Send Me Your Photos for the #FreeAmosYee Campaign

Last Saturday was my birthday. I made a wish that Amos would be released and that change would come to Singapore. It would be my greatest wish come true.

Amos Yee has been arrested and charged by the Singapore government, or more specifically the People’s Action Party (PAP)-run government after he said something about Lee Kuan Yew, their late leader. You can read more about his persecution here.

I also posted a photo to ask for Amos to be released and to ask everyone to send me their photos in support of Amos as well.

Roy Ngerng

In just less than 2 days, I have received more than 40 photos already, some from even as far afield as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Thailand and Myanmar. This is fantastic! The support for Amos is amazing!

Please keep them coming. We need more support for Amos. Amos did not do anything wrong. He should be released.

You can take a photo of yourself and send it to me at I will be compiling them tonight (Singapore time) into a video, to release it tomorrow before the judgement for Amos comes out.

(If you have sent in your picture but I did not put it up, please let me know! I might have missed it!)

This evening, the Community Action Network will also be holding a candlelight vigil for Amos. I will be going. Please come as well.

You can go to the Facebook event page here.

Candlelight Prayer for Amos Yee Short 2-1

Amos did not do anything wrong. He should never be charged and arrested. He should not be politically persecuted for what he said about Lee Kuan Yew.

Amos has to be released.


So far, I have received photos from Christians who said that they were not offended by what Amos said.













A Muslim friend also sent a photo to show his support.

Hassan 1

I have also gotten photos from Singaporeans from all walks of life, from young to old, parents, children and their families.

Daryl Tan




Jess C Scott

Willie Tan Willie


Stephen Koh







Janet Low






And surprise surprise, all the way from London, Tan Wah Piow and his friends have also sent in a picture in solidarity with Amos. Tan Wah Piow was imprisoned for one year based on fabricated charges by the PAP-run government and is now in exile in the United Kingdom.

Tan Wah Piow and Friends

And from the Reform Party, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam himself has also take a photo to support Amos.

Kenneth 3

Even friends from overseas have sent in their photos to support Amos!












freeAmos (1)

The Netherlands

Lee Lifeson-Peart

United Kingdom


United States

Please keep sending your photos in to me at I will be putting them together into a video tonight!

Amos did not do anything wrong. We have to help set him free. Tomorrow, Amos’s judgment will be passed. Let’s wish him all the best.


Candlelight Prayer for Amos Yee Short 4-1


  1. Duncan Ang

    Fight on, Roy! I heard that elections could be in Jun this year, as teachers trained in election duties are advised not to go for coming holidays.

    [image: Inline image 1]

  2. About LKY

    the humans would not ignore an ruthless fact that at least, there are more than 30% Singaporeans, have become the witnesses and evidences, they think Lee Kuan Yew is a criminal !

    This is a very large number of victims !

    Lee Kuna Yew, As effective Nazi dictator in Singapore , in the half century period . His aggressive high-handed, similar massacre policy is considered the primary cause of the outbreak to every opponent’s physical and mental torture action.

    more than 30% Singaporeans think, his hands stained with the blood of more than the 20 thousands Singapore victims.

    a bit regret that before Lee Kuan Yew dead without chance to trial him ..

  3. jackfruit

    Good job roy in getting so many foreigners to interfere with our domestic affairs.

    In the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter if people are offended or not. The fact is he broke the law, and broke the bail conditions twice. Also he was charged for making those comments about jesus, not for insulting lky. Also he is already part 16, so legally he is not a child.

    Get your facts right.

    • @ jackfruit ( Pot, Viper )


      you must go back to work
      as a secretary’s toilet cleaner
      your job was there, preparing toilet paper, clean the toilet bowl, elongated your ear , then you fart .

      if 16 age is not a child, could it be 61 age is a child ?

    • @ jackfruit ( Pot, Viper )

      let’s go back to the first day of his blog, this ” jackfruit ” who work as PM Secretary’s toilet cleaner, she has been involved in a series of activities of persecuting nationals, the victims included Roy, Hanhuihi and other five Singaporeans, though her role is secondary,in charge of jumping, clapping. but she and other 3 partners formed an uninformed criminal, they are the potential terrorist in Singapore !

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  5. Pot

    So many foreigners who probably don’t even know what is happening in Singapore but just listen to one side piece meal stories from Roy. Well done. As usual his hopeless antics which every Singaporean is sick of. If you have much support then show fifty thousand photos of locals instead of foreigners.

    • @ Pot & PM's office woman

      bitch shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      in the past 10 months, PM office bitch sucked . they are an real nasty bitch secretaries team , because of their master’s power and position. so they launched a series of crime of bullying, persecuting , extorting the common Singaporeans ,their victims included 16 years old kid Amos, 33 year old jobless guy Roy, 22 years old girl Han Huihui and other five Singaporeans .

      this PM office team are the uniformed criminal in Singapore market , without them, Roy would not be fired, Amos will no chance to witness the bully . injustice will not chance to show off .

      They are the gravedigger of internal corruption

  6. PAPer Tiger

    We pity only one or few PAP or PM office staff small brain on political forums, always shot down by multitude of international rationale minds and hearts, and making a fool of themselves and PAP

    Poor PAPies. Your days and hours for real accountability are numbered and imminent 🙂

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  8. Lester Kok

    Roy, on the day prior to Amos’s verdict, I felt constrained to pass along my two cents’ worth. To say I am disappointed in your tendentious presentation of Amos’s situation would be an understatement. Your disingenuous treatment in advice and support for him is doing him a disservice.

    In your piece, you have repeatedly used the words ‘child’ and ‘boy’ to invoke sympathy for his juvenile status. Yet in the same breath, you characterize him as being ‘wise beyond his years’, someone you look up to and lionize.

    Now, you can’t have it both ways. Either he is mature and responsible in his conduct or he is acting puerile. At every turn, instead of calling him out for what it is — foolhardiness and recalcitrance — you pander to his whims and fancies. Don’t you suppose, you have added insult to his injury.

    If you are the caring ‘big-brother’ you wish to be, then give it to him straight about common-sense dos and don’ts rather than just beat around the bush with your feel-good bromides. It behooves you in your new-found brotherly role if that’s what you purport, to at least not contribute to his becoming a bigger enfant gâté by needlessly coddling his faults.

  9. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

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