The PAP has Caused 30% of Singaporeans to Live in Poverty

Several academics and economists have estimated that Singapore has a poverty rate of about 30%. Their research is compiled in this article.

This also means that Singapore has the highest poverty rate among the developed countries.

5 Do You Know that 30% of Singaporeans Live in Poverty @ Highest

However, the PAP-run government still refuses to define a poverty line. Then-Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing erroneously claim that defining a poverty line will lead to a “cliff effect”.

Also, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong also claimed that income inequality in Singapore has “stabilised” when the truth is that, Singapore today has the highest income inequality and widest rich-poor gap among the developed countries.

The PAP also spends the least on social protection among the developed countries, so much so that the poor in Singapore continue to remain poor and are left to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer middle-income Singaporeans, as more and more of them fall into poverty.

Yet, today Singapore is the most expensive country in the world. The PAP refuses to implement a minimum wage and the $1,000 that lowest-wage workers earn in Singapore is the lowest among the highest-income countries.

The PAP also makes Singaporeans pay for one of the most expensive healthcare, education and housing in the world and our CPF retirement funds are also one of the least adequate among the OECD and Asia-Pacific countries.

In short, the PAP does not want to take care of Singaporeans. At the same time, the PAP pay themselves the highest salaries in the world, even as many Singaporeans cannot earn enough to even have a basic living and have to live in poverty.

Read more:

1 Do You Know that 30% of Singaporeans Live in Poverty @ Yeoh Lam Keong

Chart: A Handbook on Inequality, Poverty and Unmet Social Needs in Singapore

From Yeoh Lam Keong’s research:

“The Average Household Expenditure on Basic Needs (AHEBN) is a figure calculated by the DOS. This is a measure of minimum household expenditure on essential needs such as food, clothing, and shelter for a household in a one- or two-room HDB rental flat. The resulting figure is then multiplied by 1.25 to account for other household needs (e.g., transport, education). The most recent available AHEBN estimate, as of this writing, is from 2011, and calculated to be SGD 1,250 per month for a four-person household.

Yeoh Lam Keong, former chief economist of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (now known as GIC Private Limited), argues, based on internal reviews of the AHEBN measure, that the measure provides a conservative estimate of absolute poverty. According to him, the costs are not explicitly accounted for by the AHEBN measure, but are included in the multiplier of 1.25 (e.g., transport, education, medical costs). They tend not only to increase more quickly than the expenditures on food, clothing and shelter, but are also necessary for work, school and social activities. Take for instance the mobile phone: it is a very helpful item to have when seeking employment, but such an expenditure is only one of many for which the multiplier of 1.25 is meant to account. Furthermore, Yeoh points out that actual transport and medical costs are taken into account for similar measurements in countries such as Hong Kong and Canada, indicating that there are precedents for their inclusion.

He discusses other problems in Singapore’s AHEBN calculation. First, it does not take into account costs related to investments in human capital, in that there are no out-of-pocket education expenditures, or costs related to continuing education, training, and access to information and communication technologies. Such educational endeavors are necessary for minimal social mobility and so have a significant bearing on poverty. For example, if people lack the means to increase their levels of education, because they cannot afford the costs of education itself, or the related costs of transport, materials, etc., it is far more difficult to climb out of the poverty trap. Finally, by only including families in one- or two-room flats, the AHEBN calculation does not account for those families living in threeor four-room flats who are receiving social assistance. Overall, according to Yeoh, the AHEBN calculation likely accounts for only a fraction of those Singaporean families living in poverty.

Yeoh used the AHEBN range of SGD 1,250 to 1,500 per month, applied it to the 2011 DOS Key Household Characteristics and Household Income Trends 2011 report, and found that there were approximately 110,000 to 140,000 resident households that have great difficulty meeting basic needs.

According to Yeoh, if the AHEBN calculation were adjusted to include the costs of transport, education, health care, and the training necessary for social inclusion, it would likely reveal that the bottom 10 to 20 per cent of working households are struggling to make ends meet in a way that could be defined as a form of absolute poverty. The bottom 20 to 30 per cent of working households, according to Yeoh, are probably barely able to meet basic consumption and human capital investment needs but have little in the way of retirement savings, leaving them vulnerable to falling into poverty in their lifetime.”

2 Do You Know that 30% of Singaporeans Live in Poverty @ Tilak Abeysinghe

Chart: Living Affordability in Singapore by Income GroupsA Handbook on Inequality, Poverty and Unmet Social Needs in Singapore

From Tilak Abeysinghe’s research:

“The households in the lowest 30% of the income ladder spend more than their income.”

“We define the middle class here as those earning approximately the median wage. Like the least advantaged Singaporeans, the middle class saw a lengthy decrease in wages followed by a very recent reversal of this trend. Although Singapore’s economy continued to grow at the same pace that it had for decades (averaging 7.3 per cent per year in the 1990s and 5.1 per cent in the 2000s), median wages slowed, and in some recent years reversed, after the year 2000. From 2000 to 2010, taking inflation into account, wages grew only 1.3 per cent per year, rather than the average rate of growth of seven or nine per cent in previous decades. In mid-2013, it was reported that, when inflation was taken into account, wage levels actually decreased in 2012.

