This is How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s

In 1981, PAP got the Rothschild to help set up the GIC, which manages Singaporeans’ CPF retirement monies.

1 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ Rothschild

Then from the mid-1980s onwards, the PAP started to decrease the CPF interest rates, increase housing prices, reduce healthcare subsidies and increase university tuition fees.

You can read more about the Rothschild here and here or do your own search about them online:

The Rothschild used to control large swaths of the banking industry in Europe and effectively controlled their governments.

In 1982, the PAP started working with them.

2 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ 1982 Constitution

When the PAP was set up in 1954 (55 years ago), it said that it wanted to “abolish unjust inequalities”.

It also wanted to ensure social security for the sick, infirm, those in old age and those who can no longer work.

This was outlined in the PAP’s constitution.

But in 1981, the PAP got Rothschild to help set up the GIC, to manage the CPF monies of Singaporeans.

And then in 1982, the PAP changed its constitution.

It removed the intent to “abolish unjust inequalities”.

In its place, the PAP said that it now wanted to create a “self-reliant society”.

Things started to go downhill for Singaporeans since then.

From the mid-1980s, the PAP started reducing health subsidies, it started to increase housing prices and university tuition fees. From the mid-1980s, the PAP also started coming out with ways and creating schemes to make money off  Singaporeans.

And from the mid-1990s, the PAP started to depress the wages of Singaporeans and the CPF interest rates.

From the mid-1980s, the PAP started to turn against Singaporeans, after it sought advice from Rothschild and then changed its constitution and removed the focus of equality.

Today, the PAP spends the lowest on social security on Singaporeans, among the developed countries. Many Singaporeans today can no longer afford healthcare and have to work until their deaths. And more Singaporeans are becoming unemployed but there is no unemployment social assistance for them – Singapore is one of very few countries in the world which does not have unemployment protection for its citizens.

Whatever the PAP old guard built for Singapore in the first 20 years of Singapore was thrown out the window. From the mid-1980s, the PAP old guard were also first thrown out of cabinet, and then out from government.

Meanwhile, Lee Kuan Yew threw them out but let himself stayed on. Then he brought in people who started making money off Singaporeans.

Today, the PAP ministers earn the highest salaries in the world. The share of income that goes to the rich also increased from 30% in 1995 to 42% in 2011.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that 30% of Singaporeans today live in poverty and Singaporeans also earn one of the lowest wages among the highest-income countries.

This is what the PAP did to Singapore. It started turning against Singaporeans since the mid-1980s.

3 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ Medisave shortened

In 1984, the PAP created the Medisave to start trapping Singaporeans’ CPF. Today, Singaporeans have been made to pay more than $70 billion into the Medisave but we are only able to use less than 1.5% of it every year.

This was what Mr Toh Chin Chye, the former PAP Chairman, had to say about the Medisave:

“(The Medisave) Scheme… is a taxation, and it is a recessive tax for the simple reason that those who are at the lower income level, because their CPF contributions are lower, will have to pay the full amount, whereas those with higher incomes do not pay the full percentage of their income towards the CPF because there is a ceiling. It is recessive. I feel that all this is a very short-sighted myopic view.

Has the Minister for Health, who was in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, who was in cahoots with the Minister for Finance, taken the trouble to investigate how he is going to get the money to run his Ministry? The first responsibility of the Minister for Health is to ensure the availability of health care services. That is his first responsibility, that he must go round and nag at the Minister for Finance for the money. But he is taking on the job of the Minister for Finance. I totally disagree with the approach of Medisave.

The Minister for Finance is extremely concerned with the amount of money being locked into CPF, reducing the liquidity in commercial banks. I think that is a very genuine concern which, as the Minister for Finance, he ought to be very worried out. He should not allow his Minister for Health to dip into the CPF or to increase the CPF, because this is a social problem that is popping up. It must be thought out in breadth. We must have a vision which encompasses breadth. Do not have tunnel vision.

I think fundamental principles are being breached. The fundamental principle is this. The CPF is really a fixed deposit or a loan to Government, which can be redeemed at a fixed date when the contributor is 55 years old. If I were to put this sum of money in a commercial bank and, on the due date I go to the bank to withdraw the money, the manager says, “I am sorry, Dr Toh, you will have to come next year”, there will be a run on the bank! It is as simple as this, that the CPF will be kept for Medisave and you cannot withdraw that, even if you were to die.” has lost its credibility, the management of it. This is fundamental.”

