??? I feel like sometimes we need to be grateful for what we have. there are so many subsidies out there to help fellow Singaporeans already. I see a positive future with PAP as Singapores ruling party. That being said, it’s just my point of view. I understand the contending arguments but I implore you to vote based on who’s CAPABLE NOT based on who’s not PAP cause you’re gonna regret it if you do that. This is our future you are talking about. Look at the long term and not these nitty gritty things and PLEASE, make informed decisions ( go and understand the situation before blindly following any party – be it PAP, workers party or any others ) ..

  4. Bullshit Roy

    How should ppl like Roy behave as human beings?
    How we vote is none of ur business…
    U can vote for ppl with no integrity and dishonest… But I will vote for only the honest ppl who works hard for the ppl…

    • landragon123

      Do not follow the mob when you vote, follow the heart. When you get a good candidate which you know and believe can help you, vote for him or her. They are good PAP candidates and good oppositions too, choose the best you can. Many more oppositions will be in the next Government and 10 to 20 is possible.

      • Rotten PAPayas

        Even if the PAP member wishes to do good, he / she is limited by the corrupted PAP party whip and agenda. Forget about the PAP in this GE. Time for them to wake up their sleeping ideas

      • Bullshit Roy

        Can u provide evidence and ur real name and NRIC? We must report these ppl u speak of.
        Please report now and u can do it online and offline and directly to cpib and all civil services network.
        U can email to me if u dun know how to do it…
        If u dun have any evidence then shut the f up…. Any Roy in the making?

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        One can be as dirty as one likes, as long as one is doing it with the blessing of the dictatorship, reporting the “right news”, kissing the “right ass”, sliming the “right enemy”… etc. etc.

    • Bullshit Roy

      I never follow the mob… I will only vote for the best candidate who will help the ppl.
      I will never risk my and my offsprings’ future to vote for candidates who only know how to spin lies and not work…
      Only ppl with high level of integrity and honesty will get my vote. Ppl like Roy and friends, how to get my vote? Only know how to accuse others falsely and ask for donations… Such ppl in power will be giving them the keys to our nation’s coffers.. In such case will mean a beautiful five years becos they will finish spending everything that took 50 years to accumulate & nothing left for the next elections… Good luck if that happens…

      • lea xian loon

        @ Bullshit Roy

        Are you aware that CPIB Assistant Director was found to be corrupted himself? Do you know of the recent cases of more exposed corruption and malpractices in civil service? 🙂

        I will never risk my and my offsprings’ future to vote for PAPer candidates who only know how to spin lies and not work…
        Only ppl with high level of integrity and honesty will get my vote. PAPer Tigers, how to get my vote? Only know how to accuse others falsely via state-controlled media and demand for compulsory payments e.g. CPF scams… Such ppl in power will be giving them the keys to our nation’s coffers.. In such case will mean a beautiful five years becos they will finish spending everything that took 50 years to accumulate & nothing left for the next elections… Good luck if that happens…Ho Ching lost ~SGD50 billion via temasek holdings, and still got promoted

        If u dun have any evidence to prove them innocent otherwise, then shut the f up…. Any LHL and Tin Pei Ling in the making?

      • Ted

        Roy just dun like pap… Even if Singaporeans vote a dog, he will celebrate….
        Roy must have sold his soul to Singapore’s enemies, thus he just hope Singapore dies…

      • wallansaini

        Then, I agree with Roy.
        In Singapore, I think a dog may be able to do a better job than the PAP.
        Because of the PAP, Singapore is so messed up that I will even be prepared to vote for a cockroach.

      • Bullshit Roy

        So, r u aware that even the cpib director cannot escape the laws of our land.
        Thank u for proving to us that in Singapore (unlike other countries), no matter who u r and what ur status is, as long as u r found guilty of corruption.
        So, if u have evidence, please report the evidence to the police, and govt

      • Rotten PAPayas

        @ Bullshit

        It is very clear that selected people are only penalized, based on PAPer’s whims

        Tin Pei Ling flouted the cooling off day rule in last GE.

        Police report has been made. Has she been arrested?
        In the police station, did TPL stamp her feet, and ranted “I don’t know what to say!”?

        if u have evidence that TPL was punished under s’pore and the Election Laws, report the evidence to us here, please

      • Ted

        Who reported to police? Why these ppl never follow Up? R the opposition so scared to kick up a fuss in parliament if they have evidence? Then vote for oppo for what?..

  5. amos yee is a hero!

    it is time to change.!
    voting PAP is voting SHIT!
    I am working in NYC.

    • amos yee is a hero!