Second, as economic restructuring moved to higher value-added industries, lay-offs have begun to affect professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) at higher rates than low-skilled workers. The Straits Times reported that PMETs made up more than half of the workers who lost their jobs in 2013, at 56 per cent. This is a significant increase from the 35 per cent of PMET job-losses in 2010. In addition, the manufacturing and construction sectors also laid off more workers in 2013 than in 2012, while the service sector let go fewer workers in 2013 than in 2012. Again, this suggests that the situation began to improve for the lowest deciles before the trend affected the middle class.

Finally, two recent studies suggest that the backdrop for Singapore’s high Gini coefficient and lengthy period of wage stagnation is a city that is becoming increasingly less affordable. The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Singapore as the world’s most expensive city in 2013. Singapore was positioned sixth in the previous year, but its appreciating dollar has since pushed it to number one in the world. The EIU report looks at the prices of various goods and services in different countries (e.g., food, clothing, and transport) and uses New York City as a baseline. Around the same time that the EIU released its report, the National University of Singapore (NUS) economics don, Tilak Abeysinghe, published a study and extrapolated from data from the DOS, which found that 30 per cent of Singapore’s households have had to cut back on “flexible expenditures,” based most likely on the rising costs of big ticket items such as housing and health care. His study, quoted in Today, suggests that the bottom 30 per cent of households require “extra attention in the government’s welfare programmes.”

3 Do You Know that 30% of Singaporeans Live in Poverty @ Tommy Koh

Chart: Three wishes for the New YearBroader financial support doesn’t mean more students are poor

From Tommy Koh:

“I am disturbed by the inequality in Singapore. We have one of the highest Gini coefficients in the world. I am unhappy that many of our children are growing up in poverty. About a third of our students go to school with no pocket money to buy lunch.

As a trustee of two education trusts, I am reminded each year of the large number of needy students in our schools and tertiary institutions. I was shocked when the president of one of our universities told us recently that 60 per cent of his students need financial assistance.

At the other end of the spectrum, I am worried about the growing number of the elderly poor. Many of them are in poor health and have inadequate savings. Many of them live in loneliness, having no family or been abandoned by family and relatives.”

“Still, one cannot deny that student poverty exists. The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund helps more than 10,000 students each year.

I am a trustee of the Lee Wee Kheng Charitable Trust. Each year, we donate about $1 million to help needy students in our schools. The Ministry of Education helps identify the 100 schools with the highest number of needy students, and we give $10,000 to each of the schools.

I am also a trustee of the Tan Chay Bing Education Trust. We give bursaries and scholarships to needy students in the universities, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, LaSalle, Shatec, the Intercultural Institute and others. The bursaries are a lifeline to some. Without our help, they would most likely have to abandon their studies or work part-time. The needs exceed our ability to help.”

4 Do You Know that 30% of Singaporeans Live in Poverty @ Mukul G. Asher

Chart: An Assessment of Singapore’s Policy Responses to Ageing, Inequality, and Poverty

From Mukul G. Asher:

• Singapore has no official poverty line

• Absolute poverty is based on the Minimum Household Expenditure (Actual expenditure for subsistence budget x 1.25). Approx. 35% of households.

• Relative poverty is half of the median per capita household income. Approx. 27% of households.

• Working definition ‐ the poor / low income group is basically bottom 30th percentile of households, that is with average monthly household income from work equal to $1862 or below. Approx 227,400 households.

• Singapore has a limited public assistance program.

• Less than 5% of households in the low income group are beneficiaries of state funded systems; and only 0.07% of the population received public assistance in 2004.

• The amount of assistance is kept deliberately extremely low at around 5‐8% of per capita income.

• The end result of these social policies has been to make individuals and their families bear disproportionate risks of old‐age and low incomes with grossly inadequate social risk pooling.

• It is now reluctantly acknowledged in Singapore that the CPF system will not be adequate to meet the ageing challenges.

• There are several reasons for this inadequacy. A single‐tier, involving mandatory‐savings, can never provide adequate replacement rate; or address inflation and longevity risks; or provide survivor and disability benefits

6 Do You Know that 30% of Singaporeans Live in Poverty @ Hui Weng Tat

Chart: A Handbook on Inequality, Poverty and Unmet Social Needs in Singapore

From Hui Weng Tat’s research:

“Levels of relative poverty can be estimated in various ways. A common way of estimating the incidence of relative poverty involves using the median wage as a benchmark, and those whose income is less than half the median wage are considered poor in the relative sense. Irene Ng suggests that using this measure to estimate relative poverty in Singapore is difficult, because income distribution is reported in deciles. Nevertheless, Ng proceeds by assuming that the reported mean incomes fall at the midpoint of each decile, and estimates that around 20 per cent of Singaporean households are poor by these standards.

Hui Weng Tat provides a different estimate of households living in relative poverty in Singapore, using a similar way of measuring it. Hui understands this relative poverty line to be set at 60 per cent of the national median equivalised income. According to his measure, the incidence of relative poverty is around 35 per cent in Singapore. Both Hui and Ng argue that the number of Singaporeans living in poverty, according to relative measures, is in general increasing. However, some of this trend may be currently reversing.”