4 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ University Fees shortened

In 1986, the PAP started increasing university tuition fees by several hundred times. Today, Singaporeans are made to pay one of the most expensive, if not, the most expensive tuition fees in the world.

This was what the Singapore People’s Party’s Mr Chiam See Tong had to say then:

“I notice the (university) fee increase is almost twice or three times. Is there a necessity for this big jump, rather than increase it by stages?… I have been told that some foreign students are currently getting half-grants from our local University. What is their position then?

The other question is: why are we charging the foreign students rather low tuition fees at only 50% extra when compared to our own students? When you go to foreign universities, you find that their own students go into their universities almost free, with a lot of liberal grants, but foreign students are charged probably 10 times the amount. So why are we charging only 50% more? Can we not charge our own students less and, perhaps, increase the fees for foreign students?”

This was also what Mr Ow Chin Hock had to say:

“This increase is not entirely due to the increase in costs but because over the last two years the increase in expenditure has been only about 20%… In 1987, the Minister for Education in announcing a hike in tuition fees in the House said that he would not like to see another major increase in tuition fees. But no sooner had he said this that in the course of a short two years, there is another increase in fees by 30% to 85%. This is in comparison to the fees in 1987. If it is compared with the figures in 1986, the increase rates are 117 to 454%, according to the figures given by Dr Aline Wong. Some students were hit twice by such fee-hikes. I hope the Minister would think about the plight of the families of these students… It seems the university is beset with a sadistic complex. This is incongruous with the benign and compassionate manner in which the Budget was presented by the Finance Minister.”

5 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ CPF Minimum Sum shortened

In 1987, the PAP created the CPF Minimum Sum to trap Singaporeans’ CPF.

This was what the Singapore People’s Party’s Mr Chiam See Tong said then:

“CPF savings are the workers’ money, it is often said. All CPF money belongs to the contributors. Therefore, I say to the Government, it has no business to hold back any money belonging to the people. The Government should now, in clear terms, state whether or not it intends to return all CPF money to contributors when they reach 55 years.

Why do we need to have this minimum sum scheme? Why do we need it? Are you saying that a person on reaching 55 years is unable to take care of his own money? That is exactly what the Government is saying, “Look. We are not going to give you back all your savings at 55 years in case you just have one good spree and all will be lost.” But I do not think so. There will be a few but the majority of Singaporeans are definitely hard-headed and I am sure they know what to do with their money when they reach the age of 55. I think it is an insult to our workers to have that point of view and say that they do not know what to do with their money when they reach 55.

The amount in the CPF is a big sum. I hear it has come to about something like $26 billion and I think this issue of CPF will always be with us because it is the employees’ money and there is a massive amount of money. It is not millions but you are talking of billions. This issue of CPF should be included in the National Agenda because it concerns every employee and the workers have the right to discuss it and to ask the Minister what kind of safeguards they will have to make sure that at the end of 25 years, every dollar they have in the CPF will be returned to them when they reach the age of 55 years.”

6 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ Land shortened

From 1987, the PAP started increasing housing prices to earn more money from Singaporeans. Today, Singaporeans are made to pay for the most expensive public housing in the world and one of the most expensive housing in the world.

In fact, the PAP makes Singaporeans pay 60% of HDB flat prices into land, even though Singaporeans do not own the land.

Then-Minister for National Development S. Dhanabalan had said:

“After 99 years the (land is) reverted to the Government. They cost zero. Does it mean that flats which are built on that land should have land valued at zero? Obviously not. So land has got to be valued at market rates. The fixing of the sale price of the flats,… we hope over the years to move the prices closer and closer to what the market price should be.

If the land costs $2 out-of-pocket and the market value is $80, the land will be sold at $80 to HDB. If the HDB is able to recover only $60 by fixing the price at affordable levels, then the $20 is a subsidy. The Government has to give the $20 as subsidy. It is not just a book subsidy. By no means.