      • Free


      • Bullshit Roy


      • truth



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    • wallansaini

      With people like you, I think that Singapore may still have some hope.
      Yes. Singaporeans need to show the PAP that they will not take their bullshit any longer.
      Vote them out and inject the parliament with new faces who will think of the people first and the GDP second.

  6. Jg

    Hero Roy which party are u joining. Understand that you accepted debate in Parliament. Firstly you must join a party then get elected. Best chance is worker party. Challenge is for them to accept.

    • ted

      DO YOU know Roy did not ask any of his nonsense questions (he always post online) when he was invited to IPS to question Tharman on the CPF monies?
      can you guess why?
      is it becos he knows that audience (in the IPS) are ppl who are educated to understand economics and finance, unlike the idiots who believe in his nonsense blog’s statistics and numbers. so Roy doesn’t want to appear like a fool becos he knows all that he blog about are all lies (half truths are simply known as lies)…
      so, what do you want him to say in parliament then?
      WP’s CSM was thought to be able to hold decent debate with PAP… I was looking forward to him in parliament too…. but he was unable to becos he is a lawyer by training and he will try not to speak nonsense. can i say that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with PAP’s initiatives in parliament..

      • Roy

        Ted don’t look down on Roy He accepted the challenge to have a good debate in parliament

      • Dogs

        Of course fundamentally nothing wrong because the oppositions, all earning high pay in their own right or subscribe to meritocratic rewards, would not oppose anything that’s or are fundamentally rewarding or in their interests too.

      • Bullshit Roy

        How to debate in parliament when u r an idiot?
        If u can’t even debate with DPM properly in an informal setting like just a luncheon in IPS, what can we expect from Roy? U think Singaporeans pay MPs the allowance for fun, is it?
        ALTHOUGH 1 GRC apparently did that for 4 plus year, u think the whole Singapore is stupid?

      • LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

        A “light touch” from a branding iron is still going to leave a permanent scar.

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  8. Whisper

    If you feel that your lives are getting harder and harder each day, then it is a clear signal that PAP is not your cup of tea.

    • Bullshit Roy

      Life is hard.. But better than last time…
      R u saying that ur parents raised a useless bump who had much more than them but is still much more useless than them?
      Wow… Really pity ur parents if that is truly the case.

    • landragon123

      Do Whisper, talk aloud so others can hear. Life is hard everywhere and in any country. If you wants an easy life like the European to work 36 or 40 hours a week and and leave your job and claim un-employment benefit, Europe is the place for you and get into a situation like Greece.
      Why is Earth call HELL as life on earth is never easy. So be a bird and fly to the SKY where heaven is. We never see heaven and when you looks up the SKY is there which give us life. Rain for our water, Sunshine for our warm and lights.

  9. Summer Snow

    I voted for opposition in the last election, but I will not cast my precious vote this time just for the sake of getting more opposing voice in government. The performance of opposition in parliament has been utterly disappointing to be honest. So I hope opposition candidates will show some credible alternative plan for Singapore’s future and show me what they can do instead of just criticising PAP.

    • Ted

      I read all parliamentary Hansard and I found pap MPs r more forceful in delivering their debate and more critical and detailed in their ideas… Why is oppo mp so weak?


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  10. Salt

    If anyone travelled out of SG, they will appreciate that in the midst of imperfect world & imperfect our ppl, our govt and quality of living remains tip top.
    Opposition is disappointing.
    I will not vote for them this time.
    Utterly disappointed by quality of debate in Parliament.

  11. gssdm

    I am now thinking to vote against PAP because I am fed up with PAP after the last election wanted to be people pleaser so much so I think we are becoming less meritocrate. Why should I work harder then when I always expect the govt to take care of me and I blame the govt to develop this feeling of entitlement. Now they been so much so eanted to always please, I am losing respect for them. Unlike LKY who dares to implement unpopular policies for the good of all.

    • gssdm

      To add on.. i feel disgusted by them trying so much to please recently. I respect PM a lot but some pple he should not be protecting.. like Khaw.. he talks too much cock.. thinking what he said people will understand but it was a shot in his own leg.. most analogy or story he said wss just cock stories. Tuck Yew, another one . I dont blame MRT issues on him but I think he is among the lousy minister who cannot carry himself well to be a politician. Its obvious there were a few incompetent people were being protected.. should be due to some past special relationship or gratitude. This our country cannot progress like that. Lousy people should be removed from post.

      • Bullshit Roy

        Then please find better oppo becos the PAP MP u speak of is lousy but the problem is none of the oppo candidates are on par with them. So how?
        I have no problem replacing PAP MP with better candidate but I have big problems to change any one with someone worse off… Can u tell us who in oppo is a better candidate?