Is this the way a government should run a country? The PAP is no longer a party that cares for Singaporeans. The PAP is no longer a government.

It is time Singaporeans do what is right and vote for a new government to protect ourselves.



  1. LHL have to step down

    1. let’s view once again Amos ‘s video, in the last he said that

    ” ……and now with there an upcoming elections next year, there is an high chance that our citizens of Singapore, things can finally change for the better, all hopeful change, for good change, for every possible kind. ”

    In addition to a child’s expression of willingness, but also a desire of the majority common Singaporeans, there is nothing ground you adults must put him in jail for 18 days ?

    2. 16 years old is still a child, if he did something wrong, should maximum an verbal warning , instead of slap him and handcuffed him for 18 days , the savage ruling class has imposed various invisible wound to a child’s body and soul which was difficult to heal in the future. when something reaches the extreme it reverses…

    what attention ?

    1. Who created this savage law ? – — Lee Kuan Yew !
    2. Who benefit from this barbaric regime ? —- Lee family and their nannies,
    3. who is Lee family’s nannies ? — – police, Prosecutors, judges, VIP……ranking second class sky high salary winners…
    4. Why such a bad man still popular ? — spent 50 years cultivated he is God.

    this may credit to him — LKY son — LHL’s former secretary, he got promotion to in charge the Medias. so they create a false impression that LKY he make the streets, he builts schools, he set hospitals, he plant the foods , he offer air , he pregnant Singapore , he deliver baby, he feed milk…., he was Raffles that first landing Singapore…..everything is because of Lee Kuan Yew .

    so called founding father fear of the nations to visit his luxury house?

    Rubbish father !!!
    only has ulterior motives !!!

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    好文章 !


    同时非常高兴, 在这里看见久违了的,在国际上曾经大名鼎鼎的, 也是我们极为崇拜的许通美大使, 非常感谢他不顾个人安危与将为此失去荣华富贵的可能性, 讲出中肯的肺腑之言 。.

    很久以前,许通美大使是新加坡的一块璀璨瑰宝, 不知为什么十多年前突然不见了他的身影,在我们年轻的时候, 国际上先通过他的优势才开始认识新加坡, 他的发言有代表新加坡的最高权威资格, 现在, 新加坡需要他和他的家人健康长寿.

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  3. Hardeep Saini

    How long the PAP rules in Singapore is ultimately in the hands of the people.
    I know that the PAP has created various schemes to win every elections, even lying about the oppositions and if that does not work, imprisoning them.
    People, the opposition IS NOT your enemy.
    They are the true blue Singaporeans who want to make a difference.
    Currently, the PAP has absolute power and as you are all well aware, such power also corrupts.
    The PAP can do whatever it wants to ascertain power but if most Singaporeans collectively vote against them than they WILL loose their stranglehold on Singapore.
    The next election will be the litmus test for Singaporeans.
    If you are unable to change government at that time than you would have lost a golden opportunity.
    Todays foreigners will become tomorrows new Singaporeans.
    They will vote for the PAP.
    If that happens, than, I am afraid, all is lost for the genuine Singaporeans.
    There are Singaporeans who have always voted against the PAP.
    They have been doing this since the very first elections.
    It must be disheartening for such people to continue to live in such a place.
    Some, like myself, left Singapore.
    There are many who would want to leave but are unable to because of various reasons.
    Such frustrations cannot be good for the well being of any one.

    • No more PAP

      it is. the current ruler restricted the voter who were driven out of Singapore ,
      therefor Singapore needs a large number of volunteer for the opposition party.
      that is only chance .

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        Rub a lime wedge around the rim of a margarita glass and dip in salt. Fill each glass with ice. Strain equal amounts of the cocktail into the glasses to serve. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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  5. Majulah Singapura


    如果PAP赢了大选, 根据执政中心团队的放话, 有99%的可能性他们要Roy巨款, 或破产, 或者坐牢。

    既然如此, 每个新加坡人手上的一票可以救人一命, 功德无量 。为营救平民的孩子免遭牢狱或财产被夺走之灾, 把手上的一票投给工人党和民主党的人. 也希望反对党在各个选区送派选手。

    • 救一杀百

      救人一命是好事,但是却杀百是做孽。如果救了Roy却让她(还是他)来蛊惑人心,那是助纣为虐,恶德无量。下笔前应要拿捏得当,和理处事。给PAP适当的压力可以有好的发挥。Roy没有正气,没真理,有如疯狗咬,不但不能帮新加坡反而放了很多烟雾混淆事情,想从得利 – 不择不扣的小人行为。我可不想救恶魔。

      • Majulah Singapura

        it is normal, we have different views,
        we think , the people is the master of the country.
        the leader are the people’s servants

        but your words and deeds deny this

        you said he is devil
        the people also think that you are devil ?
        that leads you down, because the ruler don’t place some evidence to support your view ?

  6. The next GE

    If PAP continues to win with such mandate, Singaporeans will be further oppressed, and your life and mine will be more miserable, and the native Singaporeans will be overpowered by foreign aliens!

