Proposal To Be NMP: What I Would Advocate For (Letter For Submission)

2014-05-20 16.37.35

I have been writing a socio-political blog in Singapore which advocates for the rights of Singaporeans for over the past 2 years. Since 2012, I have dedicated and committed my time towards analysing the socio-political and economic issues in Singapore. I have written on issues which Singaporeans are concerned about and have advocated for specific solutions for the government to adopt.

In particular, I have advocated on wage and labour issues, income inequality and poverty, CPF, healthcare and educational issues.

On wage and labour issues, I have written articles such as, ‘How Much Do You Need To Earn To Survive In Singapore?’, ‘How The Government Undercuts Singaporeans’ Wages’ and ‘How Much Should The Minimum Wage In Singapore Be?’ which have been shared by more than 10,000, 7,000 and 1,000 Singaporeans respectively and read by hundreds of thousands more. I had analysed that in order for Singaporeans to have a basic standard of living in Singapore, Singaporeans should earn a minimum $2,000 every month. In light of how 30% to 40% of Singaporeans earn less than $2,000, I advocate that there is a need for Singapore to implement a minimum wage of at least $1,500.

In ‘Revealing the Truth With Real Statistics’ (shared by more than 6,000 Singaporeans), I had analysed that Singaporeans are paid the lowest wages among the high-income countries even as the highest-income earners in Singapore earn the highest salaries and the cost of living in Singapore is one of the highest in the world. As such, I have also been advocating to narrow the wage disparity in Singapore.

Indeed, I am also concerned because as I had estimated, the poverty rate in Singapore would be as high as 26% as I had written in ‘Poverty in Singapore Grew from 16% in 2002 to 28% in 2013’ (shared by more than 5,000 Singaporeans). The Lien Centre for Social Innovation and SMU School of Social Sciences had conducted a research which reported similar findings. This is worrying because Singapore’s poverty rate and income inequality is the highest among the high-income countries and research has shown that there are dire social ramifications, as has been seen by the highest prisoner rate, and the lowest levels of trust and social mobility in Singapore. In order for Singapore to be able to move towards continued growth, there is a need to rethink the economic model in Singapore, to ensure that the poor and middle-income are uplifted so that the shared growth in Singapore would allow Singapore to move towards renewed economic prosperity.

From my interactions with Singaporeans, I understand that retirement and CPF is one of the key concerns of Singaporeans. In the collection of articles written under, ‘SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore!’ (shared by more than 6,000 Singaporeans), I had explained how even though Singaporeans are setting aside the largest contribution of our wages into CPF in the world, however because of the lowest interest rates that we receive on the CPF, we also have the least adequate retirement funds in the world. It is a concern that even as Singaporeans have the lowest retirement funds in the world, the sovereign wealth funds which uses our CPF for investments have become one of the largest in the world. As such, I have been advocating for higher interest rates on Singaporeans’ CPF to grow our retirement funds.

I also believe that as a government, there is a moral responsibility for a government to ensure that its citizens’ well-being are taken care of and protected. In particular, I have been advocating for equitable and affordable access for Singaporeans to education and healthcare – two of the social pillars which would ensure that our citizens are able to continue to live well and contribute to our society and economy.

In ‘Every School Is A Good School? Really?’ (shared by more than 2,000 Singaporeans), I had written about how the distribution of resources in Singapore is unequal and have led to unequal outcomes. Coupled with how I had shown in ‘Singaporeans Pay The Most Expensive University Tuition Fees In The High-Income Countries’ (shared by more than 1,000 Singaporeans) that Singaporeans have to pay one of the highest university tuition fees in the world while our citizens receive the lowest proportion of scholarships, this puts the access of Singaporeans towards equitable educational opportunities at risk. As such, I believe that there is a need for resources to be more equitably distributed and for costs to be much reduced to provide greater opportunities and access for Singaporeans to further our education.