      • gssdm

        We all know and agree the opposition sucks badly and we all use it just to pressure the govt. Everyone utimately has their own personal agenda for voting for certain unhappinese. No or very few high ability leaders in the private sectors will join politics. Only in govt services they find people and they are goomed to.move up because they have more to gain than lose. So like others if the govt u think does the things that u think not acceptable. So u just use a opp to pressure regardless whether the opp capability then wait and see until the next election. Apparently I was in for govt until much recently these new policies they are trying to do are wasting our country resources and will develop peoples sense of entitlement in further. This I dont agree and I am one of those that they did I think is counter productive and move me away. Call me a person who believe in pursue of excellence always and want to thrive in such an environment. I feel we are slowly moving away from this kind of environment and a bit more towards communism.

      • Bullshit Roy

        Wow, great thinking…
        What makes u so sure that ur useless oppo like u said will not form the next govt?
        U do understand what is democracy, right? Democracy is believing in PPL to vote for the most able and honest person to run the country. It is not about letting the most capable to run the country and allow some idiots into parliament to pressure the govt to give us freebies…
        So what great ideas do u have if it happens and the idiotic oppo gain majority and for the govt? Then cause Singapore to be less prosperous? Housing prices drop and u suddenly become poorer?
        Then the capable ppl in pap desolved and all these capable men and women find better paying jobs in other countries and leave Singapore to the idiotic oppo? Well since u dun like us, why do we still serve? Might as well do something worthwhile like spending time with my families?

  12. lea xian loon

    I will never risk my and my offsprings’ future to vote for PAPer candidates who only know how to spin lies and not work…

    Only ppl with high level of integrity and honesty will get my vote. PAPer Tigers, how to get my vote? Only know how to accuse others falsely via state-controlled media and demand for compulsory payments e.g. CPF scams… Such ppl in power will be giving them the keys to our nation’s coffers.. In such case will mean a beautiful five years becos they will finish spending everything that took 50 years to accumulate & nothing left for the next elections… Good luck if that happens…Ho Ching lost ~SGD50 billion via temasek holdings, and still got promoted

    Hopefully, no more clowns like pinky Lee HL and Tin Pei Ling in the making

  13. lea xian loon

    “Who needs terrorists when they have PAPerists?
    The terrorists simply do not stand a chance if they are looking to strike terror into the citizens’ heart in a land ruled by ‘natural aristocrats’. Especially not with the obscenely paid paper generals in charge.”

  14. vygbhunkmo,

    I’m worried that in future if PAP 6.9-10 mill population plan really succeed and they are so despo for votes. They might do the following:

    1.Abolish election for good, just like other countries where they elect among themselves up through public service.

    2.Those with criminal record that just being release from prison, 10 years are ineligible to vote. Because they most likely will be anti gov, for sure they hate the law and the gov.

    NSF who are currently serving NS that happens that GE crash with their BMT period, because this may “affect” their training.

    Overseas Singaporeans are not ineligible to vote, since they don’t really stay in SG much anymore.

    3.One vote for one household and if one of this particular household member take part in the election. None of his/her household member is being eligible to vote, so to prevent conflict of interest.

    4.PR who serve NS are eligible to vote, regardless whether they will take up our citizenship or not.

    5.Election voting can be make online, PAP can then cheat with the system by making bug that even we vote for the opposition, the vote will still be going to the PAP. They can cover this crap up by saying SG is the first and only country who is able to let citizens to vote for election through online as the smart nation.
    Then all our e-voting and online activities are able to be trackable through the use of our singpass…

    6.Every single constituency may make into 6 members GRC, since the population of SG is increasing, hence we will need more MP to manage things for manpower…

    7. Election will change to held once every 10 years instead of 5, so that the ruling party can have more time to plan and execute their plans to improve the country…

  15. The name of LHL is weightless

    Proclaim the name of LHL to the world, and you will realize not many people will know what he has contributed to Singapore other than he is a kin to LKY. While LKY transformed Singapore from the third world to the first, LHL is just riding on his status as a son, and contributed nothing worth remembering for the past decade as a PM. He has little substance on his own, and is acting as a transition PM like his predecessor GCT, waiting for the next PM who will do a major overhaul in resolving the FT issues.

    The PAP should not be politicizing the name of LKY and sensationalizing his death to garner votes for themselves. They should harvest votes based on their own merits and capabilities. Many Singaporeans will be exiting the country to avoid the national day parade, and coming back straight to the ballot box. Meanwhile PAP can celebrate SG50 with the FTs.