If not for the Robin Hood operation in which the Government is involved, public housing would not be possible.”

But Mr Chiam See Tong rebutted Mr Dhanabalan and said:

“You say “Robin Hood”. My goodness? Please explain what you mean by that. I really cannot understand your logic. Please explain what you exactly mean by “Robin Hood”. You are taking from the landowner at $2 and you are selling to the poor HDB flat purchasers at $80, and who is the Robin Hood? The Government pockets the vast profits out of the sale of the flats, and now you say that you are giving these flat purchasers a subsidy. I really cannot see your logic. Now we are sure that there is no out-of-pocket subsidy. It is only a book subsidy. I think this position is very clear now.

We do not want some book subsidy. “Subsidy” means actual money taken out from the pocket and paid to the HDB, and not some accounting or juggling with the accounts gimmick or a transfer of high pricing of land at so-called market value.”

7 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ MediShield shortened

In 1984, the PAP came out with the Medisave to do so and in 1987, it created the CPF Minimum Sum.

Then, in 1990, it came out with the MediShield.

Then, Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Lee Siew-Choh who was from the Worker’s Party (and once a leader from the Barisan Sosialis), had said:

“In spite of MediShield insurance, a person stricken with a catastrophic illness finds that he will have to pay either the whole or the greater part of the hospital bill out of his own pocket through Medisave or by cash. He gets very little benefit from the medical insurance even when he most needs help from Government. So we must ask: what sort of MediShield insurance is this that the insured person has to pay such a high percentage of the hospital bill? Does MediShield really insure the people against serious illness?

It would appear that MediShield’s first responsibility is not to the insured person, but to MediShield itself, to ensure that it will not involve the Government in any extra financial expenditure… It operates just like private commercial insurance companies. It operates with the object of sure profit and no loss. Yet, it provides less benefits than private commercial hospital and surgical schemes.

But Government MediShield does not have to operate like a commercial business undertaking. Government has a responsibility to look after the aged and the sick. Therefore, it should ensure that MediShield is a truly low cost medical insurance for the aged, that it truly accepts full responsibility in the care and treatment of those stricken with serious illnesses.

When medical services have been made more and more expensive by frequent Government increases in fees and charges, now compounded by so-called restructuring of hospitals, and when most people have only small sums in their Medisave accounts, a government that claims to be a good caring government should live up to its duty and responsibility to look after the welfare of the people and especially of the sick and the aged. But it would appear that the PAP Government believes in passing the buck to the people themselves, in making the sick and aged look after themselves, first, through Medisave and now through MediShield and in making the people pay more and more. All this must be changed.”

8 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ Ministerial Salaries

In 1994, the PAP then went all the way and increased its own salaries. After they did that, the share of income that went to the rich increased from 30% in 1995 to 42% in 2011.

Today, the PAP ministers earns the highest salaries in the world.

The Worker’s Party’s Mr Low Thia Kiang said then:

“When I heard the Prime Minister’s speech in this House yesterday, I was very shocked. It seems like the future of our country will be determined by how much salary we give to our Ministers and top civil servants.

The logic of the Prime Minister is that the higher the pay the better we can attract the top talents to govern the country and there will be continuous growth in the economy, more safeguards to the people. Otherwise, the future of the country will be bleak.

He went on to point out that corrupt practices among politicians in the United Kingdom was due to their salaries being too low.

On this question, my intuitive reaction is that I do not want people who look to money to run the country. These people will be weighing their losses and gains in terms of money and the policy they embrace will surely be profit-oriented. Even if it results in huge economic growth year after year, and the Government coffer greatly enriched, the livelihood of the people need not necessarily be improved because the formulation and results of their policies will be determined purely from the angle of economic benefits only.

If … the people with potential to be Ministers whom (the Prime Minister) contacted were not prepared to come forward to serve the nation due to the salaries being not sufficiently attractive, then I would suggest that he look again for some others who have the vision and are prepared to dedicate themselves to the nation.

If, after so many years of nation building, we cannot cultivate some talented people with dedication to serve the country, then I must say with great regret that our country is a failure.

If our country is facing this kind of problem today, the elites among our younger generation now would only look at money, then the PAP Government should make an overall review on whether their philosophy of running the country is out of balance, and whether it has been putting too much emphasis on utilitarianism and elitism.”