Finally, as part of a collection of articles written for The Online Citizen, ‘Focus on Healthcare’, Mr Leong Sze Hian and I had analysed that the Singapore government’s subsidy for health is the lowest among the developed countries and on par with developing countries. On top of that, Singaporeans have to pay for the highest out-of-pocket expenditure in the world. This has resulted in situations where it has been reported that Singaporeans have chosen to die instead of seek medical care and Singaporeans who are ladened with hefty medical bills of more than $10,000. Similarly, subsidies for health need to be increased significantly to protect the health and well-being of Singaporeans.

Thus I believe that the Singapore government needs to step up to ensure that the basic needs of Singaporeans in terms of education, healthcare and retirement, are adequately protected. The Singapore government also needs to ensure that Singaporeans are able to live with respect and dignity by according them the wages that would allow them to live independently, and that poverty and income inequality can be reduced in Singapore.

I will continue to advocate for these issues in Parliament and will continue to advocate for decent wages which will allow our citizens to live with dignity. I will also continue to speak up for increased subsidies for equitable access to education and healthcare. Finally, for our Singaporeans who have contributed greatly to Singapore, it is the right and responsibility of the government to ensure that they are able to retire well and respectably and that we are able to create a truly fair and equal society in Singapore, so that as a citizenry, we will be able to move Singapore into the next era.

Since I started writing and advocating for Singaporeans 2 years ago, nearly 2 million Singaporeans have read the blog. I have also received feedback and messages from Singaporeans for me to continue to speak up for them and to voice out for them in Parliament. I see it as a duty and responsibility to my fellow Singaporeans to go into Parliament to advocate for our rights and to propose policies and solutions to better Singapore and create a happier society.

As an individual, I am only one but I will continue to keep my ear on the ground to understand the needs of Singaporeans and use my voice to represent them in Parliament. The Singapore Prime Minister had recently said that, “Singapore belongs to all of us”. As such, as a citizen of Singapore, I believe that it is a responsibility for me to speak up for my fellow Singaporeans.

I have received ongoing support and encouragement from Singaporeans to enter Parliament and I thank the vote of confidence and belief that many Singaporeans have given to me. I also thank this nomination and the publicity that has come with it.

It is in the interests of a democratic Singapore for even the smallest voice in Singapore to be heard. It is also in the interests of the Singapore government to be able to hear what Singaporeans from all segments of society are thinking and saying. I present myself as a bridge for the government, and for the people of Singapore. As a known blogger who has a keen interest in our country and who has amassed support from the blog, through the nearly 2 million views on the blog, I hope to continue to engage Singaporeans on issues that matter to us and present these in Parliament to allow Singaporeans to have a bigger role in the democratic institutions of Singapore.

The selection of representatives into Parliament will send a clear signal as to what the government is ready for. The publicity generated from this selection will also garner significant interest and anticipation of further representation in Parliament. I will continue to play any role I can to further and advance the rights of Singaporeans and I look forward to advocating for the rights of Singaporeans and their anticipated opportunities via me to do so in due time.

Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to representing my fellow Singaporeans in Parliament to advance our rights and work towards a better future for Singapore.

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling

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  1. Chingchinglinglong

    Oh no! Please. Havent we got enough muppets in parliament?

    Even the opposition would squirm at the idea of you being an NMP.

  2. Jennifer Neo Bee Luan

    Well done! You have my full support and my family’s full support too.

    If they don’t give you NMP position, I will make sure you enter parliament as full MP. My 50 friends and I, plus my family of 8 give you our full support. All the PAP handpicked NMPs are puppets that do not speak for the people. You are the only one capable of making a difference in Singapore.

    Thanks for helping Singaporeans. I am truly proud of you 🙂

    • Jack Lin

      good for you. hopefully 50 votes can get him into parliament. He’s a joker and see how he will get whacked up down left right with his dumb statistics and dumb interpretation.

      If I put my bank deposit at 0.25% and the credit card interest is 24%, does that mean my implicit tax is 23.25%?