    • wallansaini

      Very well stated.
      The more the “new PAP” mentions the dead mans name the more it indicates their own worthlessness.
      A good and efficient party need not hang on to the past if they are confident with their own capabilities.
      Your are spot on when you state that ” LHL is just riding on his status as a son” and that is what the PAP as a party is also doing.
      By glorifying (and rightly so) LKYs contributions to Singapore the present “aristocrats” are stating the obvious, that they have lost the way without their great master.

      • landragon123

        Why LHL stepping down will be good for Singapore as he is sick and have lost his way since his mother past on and after he sacked his father. It was his parents who were helping him in his early PMship. Now let a new able leader to take over and bring Singapore back to it glory again.
        The opp can make some gain, but cannot be the next government as they lack co-operation among themselves. Put up a good fight and if next 5 year you can prove to be good. Try 2020/2021.

      • wallansaini

        You are right.
        And if you don’t want 10 million people in Singapore after the next GE, singaporeans will have to vote the PAP out once and for all.

      • Hui

        Well said looney tunes. except that the whole Singapore laughed when they saw how you looked like outside court. Lol. Continue to make a joke of yourself pls. Go read around forums and see how every one is condemning you. Can’t even respect the needy children and act like hooligan. Make up stories without basis and expect anyone to believe ? Pls don’t taunt the image of opposition parties you scum bags. You are pap dogs who are tarnishing the oppositions image.

  16. Rotten PAPayas

    PAP ruling party has gerrymandered and changed the Singapore electoral boundaries yet again.

    What are they really afraid of? People tired of their more frequent mrt breakdowns or new CPF scams?


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  18. passerby

    Chanced upon this blogpost and I had a great laugh. Thanks for the forceful message that voting for ANY OPPOSITION PARTY will bring me better wages & a guaranteed free education since HA PAP spends $400 million on foreign students sponsors. I quite like your blog title, keeping singaporean thinking and I do agree that we need an alternative voice/view at this age and time. But your views are clearly….. not the intelligent nor constructive ones that we should be absorbing. Never coming back!

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    • wallansaini

      Don’t worry.
      All my family and friends in Singapore are voting for the opposition this time.
      I think this is the beginning of the end of the PAP.
      I am so happy.
      The students I meet here in Melbourne say they want a change and will be sending in their postal votes soon.

    • jackfruit

      Wallan, I am not worried at all. Like u I also going to Australia after the opposition fucks up the country. Hahaha haha ! Then I will tell Singaporeans how nice Australia is. Kidding lah, I am a Singaporean and will stay here whether Singapore is good or bad. This is my country and I will vote for the best guy to govern us — pap or otherwise. I vote for the best guy, not just vote for a non-pap.

      • wallansaini

        I am against any government that tries to screw up the country.
        Presently, the PM in Australia is on par with the PM in Singapore when being an idiot.
        You know that the PAP has screwed up major.
        I don’t have to tell you what is wrong in present day Singapore.
        You, being in Singapore, it is your duty as a good citizen to know both the good and the bad of a government.
        We already know what the PAP screw ups are.
        We don’t know how the opposition will fare when they win the elections.
        Give them a fair go, otherwise you will never know.
        If you are not happy, you still have your vote to vote against them come the next elections.
        A lot of countries have more than one political parties and voters give them the opportunity to prove themselves.
        You need to give the Singapore political parties a similar chance or Singapore will never progress because of a lack of alternative views.
        It is for your own good.
        Makes no difference to me.
        What happens in Singapore does not concern me anymore.
        Why I am on this site….because I was born in Singapore and one has a special connection to one’s country of birth and people.

  20. Newer

    Losers in life will always wish for a changebincgovernment and their lives will suddenly change to the better. But the truth is after sometime they will start complaining again. These are losers who blames whoever is in govnerment for their own demise. Look around, successful people don’t blame others, they achieve success , not hope for government to change.

  21. Isha

    As usual the handful of looney tunes characters crying mother father. Lol. All other. singaporeans are despising them for their shameless acts and Roy’s lies. What a joke they are making themselves of. Even opposition supporters all around forums also label them as shameless and have zero integrity.

  22. Isha

    Change of government ? Perhaps in another fifty years or more. Just wait and see. Why kid yourself ? Lol.

  23. Hui hui

    Roy lies and changes his words like twice a day. But he has a heart. A heart to deceive people to win sympathy but too bad, Singaporeans think his reputation is gone. He has no reputation left.

  24. 詠麟

    It is pretty common sense as to why EBRC (who reports to PM Lee) came out with such electoral boundaries. Roy’s explanations is what most fair-minded Singaporeans would conclude from the EBRC report.