    • jackfruit

      If pap continues to lose more votes and lose more ministers, we will end up having a weak ruling party and a weak opposition. The world order has changed and we need a strong government, otherwise we will all lose big time. When that happens , we will then really be controlled not only by foreigners but by foreign countries.

      • jackfruit

        And the pap already lost at least 4 ministers, two former PM in the cabinet because of people’s voice. So the people is already checking the govt instead of opposition party. Even after WP gets into parliament in 2011, they proved to be jokers.

      • Majulah Singapura

        @ jackfruit,

        how come PAP hired you such a dirty porn maker to pave the way of the election.

        Oh , this time they doomed to failure !

      • jackfruit

        Prove that PAP hired me. whenever you guys see someone who does not support the opposition, you will conclude that they are hired.. so perhaps WP or other opposition parties hired you guys?

  7. roy is a lying hypocrite

    Roy, first you scare the special needs children. Now, you allow a 16 year old to be traumatized. You’re a lying hypocrite.

    • James

      Roy is merely using government and official finding and data as his own trying to gain ‘credit’.
      That is indeed why the government has to ensure Singaporean has enough CPF saving for their old age. And paying the Singaporean higher interest on CPF saving.
      Allowing Singaporean to withdraw all their CPF money when reaching 55, will further escalate poverty rates.
      Roy, on one hand, screaming “return our CPF” , on the other hand shouting that Singaporean has insufficient money for their old age, is indeed contradictory.
      Too much banana juice in his head. Roy, don’t use others work to gain credit. We won’t buy that anymore ever since you swindle the donation money for your Europe tour. You better account for it before we take further action.

      • R

        Roy is using the ‘keep quiet’ technique according to Amos. “This technique is used where when the truth is revealed, and it has an adverse effect on people’s view towards you, so you just keep as quiet as possible, waiting for everyone to forget what you did, and for the problem to go away, so that you can continue smoothly with your humdrum life.” So he conveniently ignore you and other donors on the donation.

      • @ R

        if Roy says yes,
        you gangs fix him
        if Roy says no
        you gangs still fix him
        Hello ! miss office,
        Roy is not the country’s leader
        you shall go back to office and ask PM !

        PM is the right person to take care the children.

        another question ?
        how come PM did not fix you gangs since the election is coming .
        silly gangs, no even aware ? you lost 30% voter if you fix Roy.

        so parochial team reveals fail.

  8. lea xian loon

    Founding Father LKY? Even Primary school kids have better knowledge and sense than shameless media, that the founders were Sang Nila Utama and Stamford Raffles

    More like Freaking father

    • R

      Sang Nila Utama … Sunny island in a sea with Singa
      Stamford Raffles … Singing …God saves the Queen
      Lee Kwan Yew … Majullah Singapura
      That what the students know.. Haha


    *Singaporeans have only themselves to blame for their misery and POVERTY if they choose to be blinded by their faith in the PAP and continue to vote with their blinders on You can lead a horse to drink but it is the horse’s choice in the end, to drink or otherwise. *

    * Of course the THOUSANDS who threw off their blinders years ago and continue to do so*

    * emigrated to greener pastures and left the awful concrete and soul-less island .*

    * Sometimes, if you are wise, you will have to make quick decisions to ensure you have*

    * a brighter and happier future in later life. Thank goodness and Praise the Lord I did just*

    * that years ago and now retire in an acre of rural paradise. Anyone need information or*

    * advice ? Email me. ALLEN*

  10. jackfruit

    So Roy, there was so much fervour in you to support suddenly so quiet ! Hahaha.. u realise now that u can’t make use of him for your own political agenda. .hahaha hahahahahhahahhaha !

    Now flame me if u want guys .. as if I care at all. so far all those who cursed me or my family had so much bad luck for years. Don’t believe u go ahead and try. Hahahaha !

    • Majulah Singapura

      in order to eradicate you, people must support Roy and Amos ! Vote out PAP.
      look at your every record here :

      1. Intimidation
      2. Gloat person
      3. forced Roy to open his private account ( who give you th right since you are just a Porn maker )
      4. download Porn to attack here, such low means is your daughter secretary ‘s idea ?

      you are the reason that PAP must go !

    • Majulah Singapura

      ” flame me ? ”
      you self-immolation , it is your business
      you immolated PAP , it is PAP’s business

      sometimes people even have a slightly soften feeling at PAP, And,
      indeed, you consistently show to the public your booger & earwax, you embarrassed PAP.

      you are the reasons , positive feeling gone.
      PAP hired your daughter as PM’s secretary , the country collapsed.

      So lust, no good outcome ! only disgusting !

      • lolz

        dont have anything worthy to say so just make personal attacks lol ad hominem fallacy 🙂

  11. John Koh

    “Are falling into poverty line”? Abiet all the definition of poverty line, Singaporeans ‘grow’ into povrerty in an affluent environment with lots of jobs, opportunies and social and financial assistance scheme available. Most are the making for themselves, squandering their earnings and spending irresponsibly. The answer to the perceived poverty is to educate and create awareness of self responsibility and avoid living a lifestyle that by mid age one becomes barely sustainable and expects the government to help them. People who do not want to learn, acquire skills or are lazy, I know of some and call themselves poor, then live by borrowing to sustain. You find them at the 4D counter every weekends??