9 How the PAP Started Turning against Singaporeans from the Mid-1980s @ Old Guards

After the PAP got Rothschild in to help set up GIC in 1981, the PAP then changed its constitution in 1982 and no longer wanted to “abolish inequality”. It stopped taking care of Singaporeans and started creating policies to earn from Singaporeans.

Then, from 1981 onwards, it started getting rid of the PAP Old Guards one by one. By 1988, all the Old Guards were kicked out of government.

Lee Kuan Yew even said to Ong Pang Boon: “… I agree with you. You also had misgivings (about some newcomers), as had the late Dr Toh Chin Chye, over the speed of self-renewal and the effect it was having on the morale of the old guard MPs.”

But they were kicked out anyway.

Then Lee Kuan Yew allowed himself to stay as Senior Minister until 2004 and Minister Mentor until 2011 and was only asked to leave Cabinet after that. After the Old Guards were kicked out, Lee Kuan Yew allowed himself to stay for another more than 20 years.

After the Old Guards were kicked out, they no longer could create good policies to protect Singaporeans.

From the mid-1980s onwards, the PAP started creating policies to earn money off Singaporeans. From the mid-1980s onwards, the PAP started turning against Singaporeans.






    非常震惊的重大线索 !

    这就是为什么李光耀不断地把聪明的国人, 统统以各种莫须有的罪名,捉入监狱的真相, 与其做贼心虚,贼喊做贼的个性有关。

    李光耀在宪法上动手脚, 方便他移花接木,偷梁换柱,把国家产业逐步过渡入他家族的名下。

    请问世界上有哪一国领导人,把国家财富公然转移为其家族的范例 ?

    各位发现了吗 ?如果每个国民没有办法面对真相,屈服于压力或退缩, 结果就是冤案连连, 国民的子孙后代将永远承受 所不应该得到的判决与冤案。

    我们必须了解事实,那就是,在法律面前,只有真相才拥有最高的权威。 面对李光耀对上千万个国民实行倾盆大雨一般的指控与迫害的时候,只有真相, 才是新加坡国民手中唯一的雨伞。 这已经通过几代人的牺牲, 质疑一切挑战的权威。追求合理,争取国民财产回归的权益。

  2. Be enlightened

    The Scottish Enlightenment (Scots: Scots Enlichtenment, Scottish Gaelic: Soillseachadh na h-Alba) was the period in 18th century Scotland characterised by an outpouring of intellectual and scientific accomplishments. By the eighteenth century, Scotland had a network of parish schools in the Lowlands and five universities. The Enlightenment culture was based on close readings of new books, and intense discussions took place daily at such intellectual gathering places in Edinburgh as The Select Society and, later, The Poker Club as well as within Scotland’s ancient universities such as St Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.[1] [2]

    Sharing the humanist and rationalist outlook of the European Enlightenment of the same time period, the thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment asserted the fundamental importance of human reason combined with a rejection of any authority that could not be justified by reason. They held to an optimistic belief in the ability of humanity to effect changes for the better in society and nature, guided only by reason. This latter feature gave the Scottish Enlightenment its special flavour, distinguishing it from its continental European counterpart. In Scotland, the Enlightenment was characterised by a thoroughgoing empiricism and practicality where the chief values were improvement, virtue, and practical benefit for the individual and society as a whole.

  3. Seen as King

    The majority of Singaporeans still view Lee Kuan Yew as 1st King of modern Singapore, based according to giant crowd in LKY’s grand funeral. Most of them deliberately kept themselves ignorant by changing topics so that they will not get persecuted and had become timid as a mice. They have become cogs in the PAP system that could not think outside the box.

    As you had said, they became selfish and divided- a bad omen which a country becomes weak and eventually easy to invade.

    If it is too late for change, I fear that the inner circle of PAP might escape with the people’s hard earn wealth to overseas, never to be heard again and escape justice.

    That is why the Lee dynasty still exist because of most of its brainwashed citizens.

    • Too late?

      Perhaps it is destiny. When Singapore does fall, it will serve as another historical lesson to other nations why every citizens should practice civil disobedience against renegade governments such as Malaysia who is ruled under the useless PM Najib.