    “And if you track the past three elections, for constituencies where their boundaries did not change, the PAP lost an average of 10% in these constituencies at each subsequent election, which means that at the next election, the PAP will indeed lose another 10% of the votes.”

    Perhaps Roy can explain this statistical trend in another post. Would be great if Roy can go back more than the past 3 elections (2001, 2006 & 2011). Need to note that 2001 is an anomalous occurrence, given the election then was held 2 months after 9/11 and amidst a global recession. Statistical and unbiased election analysts are currently lacking here in Singapore. Can’t trust “experts” like Eugene Tan or Gillian Koh to give us unbiased election analysis via mainstream media.

    In regards to who we vote for, we need to get back to the essence of representative democracy. Voters need to ask an important question, “which candidate/s best represent my interests?” Roy’s assumption is that the Opposition best represents Singaporeans’ interests; hence, we ought to vote for them. I am not sure if all the opposition candidates represents Singaporean interests, their own interests, or even the PAP’s interests. Rumours of PAP moles in the Opposition camp just will not go away.

    Realistically, we cannot convince all Singaporeans that the Opposition best represents their interests. The hardcore PAP voting bloc has everything to lose if the PAP falls; hence, they will throw everything in to ensure PAP’s success. On the other hand, the people who loathes anything PAP needs no convincing. We need to spend our time to convince swing voters about who best represents their interests. They need to see through the short-term gimmicks of the LKY effect, SG50, Medi-shield Life and Budget freebies to evaluate the candidate/s carefully. The Opposition (The Worker’s Party or some sort of opposition alliance) will also need to up its game and prove to Singaporeans that they are an effective and clean governing force amidst the PAP’s vicious smear campaign. In a first-past-the-post electoral system, winning the swing votes is paramount.


    This article is full of bull shitting, you think that even if the opposition party win the election, we will benefit the most, who knows, it might be worst than now..

  26. pissedoffsingaporean

    It is quite hilarious reading all the comments. Especially those anti-govt/ PAP haters.
    I suspect most of you haters have never venture out of Singapore to work, going for holidays do not count.
    Anyway, for Opposition to win this GE is an even bigger joke and for Roy to proclaim that, he is really delusional.
    No one in the right mind will vote out LHL from AMK. Sure do that, Singapore can crash and burn. Those who can migrate will leave Singapore. Those who are left behind are usually the whiners because either they are too myopic to see the big picture, or they have nothing to lose anyway. FYI Roy has nothing to lose right now.
    Coming back to the Opposition for this GE, come on seriously, i dont see the calibre in anyone of them to lead the Country.
    Oh, and Roy to join the opposition party. It is going to be interesting because no party will take him in, because if they do, confirm chop stamp will lose.

      • landragon123

        If Singapore is to continue as law and order country, PAP will still be running it after this coming election. Vote out the Ex Generals. Have any present and pass Generals did anytime good in Parliment? Riot, Strike, People coming through the Causeway without checks, leaving with son’s PP, Dengue Fears for the last 8 years when only 8 people die of Dengue. Our green city was a lalllang city until recently when I sent pictures of clog drains, grass and trees growing in drains and the former Malaysia railway land are all lallang.
        We do have good minister, for after the pictures were sent, the area in Woodlands near the new MRT workshop is now clear of lallang, canals with hanging gardens are now clear. These show that there are still caring Ministers in our present PAP government.
        Posters everywhere by the Home Team, telling the Tourists that there are THIEVES all over our shopping centres. Singapore is a clean and green country but where is the dustbins. MRT have none of them and there claimed it is to prevent terrorists but have there caught any with securities at MRT and Bus Interchanges.
        Singapore it too clean and that is why Dengue Mosquito likes it here, with MRT stations and Bus Interchanges been sweep by Pioneer Citizen and mope by foreign labours.
        When you lost your pants, there is one place in Singapore that takes you and that is Bedok Reservoir where most recent suicides took places.
        Like to know WHY? It is the only reservoir that is man make whereas all other reservoirs are natural or damp-up rivers and canals. So sins are man make and to report the sins from casinos, these gamblers go to the same place to seek their Heaven.

  27. LKY 上梁不正,LHL 下梁歪

    Upon the death of the old rooster who has ruled with an iron-fist, the young cock hurriedly spun up a tall tale about how the entire farm owes its existence to his father. He ordered his cronies to repeat it day and night, endlessly and shamelessly, in every place and everywhere, hoping that the animals that his father has declared to be daft will continue to believe him.

    Despite the ever-worsening living conditions at the farm, many started to buy into his propaganda and began to feel grateful to the old fowl, evil as he is. The dwindling amount of available feeds, the deteriorating conditions of the shacks, the increased stress due to overcrowding, all forgotten.