    • Vince

      Agreed, I made the same point on my new post. While there are legit households that are stuck in poverty trap, I would seriously question others that are not really in such trap.

      Makes you wonder how people are willing to spend a significantly more than what they earn annually. In fact, apart from those legit households, how do you even define poverty in Singapore? Does not being able to go Las Vegas and spend a copious amount of 100K champagne like Mayweather makes you poor? While it is an extreme analogy, one should be aware to differentiate people who are really trap in poverty trap and those who are poor due to being irresponsible.

  12. John Koh

    All,these quotes you display are concerns and trends for political debate or social awareness so that policies can be formulated. What happens if the oppositions takes over and all these becomes a reality at 60% not making sustainable living???

    • Vince

      Basically, the opposition party is hoping for Singaporeans to be “wise and intelligent” enough to “ditch” current political party and “totally believe” their totally new Learner license party.

      To be honest, I am not buying it. It is about as good as removing the main pilot from the plane after a severe turbulence and randomly ask a pilot-in-training to replace him.

      • James

        @Vince. Agreed! But unfortunately some Singaporean are unwise and dumb. That’s why they donated to Roy and bought him a Europe tour. Funded him to bully special needs children. M.Ravi has told us the evil act of Roy in his YouTube.

      • AntiPAPAmericanJew101

        No, it’s like if the Pilot CONSTANTLY crashed the plane, acted like a moron, never kept his word, accepted people who never brought tickets, and broke his promises.

  13. Majulah Singapura

    恭喜博主,浏览人次超过五百万 !
    Congratulations to blogger, Viewing times over five million!

    • James

      我一个人就浏览不只五百万次。对不起, 我是说当我看时, 我其中的五百万只精虫也在一面看,一面笑不停。

      • THE SIXTEN

        有什麼好笑的呢 ?

        你有沒有看到緊跟在AmosYee的李光耀去世錄影帶後面,還有一系列, 新加坡人在搭乘地鐵上吵架的片子,你還笑得出來嗎 ?

        好不容易熬到快要退休的年齡, 突然死在天天發生車禍的路上,誰還笑得出來呢 ?

        把國民的壓力推到崩潰的極限 , 國民不是自殺,就是和不認識的人吵架,或者就是意外身亡, 難道掌控者對國民的不幸
        沒有半點責任嗎 ?

        不知道這些人死後,政府有沒有給他們最基本人道主義的安葬費 ?

        為了從進口的外國人哪裡每月收取勞工稅或公積金,把人口暴漲到擁擠不堪的地步, 難道你聽不出來尚達曼副總理被BBC記者嘲諷嗎 ?

        一直糾纏Roy的捐款, 如果你們後悔捐款,那麼請列出哪一天, 從你哪一個帳戶轉帳號碼給他, 我們相信,他會退還給你, 請你從此後不要再糾纏不清。

        再說,如果沒有收到國際上正式的邀請,他Roy哪裡會出席會議並作發言 ? 說實話, 他的演講具有劃時代的進步意義, 並受到了廣泛的贊同。

      • Vince

        @THE SIXTEN
        “為了從進口的外國人哪裡每月收取勞工稅或公積金,把人口暴漲到擁擠不堪的地步, 難道你聽不出來尚達曼副總理被BBC記者嘲諷嗎 ?” There is an easy solution, tell government to slow down the economy, stop most of constructions, close downs most businesses that are not sustainable for Singapore. Also shut down all businesses with jobs that Singaporean do not wish to do. (Toilet cleaning, Service industry, road cleaners, construction, etcetc.)

        “一直糾纏Roy的捐款, 如果你們後悔捐款,那麼請列出哪一天, 從你哪一個帳戶轉帳號碼給他, 我們相信,他會退還給你, 請你從此後不要再糾纏不清。” So there are people claim that he used the the money donated to him for his personal use, to be fair, if the money has been donated to him, it should be “ok” for him to use as he see fit. However, for someone who is preaching transparency, why doesn’t he get transparent and address the issue?

        ” 說實話, 他的演講具有劃時代的進步意義, 並受到了廣泛的贊同” Yea, he pretty much just preaching/parroting issues that majority of people are aware of. I will give him credit as much as to speak up where others do not wish/dare, however, from all the talks there is no sign of solution offered by him, no analysis of his own or whatsoever. So as far as “劃時代的進步意義”, I do not think so, it is just mere ranting.

  14. PTK

















    敬请李光耀夫人的侄儿, 现任总统向国民解释,

  15. Lester Kok

    Roy, previously on the eve of Amos Yee’s verdict, I posted on your site a cautionary note to you to shed your blinkers, that this kid is trouble, not one you should be putting on a pedestal. How opportune and appropriate that message was now that the kid has laid bare his character for all to see.

    Whilst I take a dim view of the court’s verdict (posted below is my letter to Judge Kaur), I am even more critical of Amos’s supporters who choose to remain blind to his wild and troubling personality. No doubt there won’t be a crazed Seung-hui Cho afoot in Singapore due to the tight security measures here, however, there is no telling to what extent Amos’s raging teenage hormones would take him. He is beyond help from any outside friends now. Only time would sort out his narcissistic-antisocial-borderline personality disorder.