  4. PAPer Tiger

    LHL and PAP, you still expect us to give birth to more babies, to serve as SLAVES to you and the foreigners, plus you and their descendants for multiple decades?!


    In event of real war or emergency, either you put Tony Tan’s son and LHL’s kid Lee HongYi in my platoon, or we’ll be pointing the M16S1 in a different direction

  5. PAPer Tiger

    A politician who pays himself obscenely from taxpayers’ monies preaching compassion is like a thief talking about how important it is to be honest.

  6. DieOfStupidity

    You are killed by religion simply because you are born a sinner without knowing what it means

  7. The white dogs

    Few days ago a youth was arrested for alleged terrorism in S’pore ( the teenager plan for intention to plot a political assassination on miws ministers political leaders- PeeAyam & Tonie Jiak Liao Bee were in the list).This a modern day history of ancient china in the Qin warring period called : ” 荆轲刺秦王 or Assailant JingKe assault the Qin Emperor” . Although JingKe failed in his attempt to kill the Qin Emperor, it later lost his kingdom to the Han for juz only 2 reign. Is tis a sign that the miws gahmen will only last another 1-2 GE then they will be gone to the opposition side? Vto in coming GE.

  8. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

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    All you have written is valid and correct. You have brought all these matters and corrupt practices to the attention of the populatiojn, BUT if tjhese blind, deaf and dumb people cannot see logic, there;s little you can do and the population have to learn from their FUTHER mistakes and ie on the bed they make for themselves…..even if Sadly, it happens to be a bed of nails. You will go to your grave knowing you did your level best and your conscience is Clear ! !

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  12. Frustrated Mother

    They called in the Rothchilds ? just like they got the Zionists to set up NS training in the 60s. Rothchilds are bloody bloodsucking money-lending “vampire” Jews from Europe. They care for nothing and no-one beyond money and wealth, and the survival of Zionist power. No wonder our system sucks us dry like vampires would. Now it’s obvious why the poor, the middle class and politically un-connected born in SG citizens cannot prosper or move up the social ladder. We are being pressed down by Zionists ideas the way the Christian and Muslim Palestinians are slowly being exterminated in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

    • Tin Hong Wei

      The Jews are clearly the enemies of humanity, as their numerous lies about the Holocaust have demonstrated.

      Einstein is also a massive fraud.

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  14. Jeph

    Teo en ming.. pls lah NO POINT launching REPORT TO THE UN . The UN IS RUN BY THE CABALS, Freemasons and the ROTHCHILDS. Trust me. Thats why you see UN didn’t really stop any GENOCIDES. The are with the council of the 300 who wrote the georgian stones. They want world population to drop to 500mill.

    I believe you roy ngerng… I had been researching conspiracies for more than 15 years. Pro-alien-party is busy trying to pay back money charged with super high interest to the Rothschilds and the NWO Cabals. Our singaporean hard earned money scammed by these satanist banking cartels.

    This also explains why singapore with such a small land size need so much $$ to maintain. So think where all the money had gone to. ….. Think singaporean please think!

    We even had more money than most eu countries with landsize 100X bigger than singapore.
    I dun want to say too much ……

  15. Jeph

    Let me tell you guys who are the Rothchilds!

    Watch this cartoon and it explains everything!

    Singapore MAS Is aka american FEDERAL RESERVE ! Dun believe… see it for yourself !

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  17. Delta

    You were robbed today by the most successful crook on the planet. Did you even notice? All the central bank control by Rothschild.

  18. Tin Hong Wei

    The argument for having absurdly high amounts of pay for Singaporean political leaders is ridiculous and simply Jewish sophistry; when you think about it, it absolutely makes no sense!

    Money in no way deters corruption, on the contrary, it encourages a corrupt person to get more, for materialistic hedonism is what the corrupt person subscribes to.

  19. Tin Hong Wei

    For this reason, it is the duty of every human being on the planet to unite and oppose international Jewry and Zionism; such a parasitic breed of human must not be allowed to step foot in any country!

    • AntiPAPAmericanJew101

      That’s the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. We’re talking about the PAP, not about the JOOS!

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