      • Ming Kiat

        Jack Lin, you are a proven joker yourself. If bank deposit is 0.25% and card interest is 24%. As long as you don’t kena late fee, you don’t pay a cent. And where did you get 23.25%? Maths fail some more. LOL

    • Jason

      This is actually a good representation of the flaws of democracy, if you take any Intro to Politics course, this is one the things they teach. Democracy is based on the principle that every person will make an informed decision to vote. It is based on the idea that the electorate will rationally think for themselves, work out the pros and cons between opposing politicians and vote for the best one. That is the flaw, thinking that every voter is actually intelligent enough to vote. But its not, voters are swayed by false information all the time, and as the example above shows, the electorate can also be swayed by friends and family. Instead of thinking for themselves and working it out themselves, they rely on a herd mentality; you jump, I jump.

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  4. Adrian

    Wow, brave move. Your statistics and ‘facts’ are going to be analyzed real hard and you based on what i’ve read so far, you will be hung to dry. But i do believe it is the right environment for you to be in, rather than writing one sided articles to the public. Good luck Roy, you’re going to need it.

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    • Ming Kiat

      I think you mean:
      F.U.C.K. – Y.O.U. – P.I.N.K.Y. – Li?
      Why so cryptic? Here got no censorship. PAP IB can write any defamatory post on Roy and Roy will not sue them.
      But if you write anything on PM facebook, like the security guard, then too bad for you.

  6. jonathan how


    you are plainly a disgrace to Singapore.

    You showed that you do not understand what CPF, Medisave and Income Tax is.

    Kindly sign up for a Taxation ( Singapore ) Course in ICPAS, so that you will see how fair the Singapore government is.

    They penalises on actions that are not progressive for the public good of Singapore.

    Plainly, namely, smoking and alcohol, which leads to hefty medical bills in one’s later years. ( etc, etc )

    Singapore would collapse when people of your calibre enter the parliament, namely, someone who does not understand the points that he / she is talking about.

    Really, no, I would rather you continue your day-to-day job.

    I thought Chee Soon Juan was radical, but you have proven worse.

      • Bs

        It is because your CPF is sunk fund which you have no access to, which is just the same usage to you as the Tax.
        If you no smoke no drink, but unfortunately cut your fingers, you still receive hefty bill, it has nothing to do with Tax.

      • ftrules

        Those who still think CPF is a tax is really in another world. Tax is collected and redistributed. CPF stays in your account despite the fact you can only use it for certain investments ie property is not redistributed.

        No wonder we are being replaced by foreigners, too many dumb singaporeans who think everything and anything is a conspiracy.

  7. Norman Wee

    If you know the political intrigues, then you will understand what Roy is doing is exactly what the senior Lee Kuan Yew did when he was in his 30s, the age Roy now is.
    The senior Lee climbed the pinnacle of power first by defeating Lim Yew Hock and then whacked the so-called communists to get to where he was, now inherited by the younger Lee.
    So what Roy is doing is basically emulated the senior Lee, no more no less.
    Wish him all the success instead of condemning him.
    (A lesson in point: when the babas was all over in the Civil Service, they gave the senior Lee a hard time. When the senior Lee ascended the throne, the babas’ paid was cut.)

    • Norman Wee

      That’s how Lky started. Everyone has tostart somewhere with or without cough syrup cocaine or whatever. If you have enough of gray matters then you will realize that many of world’s leaders started that. If you need guidance what history books to read let me know.


      • Norman Wee

        When LKY started they pushed him into the drain and laughed hahaha. Roy is displaying good strategy and he could laugh his way to Parliament. Hahaha.

  8. Megas

    I admire the courage of Roy has to speak his views openly regardless if it appeals to everyone. Sure upset someone. If he joins as NMP. I hope he stays on grid and speak for Singaporean. My heart goes to you.

  9. Jay

    what is the point? you are not going going to be selected even if you do an NMP is a useless position, so all this is just a publicity stunt with no real purpose nor benefit.