    The very last thing he needs is any more of such a naive post found on his site today that reads, for example: “…I am impressed with your command of the English Language, … please forgive me for not being able to write even half as well. … I am a Christian, … but I hope you won’t be offended if I pray for you.”

    Here’s a kid who could not even ply a simple preposition correctly in his article — The Molestation OF Vincent Law which was what he wrote as opposed to what was intended in that message of The Molestation BY Vincent Law. His level of English proficiency is sufficient for chatty, social blogs but it is far from any literary grade or purpose. He did make mention in that article, his adoration for indie film makers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Richard Linklater and Robert Rodriguez. But what he willfully omits to acknowledge is that his idols had all gone to college/university in some form to bone up on their craft before they were ready for show time. But at 16 or 17, Amos’s inflated ego is already too big for his britches. The insufferable attitude of this kid, coupled with the notoriety he has now created for himself, bodes very badly for his future. I wish him luck but rate him only a 50-50 chance at succeeding in life.

    Now back to the reason for this post. I welcome your censorious write-ups on the government. If you had learned anything though, it has to be about the avoidance of personalization of criticism — purge your commentary of all personal innuendos and insinuations. Incidentally, it’s high time local political oppositions here grow up and act maturely and learn the art of politicking the proper Singapore way.


    A open letter to Judge Jasvender Kaur following her Amos Yee verdict:

    Setting a precedent for ‘Hebdo-ization’ in Singapore?

    In January 2015, the French satirical, lampooner magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was set upon by religious fanatics, furious over the ‘Hebdo-ization’ of their sacrosanct Prophet.

    In May 2015, a District Judge here found Amos Yee guilty of disseminating obscenity on the internet. Accordingly, his one obscene commission has the effect to ‘deprave and corrupt’ internet viewers; that was attributed to a single cartoony illustration Yee uploaded, depicting the late SM Lee and Margaret Thatcher in a ludicrous, compromising position. Any reasonable member in the community would have to wonder, in good conscience, if Yee’s obscenity conviction was really about obscenity as charged or about the ‘Hebdo-ization of the late SM Lee. From beyond looking on, SM Lee would doubtless be mortified to be accorded such sacrosanctity on a par with some holy religious figure.

    Are we here heading down the slippery slope towards criminalization of even innocuous cheeky caricature? I surely hope not.

    Hard cases make bad law. To begin with, Yee’s charges were neither fish nor fowl. To be sure, he was guilty of running his mouth off with vile expletives, shenanigans of which should have been duly dealt with in family-juvenile court. Unfortunately, in this instance, the AG office overreacted and overcharged Yee. It ended up putting the court in a state of cognitive dissonance over the fitness of sentence for the crimes Yee purportedly committed.

    A coda: I chose to omit details of Yee’s second guilty criminal finding which relates to upsetting religious communal tranquility. I did that for the simple reason that any hired appellate gun wise to the facts would be chomping at the bit for action — the stuff of ready-made reversal one only dreams of.

    • Vince

      Unfortunately, I cannot agree with this on the basis that, the demographics of the so-called “children” have changed significantly over the past few decades. We have to agree that children nowadays are exposed to society earlier than they should through the use of internet and media. We also have to agree that children nowadays are more mature than their counterparts decades ago. We also know that there are significant amount of juvenile got into the crime, fully knowing of their age will except them for it. (The recent beheading of Japanese teenager is one example, if you do not know about it, you should read about it).

      What we really need is a world revision of juvenile law and not giving them a reason to hide behind and manipulate the justice system.

      Note: Furthermore, Yee has already reuploaded the video and image which are ordered to be removed by court, saw it on 21st May 2015, still up as I am typing this. Makes you wonder what such individual will do if they ever get a gun on their hand.

  16. Vin

    Thanks Roy for enlightening us. I was once of your supporter. However, after reading the above your post on the above, together with those findings from renowned individual, I began to understand that indeed the government’s policy on CPF is really beneficial to Singaporean. Not only CPF pays us a higher interest rate compare to the bank, it also ensure that we will not live in poverty at our old age.
    Thanks Roy, thanks PAP and the Government. Now I can sleep in peace without worrying about my old age live.

  17. to PM's central team

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore government must ensure do not let any one left behind.
    After last election in 2011, PAP won 61% .
    it is your job to assist people to achieve PM’s word,
    but now,
    where is it ?
    what have you officer done ?
    can you give a few example ?

    be politely ?
    be neighborly ? sympathetic ?
    behave modestly ?

    No ! never !
    Conversely, Your attitude is malignant,
    If you want political career continue , you must apologize !

  18. R

    We don’t need the PAP to have a government. We just need ourselves. It’s time to rise, my friends. Do it for yourselves. For our children. and also do it for me , an alternative government will institute social protection scheme including unemployment benefits, holidays to Norway etc .. of course for youand me…..VOTE SINGFIRST

  19. R

    WP support the CPF Advisory Panel….

    But in doing so, Mr Giam said members will receive less each month.

    “I agree with the CPF Advisory Panel’s recommendation to give members flexibility to defer their Payout Start Age to as late as 70, with a permanent 6 to 7 per cent increase in monthly payouts for every year that they defer.