    It remains to be seen if enough of the animals will remain daft enough to buy into his fear-mongering. Will they continue to give him another 5 years of unlimited power to rule over every aspect of their lives with impunity? Or will they kick him out to put an end to all his nonsense?

    Afterall, with or without him, the sun will rise every day.

    • landragon123

      This White chick was 30+ when he join the farm. Now at 60+ and turning grey, he should retires and sit back to man his smaller farm in his house and his illnesses too.
      Get the mother chick to retires too, so our New PM who will join the farm can put CPF house in order for the good of the future in this great green and clean farm for All citizens to enjoy and not to worry about Dengue and loosing their pants at the Casinos. With a new Theme Park, the most expensive in the world, tourists will head this way to see our FARM.

  28. hui

    A good government will be on it toes. The opposition here may well provide the competition but it lacks in its capabilities and lustre so bad that it almost looks like a joke. it does not matter if you do not vote for the PAP. but think if merely voicing out against sound Policies will allow your next generation to live in prosperity. and oh, wusses who are not even living in singapore should shut the gap so tight. if u r not happy with the govt, why dont u change ur citizenship? why not.. cos u want the superb living conditions, you want a safe environment and u r just plain selfish. I rather have foreigners/spr who treat this land like how it should be treated. no one throws away a mother or a father just because he or she takes a hard one on you so that u live well.

    • landragon123

      We Singaporean have a good government for 40 years and from the 45th year, we are now in many lapses as the AG reported.
      Since LKY day, we have Top Down Government, but the present PM ran it Bottom-up, So he have to listen to those Ministries that he cannot understands.
      So lapses comes from these Ministries, MOM, MOH, MHA just to name a few plus CPF, SMRT, SINGTEL, HPB and so on and on. This is just a wake-up call to the PAP before an opposition take over.
      I am not writing these without proofs as Police reports are make but no actions taken which are lapses of the AG too.
      Going to Meet the People have not much good, as those lapses Ministries couldn’t care, but just give crazy replies which the MP or Minister just take as a job done.
      Vote for a good government and some good oppositions like the WP and in future there maybe just 2 major parties in Singapore. Than we have arrived, with political stability by 2 good parties to fight for the good of Singapore.
      Almost a dozen oppositions for the coming election in a country of 5.5 millions people, but many are just jokers coming to show their faces before there are forgotten.

  29. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    6th August 2015

    • landragon123

      It will be the other way round, PAP will still get 2/3 majority in this coming election. In 2020 the story will be different if the PAP still can only get Ex General to be their new candidates. I am not against these Generals, it is they are not politician, but war trained.

  30. Johnny Quak

    It not that I enjoy your work. Its that you are so hardworking digging so many thing. Seriously what do you stand for?
    You cried in Court and already condemned yourself and you think you still can be in the public showing your face?
    Just an advice for you. You are not talented but somehow you seem to have expressed passion for what you doing.
    You are efficient but not effective. Definitely not suitable for an advisory position. Also not suitable in a consultative role.
    You will make a good assistant. May be you can go under a political leader to help him/her. He/She has to be a person with a flair for evaluating your work.

    • landragon123

      High Johnny Quak, for a semi retired man, I am just writing what I knew that happened about the lapses or corruptions that are going on.
      In parliament, instead of telling us the lapses by the government, they debated on the WP lapses. When KBH cannot nail the opposition down even with appeals to higher courts and failed. Now they needed the MOF to sort out the on going problems with the opposition.
      The problem is simple, pay the outstanding funds to them and the matter is resolve. PAP duties now is to put their own house in order if they wants better support in the coming election.
      Can you please tell me in which court I have cried and was condemned on what charges? I never cheat, do not lie and my purpose is to help others, including the government, not to slip down the drain and get wash in the ocean.
      I am just another man walking in the street, do I have to hide myself?

      • wallansaini

        Hi Roy.
        I am one hundred percent on your side.
        Your decision to be a candidate in the next election is commendable.
        Keep those posts that you think are defamatory against you.
        Take these bastards to court when you are ready, or within the stipulated legal time period.
        Best of luck.

    • wallansaini

      Hi JQ
      Your posts indicates what an idiot you are.
      “Definitely not suitable for an advisory position. Also not suitable in a consultative role”.
      Roy is not applying for any job where YOU are the employer.
      You are not qualified to make such a remark.
      “You will make a good assistant”.
      Again, an unqualified remark.
      Your idiotic post indicates a person with a very low IQ who is unable to think on his own but has been brainwashed by the PAP.
      If you do not have the intelligence to analyse data like Roy then you should just shut up and go back to the hole you came out from.