  10. Vincent

    All the best Roy! Lots of PAP boot-lickers around here who follows by blind faith, much like religious zealots really, not much difference. Just ignore them. Way to go! As George Carlin once quoted: Don’t underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. He’s referring to 60% of Singaporeans.

      • Jason

        Yup, to hell with people who have different opinions. Everyone with a different opinion is stupid. I am right, because I say so. Well done, +1 for democracy.

  11. johnson

    When so many opponents are giving u their attentions, there must be something u are worth noticing. Our minister wants to fight a war in the internet; This must be it.

    Anyway, all the best to Roy. Hope u will be Singaporeans’ voice and be our leader in future!

  12. Dave

    Yes let’s change for a better future by having a very strong opposition party to check and balance the abuse of power, cronyism, nepotism & mismanagement of public affairs / interests.

    • J

      PAP must be having a good laugh. LKY talked out regrets on voting sub-prime MP. This man and his followers should never get anywhere close to out kitty funds.

      Roy, thanks, i am voting for PAP no matter who is the candidate.

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  14. sandiego

    I can imagine all the eyes rolling in parliament if Roy gets there and starts talking his bollocks off about his flawed understanding of cpf, tax and income. there is a place for opposition in singapore but we do not want people with no calibre to be in opposition either.

    I’m not an advocate of ALL PAP policies but too many people are easily swayed by conspiracy theorists that government is out to con and steal all your money and destroy your life. Blame foreigners, blame government blame everyone else except themselves for lack of drive and hunger to succeed.

    • Jason Ang

      Their eyes are rolling because most of them PAP MPs are sleeping in parliament. Roy is the only one who speaks with passion and conviction. I would pay to attend the parliament sessions just to listen to Roy. He is our future.

    • jonathan how

      While the PAP candidates for the elections usually appear to be yes-people, lip-service folks, they generally don’t spew nonsense like what our nurseboy Roy Ngerng has done, in a matter of short space and time.

      He probably is stressed out by the fact that our market is very porous, bringing in healthcare workers from China, India, Philippines, Myanmar, etc.

      I don’t think an NMP has to be in a pedigree position, example, Doctor Koh Poh Koon, who struck me as just another lip-service person, who is now appearing on google ads on his anal inspection services… literally, haha.

      But our nurseboy Roy Ngerng does not take the effort nor diligence to get the facts right, before he accuses LHL of things, which are lacking in substance.

      The best place for him, is really the hospital canteen for him to rant on his anger… really.

      I don’t want him anywhere near the parliament.

      This bloke is 33 years old, have loads of time, since he rants like a whiner on the govt / PAP / Lee family?, but he doesn’t do anything to better himself in terms of professional knowledge of the things he rants about. I seriously think singapore begins it’s end, when we have a critical mass thinking like him.

      Disgruntled, Self-Entitled, Lazy.

  15. SteadyBoh

    I would give you 100% support if you can get endorsement from WP on your quest to reveal the dark secret of CPF…

  16. Dave

    Why the pappy dog bark so incessantly here, don’t they like a bigger meal or bone from their master?

  17. Norman Wee

    That’s how Lky started. Everyone has tostart somewhere with or without cough syrup cocaine or whatever. If you have enough of gray matters then you will realize that many of world’s leaders started that. If you need guidance what history books to read let me know.


  18. Dave

    Many people, especially ignorant people want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never ever apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak out all your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth— Gandhi

    • TT

      unfortunately, Gandhi’s wisdoms are principles and thoughts. This young man’s conspiracy theories are twisted facts and bad judgement,

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  20. Wecan

    Spend your energy in volunteer work. I will have more respect for you. Majority of Singaporeans I believe do not want a person like u. At least for me. So pls give everyone a break even if you have skin like an elephant.

  21. see

    You can certainly see your skills within the article you write.

    The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not
    afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after
    your heart.

  22. donal trump

    hahaha this Roy Ngerng just hantam anyhow. now you are in hot water. so who will help you pay your fines? im sure not the people here in comment section who is riling you up to to it

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