    “In line with this, under the Workers’ Party’s proposal, there would be a permanent 6 to 7 per cent decrease in payouts for every year that members choose to bring forward their Payout Start Age. Members must be made aware that their monthly payouts could be significantly less should they choose this early payout option,” he said.

  20. Pot

    Ever since wp is voted in, has any changes for the better been achieved ? Sadly, no. Recently I saw Sylvia’s photo, she is so plump now. Haiz.


      for us, a better Singapore where Sylvia lim does not only have qualified to be MP, but also qualify to be one of national leader .

      • lolz

        huh? she can’t even manage her GRC’s funds properly you want to put her in charge of the whole singapore?


    在一群把國民的生活費統統集合起來拿回家, 並寫入憲法確保要向『永久地契』待遇那樣, 一直永遠拿下去, 然後要求國人自力更生,不要找他們麻煩,如此貪婪與傲慢者面前,她的美麗脫穎而出, 她從人民中走來,出污泥而不染,她的心中裝有人民, 她是極少數最知性,最優秀的新加坡女性。



    投選她的工人黨,還有徐順全的民主黨,以及所有反對黨,請他們聯合起來,幫助國民實現改變 『永久地契』的霸道行為。

  22. Where's your transparency and accountability?

    Roy, what happened to the donation money? Can you show the full detailed itemised accounts? These money are from the public specifically to support your legal case. This is what you asked the money for. So, where is the money now?

    You want to talk about CPF? The CPF published audited reports yearly. But how about the donation money? Where’s the transparency? Where’s the accountability?

  23. BEYOND THE BLUE GATE中文版《在蓝色的栅门后》出版


    退休律师张素兰小姐当时是其中一位被捕者。为了记叙了自己在1989年的《光谱行动》中被李光耀法西斯政权以莫须有罪名被捕后被关在维特里路黑牢里的审讯过程以及二度被捕的经过,她在几年前出版了英文版:《BEYOND THE BLUE GATE》,
    今天,她把这本书翻译成中文出版,书名是:《在蓝色的栅门后面》。您如果希望更进一步了解李光耀, 请向FUNCTION 8购买阅读。

    Lawyer Teo Soh Lung’s memoir of her 21 May 1987 arrest and framing by the Singapore authorities as part of the so-called ‘Marxist Conspiracy’ is a remarkable document. Not only does it show how a person of courage and integrity can speak truth to power, but it also illustrates how that power corrupts and destroys the souls of those who wield it unscrupulously. One day a Singaporean Truth and Reconciliation Commission will determine the truth of the PAP years. Until this happens, this memoir will serve as an essential benchmark. — Peter Carey, fellow Emeritus, Oxford

  24. Summary

    李光耀家族控制了新加坡的政治和经济。剛死去的李光耀是新加坡政府投资公司董事长,50年前沒有任何產業的李光耀家族, 現在擁有掌控新加坡大约3300亿美元资产。他儿子李显龙是总理,也是该财富基金的副董事长。他的儿媳妇何晶把持着一个与公積金关系密切的新加坡淡马锡控股公司……李光耀小儿子李显扬曾是该国电信巨头——新加坡电信公司的首席执行官,星狮集团的执行主席, 现任新加坡民航局董事会主席。

    毫无疑问,李氏家族的特征是先消滅對手,再合法貪污,身為CEO的李光耀兒媳何晶在淡馬錫的年薪竟然10多年不敢公開, 而且李显龙总理本人每年获得310万新加坡元,竟然超過美国总统薪水的五倍。人们不由得想到很明显的问题:在实行严厉专制、缺乏监督機制的政治环境下,这种合法貪污紐帶造成把國家的有限資源在他們內部進行二手, 即轉手貪污再分配, 靠他吃飯,發財。

    从国家建设的角度看,这种偷梁換柱的工资分配方式给國民传达了他們並不真正爱国的信息。一旦國家有困難, 需要收回这种令人作呕的高薪 刺激,他們將徹底暴露為了變成暴發戶父子輪流做總理的野心, 他們父子不願意無條件為新加坡效力的誠意 。

    下屆大選, 絕不是一場普通的大選, 而是一場保衛家園之戰, 是決定新加坡以後4年的命運, 到底由誰說了算, 一次里程碑大選。如果輸,媒體,電視台,電訊,公積金, 養老金,GIC, Temasek, 警察,檢察官,總統,法官,催淚彈,內安法令,修改憲法等等, 命運與財產安全, 6百萬人口大爆滿 全部還是由一個人說了算 。

    • KunYou

      Need to draw the line between stupidity and reality. The power that be wants to keep the people as stupid as possible or have an army of blind sheep under their charge.

    • DieOfStupidity

      Reading the comments reveal how incredibly stupid Singaporeans are. They can’t understand what the author was driving at. And you want to go for election? Madness!


    @ Vince

    for those toilet cleaning, Service industry, road cleaners, construction, etc etc. you can sign a two to five-year service contract , they must go back after this period .

    that will solve the problem of population explosion, because their wives and children have brought together settlers, nothing benefit for the small island.

    it has been brought an range of supply issues, such as the school tight vacancy , the traffic congestion, the medical problem, everything has affected the lives of the local nationals , because the 6 million population increasing , local Singaporeans will wait for long time queue to see doctor, will spent more time at the jam of traffic , will join their low wage, low living cost competition.