  31. Joe. L

    Hi guys,
    I just read most of the posts and I do not belong to any political party although I am a Singaporean. Let’s not point at any specific party but be fair to all parties. I’d like to be honest and pose a few questions. Please answer me realistically and honestly.
    1. Let’s say the opposition garners enough seats to form a government, who will be the next PM? Do we have an able hand?
    2. In such a case do you think, the opposition will be able to unite and give a steady government for one long term with they having no experience in running the government ever before?
    3. Have you noticed even the opposition parties themselves are not asking for ‘forming the next government?’ They’re only repeatedly saying that they will be an ‘alternative voice’ in the parliament. It clearly shows that just want sit as opposition members. Thats all they want!!!
    4. An alternative voice in the parliament, my dear friends, is not the same as forming a new government, am I right?
    5. I might sound pro-ruling party, but do not get me wrong – I’m only making you realise that you have far-fetched idea and it is highly unrealistic. Its not going to work. Call me with four-lettered word, but that’s the hard truth, my friend!
    6. Today’s ruling party will create more headaches and instability in place of opposition, if today’s oppositions become a ruling party tomorrow. Each party’s general secretary will fight for the PM’s post and the parliament will collapse in between on crucial issues such as race and religion-hot issues both locally and globally. Already, national security is the fear many of us have – there will be SG100. Will there be? If there is a questions, does it not mean there is a clear insecurity in us? In such case which opposition party has the clear sense of providing such security as the present government has provided this far?
    7. So, what’s the solution? Let me answer my own questions: a) There needs to be greater awareness just as how you have posted very beautifully that sun does not rise because the rooster crows, instead it will rise anyway! So, reach this message to common man particularly the PG which the ruling party is highly dependent on. b) Help the opposition leaders to be as strong as you guys are. Their words are feeble, gullible, highly unreliable! There’s a guy who speaks no Malay in front of the press, and you tend to impress? Sorry bro! c) Many people, in my opinion, are not angry or unsatisfied with the ruling party, and I am not saying that it is right! A frog born in a well will have no clue about something called lake. And explain ‘ocean’ to it? No way! You must be joking, my friend! d) Singaporeans are clever; they know how to market their ideas, so why can’t you come up with some innovation to reaching your views to those who have unheard of?
    After all, we are all Singaporeans and no doubt we are proud of it. We want more freedom and we want to have a better life which is ideal. No free human being will find fault with it.
    So, find ways to get across your side of the story as best as the ruling part does and do carry along the opposition candidates with you with the same view. Or else, the sun will rise only after the rooster crows, at least in Singapore – and we all will continue to believe it generation after generation!
    Good luck guys!

    • Hardeep Saini

      Hi Joe.
      Who are you trying to kid.
      I can detect a PAP I.B. ten miles away.
      Go to any kinder and you might be able to pull off a stunt such as this.
      By thinking that people on this blog are fools, you are only showing what a fool you yourself is.
      Go back to the hole you came out from.
      PAP must be very desperate to get idiots like you posting on blogs like this.

  32. Joe

    With your immature reply such as this you weaken yourself even further! I guess you are not truly fighting for the opposition. You guys are far too dangerous to the very reputation of our country. Such immature guys you are – you have no sense to separate the wheat from the chaff!
    Ok go ahead keep barking, I’m not not going to support you anymore, you morons!
    I need no reply. Just shut up!

    • wallansaini

      You were trying to bark up the wrong tree here.
      I note that you did not deny that you are a PAP I.B.
      “I need no reply”.
      Why? Trying to now run away like a dog with his tail between his legs?
      Ha! ha.

    • JT

      Joe you are right, there seems to be many like this, I saw them in HK rally, in USA, in Germany, in UK, in Aust, and they seems to think that the freedom to do whatever they one is their right. And they are born with this so called human right, but they failed to realized the rice bowl and rights of others are rights too. We need to educate our children that to we Singaporen only have one Singaore to protect our small population from all these selfish minded believer, and we have to be brave and strong to put our feet down to end all these if needed, LKY did it once when the time is needed to make sg a better doe everyone, our forefather stand by LKY side and make it (these who called him a dictator is either an idiot or liar, clearly LKY cannot locked up so many people alone, LKY has supporters and these supporters agreed that during these time of crisis such actions are needed), so go and vote and educate all your younger friends to see the big picture and vote out these with agenda or these who are weak (I am not saying all Opp are weak and with agenda, in fact some are cuter to vote that PAP candidates haaaaa if so vote for your fav Opp, only if they are of good calibrate)
      But clearly we know this Roy, the very fact he stand out to push that young kids Amos to continue a groundless insult on LKY shows how much Roy is good at getting attention and marketing himself, we need to be hard on people like him, hope LHL can be less sissy and Wack hard on this evil minded guy who openly make false accusation and supported gay clause just to gain political ground (I am not for and against gay clause here but I do think that should be left out of political and don’t mix human right with political, this is serious nation life and death in Singaporen context)