    Apparently, the local Singaporeans ‘s life are more difficult than before .
    meanwhile, the current government has not subsidized to locals jobless policy, resulting everyday people live in highly competitive situation , many local people suddenly die on the road accident.

    each of tragedy seems no future to them .


    who ” claim that he used the the money donated to him for his personal use ” ?

    is Lawyer M Ravi ?

    But since your Law Society has issued a big ADVERTISING : ” M Ravi to cease practice, and the lawyer will need medical approval from an approved psychiatrist before he is allowed to practise again. ”

    Then, everybody believed what you said ” Mr Ravi must produce a medical report from his attending psychiatrist, or any other psychiatrist approved by the Law Society to lift the current suspension.

    Thus, if here you still used a the psychiatrist’s patient to testify or claim with Roy ? your intentions was very malicious .

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling is not a politician, he did not take the civil service salary, he is a jobless guy, so he does not need anything to report to the nationals.

    On the contrary, the Leader needs do so. because the given him a sky high wages, that demanding him the transparency, responsibility and accountability.

    You may know a common sense, the difference between the rulers and the people, that is the people did not take states money monthly or yearly , and the rulers take the money for years by years , you – Singapore Prime Minister shall not have the right to sue the person who doubting your ability and character !

    We still have positive solution given:

    1. withdraw the each of lawsuit issued from Prime Minister.

    2. withdraw every persecuting act from PM office

    3. Let Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow, these elderly people returning to their roots.

    他們是土生土長的新加坡人,這裡有他們祖先的根, 年輕時,他們和李光耀一樣, 血液中充滿愛國的熱情, 中年時,他們投生在建設家園的半路上被追殺,老年後,在人生的蠟燭快要熄滅的前夕, 請李總理伸出人道主義的手臂,歡迎他們回家看看 !

    If you do that, you continue ruling Singapore no problem .

    • Vince

      @ The Sixten
      1. This issue is more of social cultures and stigma related to Singapore and probably other countries too. The stigma of working at “low” jobs are degrading and humiliating etc. This strikes me most when I visited Japan, I realized this country do not has as much foreigners even though there are so many “low” jobs required to be filled. I observed these Japanese performing jobs which Singaporeans deemed degrading, why such differences?

      Is it because of education level?
      Is it because of the government attitude with getting foreigners?
      Is it because of the local culture?

      Also on the issue of school vacancy and medical etc, one would wonder is it because of these foreign workers or is it due to medical tourism and foreign students or both?

      While your suggestions might sounds well, the root of the problem is still :
      a. Locals not willing or unable to performs on certain jobs.
      b. Singapore workforce can no longer be sustained by local.
      Due to this, there is no way Singapore can avoid using foreign workers.

      2. Regardless who suggested the blog owner has/had misused the donation, do remember that this is the same person who talks about transparency. Therefore, in all appropriateness, the blog owner has the opportunity to discuss the issue rather than keeping silent about it. I have no idea about your argument, nor am I interested how he used the donation money. I have made my point that, if donation is given to him without condition attached, I do not see an issue on how he uses the donation money. My point is, he has an opportunity to be transparent and at least face the issue rather than parroting on other people works.

      3. I cannot agree with this. For someone who claims to be doing/talking for the “good” of his nation, and writing so much (of other people work) about the country, I do not see why being jobless has anything to do with giving good sound suggestion for the country. Whether he is politician or a jobless person has totally no relation on this issue. Following your argument, you are suggesting that normal citizen has no right to discuss and give suggestions (which the blog owner has not done so) for the “good” of the nation.

      Yes, Singapore leaders have the highest legitimate salary in the world, for their own reasoning (which I cannot understand…). Again though, you missing my point on this one. What I am saying is, the blog owner should gives some thought and suggestions on his own rather than mooching off other people works and repeating stuff that people already know about.

      In essence, all these 3 points come down to: Do you have your own thoughts and suggestions on current issue? What Singapore need is sound suggestions and not mindless ranting (using other people work) over them.
      Personally, I do like to see some suggestions and ideas from local Singaporeans, and I do mean suggestions and ideas that will work socially and politically rather than extreme radical ideas.

      On side note, another reason why current political party is in power that almost never been discussed properly or purposely ignored, is the issue of capability of opposition party. I have given an analogy on this issue is as “Removing the main pilot after a severe turbulence, with a pilot-in-training and hoping for the best”.

      The real issue the way I feel is, the opposition party is simply just “not good enough”, if they have contributed in any way, I have not read or seen about it. The last time I read anything about opposition party is about a scandal and how fast the party cut the relationship rather than admit, repents and perform together. My impression on this is, “Wow! Look at how fast they cut off connection! I guess if they ever get into power and if there is any issue or problems, they will just brush it aside or toss it to someone else!”.

      So, before any discussion or rant about how current political party “must go”, first you will need another political party to replace them. Hopefully one that is capable enough not to sink Singapore as a whole.

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  28. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

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