  33. Johnson Teh

    Roy, where did you find your funding to run for election? Blood and sweat of our poor fellow Singapore who are fooled by your “sheep cover” as you claimed to be for the people of Singapore, you are the people, so am I, so please go get a job and do not pretend that you are so smart till you know how to comment. If you are indeed good at running the country or your life, please first go find a job and prove that you are able to keep it before telling all these hardworking Singaporean to work for your political career when you do not even have a career.

    You have misled many that you are the hope, which is not,
    You have misled many that you know the truth, which is not,
    You have misled many that you know the way, which is not,
    The only you are right and know, is that you are not working on bring in any real progress such as working as a proper job and contribute to the nation, instead you are misleading many innocent life into tearing down the success of Singapore.

    Lastly, you are very good at playing with numbers to prove all your claim, then again if you are right, you won’t have lose the case.
    In normal time Singaporean are smart enough to get rid of a wannbe like you, but you are lucky that the world is having such a tough time that many Singaporean who are not aware that the World is becoming a worst places for many country, and Singapore is already leading the way of many, so my last advice as a fellow Singaporean to you is that, please move to Malaysia, if you are so smart and good, go run for election in Malaysia and save them instead of us, as you are not needed in Singapore.

    • Hardeep Saini

      I can detect a PAP I.B.ten miles away.
      Do not think that you can fool the intelligent people in this forum.
      If you think you can than you are a bigger fool than I thought.
      Your this one post will make absolutely no effect on Roys chances in this GE.
      Is LHL so afraid of Roy that he needs the idiotic support of people like you?
      If you do not know the problems facing Singaporeans today, much of it caused by the PAP, then you are not only an idiot but an enemy of Singaporeans.
      Stay away from these forums.
      We know who you are.

      • JT

        Firstly I am not afraid to put my real name down because I know there will be people who will hate me no matter what I said is logical or not, these are the emotional and hardcore politicial inclined supporters (But I know there is law in Sg to protect me),

        Then there are these logical supporter of Opp and PAP (which I am neither, I am an investment banker who is a capitalist, and all I support is a govt that can help myself and my fellow Singaporean, Opp or PAP, to lead a better life), and all these logical fellow Singaporean can control themselves to have an open and logical debate.

        Lastly, yes I know all the hardship of my fellow Singaporean brothers and sisters, I grow up in a 1 room flat with makeshift bed, and I have childhood friends who are still making a hand to mouth salary and both my parents are still hawkers even they are in their 60s, so I know time is tougn and many policies implemented by PAP had hurt them, but I too Know some of these policies have help all in Singapore.

        But I have to say this Roy is none of the above, his action had misled many young Singaporean down the path of making wrong decision in life, including in be living the whole sale sweet pitch of free edu free medi free house free life etc…. Simple law of supple and demand, all free means all pay more. Now why should we use the money from the past to feed Roy when ha have not even earn a decent wages to inject into the CPF, yet he has the cheek to ask people to find him. We should expose liar so that our nation can stay strong and free.

    • landragon123

      Can you tell us how a Singaporean run for election in Malaysia? Do you know that most of the forums pages here are started by ROY. Each have his own opinions and to him he is right or thinks he is right, is that wrong?

      • JT

        Roy can move to KL and become a Malaysian, and if he realized he cannot then he should wake up to learn that he should more make up stories to derail this nation.

        Yes this forum is started by Roy to express his views, but what is his agenda? Love this nation like most of us here are? If so then he should read and accept our opinion,
        But I think some of these start a forum with an agenda, an agenda so evil that his aim is to brain wash these mind of the young naive and weak to think that there is a hope as long as we drag down the current system and celebrate like the Greeks, I am being invited by an EU investment group to look at Greeks assets now, their natural resources are being auction off at junk price as Greece people has listen to half wit people and voted these with agenda Into the parliament, in the end they had a joy of rejecting their creditors demand but themselves and their children will be paying with generation of debt and blood. Is this what you guys wanted for Singapore?
        I guess the answer is yes, for either way you won’t have your property your car your dream job, but let me share a cold fact, if being in current PAP system you are a loser even when PAP collapsed and we have a better or worse govt, you will still be a loser, I know I will still need to work hard or harder, so why don’t we just all shut up and keep out head low and work hard for our own future?

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