My Message of Support at the Vigil for Amos Yee


Thank you everyone for coming to today’s vigil.

As we gather here today, Amos sits in his cell in remand, within four walls and bright lights.

But Amos has not done anything wrong. He does not deserve this treatment. He does not deserve to be charged.

More so, he does not deserve to sit in jail. He has been inside for 17 days now. And even more so, he should not be shackled in chains and cuffs.

He is still innocent. And he is innocent.

Amos is a child. Where is the humanity when we treat Amos as a criminal when he has not even been sentenced?

Where is the humanity when even many people do not think he has done anything wrong, but he has been unfairly persecuted?

How would the PAP ministers think if it were their own children who are put behind bars and locked up in chains?

But this isn’t even a question. We know they would not let it happen to their own children.

Then why do they allow another parent’s child to suffer such a fate?

Have they thought of Amos’s parents? More importantly, have they thought of Amos?

Have they thought of the child and the state’s responsibility to the child?

Amos is a child. No matter what we think of him or what he has said, it is disproportionate to want this kind of state violence meted on him.

If we do not have the patience, kindness and compassion for a child, how then can we call ourselves a society? How then can a people govern if they lack even this most basic instinct, to love, to understand and to forgive?

Yes, Amos said some things. But he said some things.

Many among the PAP have said worse. An ex-PAP member posted a photo of a bus with Muslim children and posed the question if they are young terrorist trainees. A PAP supporter wanted to cut off Amos’s penis and put it into his mouth. A man even physically attacked Amos and smacked him in his face because he said that Amos has criticised Lee Kuan Yew.

Amos has now suffered this abuse simply because he spoke about Lee Kuan Yew.

But Lee Kuan Yew has said even worse things than Amos about the Malays and Muslims. Yet none of the PAP members and supporters have asked for him to be arrested, charged, jailed or caned as they have wanted Amos to be.

Instead, they take what Lee Kuan Yew said to be the gospel truth.

Amos said that the PAP supporters worship Lee Kuan Yew without logic. And he was punished for it.

But what Amos said is true, isn’t it? The PAP supporters do worship Lee Kuan Yew without logic, don’t they?

In fact, if they would stay silent even as Lee Kuan Yew said worse things but would want Amos persecuted, then it clearly shows that what they are really upset about Amos is not what he said about Christians, isn’t it?

Truth is, they were hurt and “wounded” because they were upset with what Amos said about Lee Kuan Yew.

It is about Lee Kuan Yew. It has always been. Nothing else.

Some people said that these PAP supporters are using religion as a front to mask their displeasure against Amos. I am inclined to agree. It is obvious.

But there are no laws in Singapore where it is illegal to criticise Lee Kuan Yew. There is no law in Singapore where one can be found to have committed a crime because of having intentionally wounded the feelings of Lee Kuan Yew supporters.

These supporters have abused the law for their own purpose.

But Singapore is not the PAP. To the PAP supporters, they think Singapore belongs to them. They will tell you to leave the country if you are not happy with the way the PAP run their country.

But they have forgotten that the reason why Singapore can succeed today is because of the hard work and effort of all Singaporeans, and people who live in our country.

It is not just because of the PAP. It is not just because of the PAP supporters.

It is because of the many Singaporeans who are willing to earn low and depressed wages to help Singapore grow, even as the PAP supporters and the rich among them take away the high profit for themselves and leave Singaporeans with too little.

But this is what Amos said in his video too. Amos spoke about the income inequality in Singapore.

He spoke about how a “great leader” is one who will take care of Singaporeans.

Amos was right. Why was he persecuted?

Amos said that Lee Kuan Yew is a “horrible” person.

But Lee Kuan Yew is. Amos spoke the truth.

From the 1960s to 1980s, Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP arrested thousands of Singaporeans and imprisoned them without trial. Some of them were jailed for more than 10, 20 or even 30 years.

Their families suffered. Tens of thousands of their families suffered. But did Lee Kuan Yew ever apologised for it? Did the PAP ever apologised for it? Instead, the PAP continues to pretend that what they did was right. The PAP continues to claim that they were trying to protect Singapore, when it has been proven that the PAP had arrested and detained these innocent Singaporeans unfairly and unjustly.

The PAP simply doesn’t have a valid reason to do so, but they did anyway.

And the PAP never stopped. Today, Amos has become another victim in the PAP’s persecution of Singaporeans, just as I was and still am.

But the PAP is not Singapore. And Singapore is not the PAP.

We have allowed the PAP to be too comfortable with abusing their power in government for too long.

I got to know Amos about a month ago. After he made his video and was charged for it, I became concerned.

With how they treated him, I saw all the hallmarks of what I went through when I was sued for defamation and I did not want to see Amos go through what I did.

Not without support.

I needed to show him support. I want to show him support.

It is a lonely journey when you believe in something and want to fight for it.

But I am glad that this is not the case for Amos. I am glad that there are friends in Singapore and around the world who cares for Amos.

For in Amos, the conscience of Singaporeans have been awoken.

Never have I, in my living memory, seen so much support and outpouring from Singaporeans who feel so aggrieved that they have sent in their photos to support Amos for the #FreeAmosYee campaign.

This is a first for a political campaign in recent times.

I asked Singaporeans to send in their photos on Saturday, on my birthday, and in 2 days, I have received more than 60 photos, from even our neighbours in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, as well as from The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Never before has there been a cause that has rallied together Singaporeans so strongly against the atrocities of the PAP.

Today, I am starting to see unity among Singaporeans.

I finally understand that Singaporeans are also feeling, enough is enough.

But Amos cannot see any of this because he is still in remand.

Tomorrow, his sentence will be passed. But what will happen to him?

We can only hope for the best, and that is why we are here today.

Amos did not do anything wrong. Amos has to be released.


Amos is my friend. Even though we have known each other for only a short one month, in fact, shorter since he has been spending most of the time in prison, I feel that I can understand him.

I see in him the honesty and truth that I uphold for myself.

I see in him the justice and fairness that I believe.

But Amos is more.

It is funny that a 16-year-old boy can teach you lessons, even when you are 34 – I just turned 34 on Saturday!

But Amos has. He has told me several times to be honest with myself. But Amos doesn’t just say it.

He does it.

This is why even though we know how important freedom to us is, Amos is willing to go into prison to fight for our freedom.

We do not know it but it is in his courage and his unbending spirit, that he has exposed the hypocrisy of the PAP and how it has bent the law for itself.

Amos has taught us the real value of freedom, of justice and of truth.

He is a friend and a teacher, even at 16.

I see the courage that he has put himself through, I see his determination.

I see his honesty.

I see the man for who he is.

Today, thank you for coming to this vigil. Amos cannot be here. But if he was, he would appreciate this.

But it is not just Amos that we are here for today. It is for courage, honesty and freedom.

And today, we have stepped up, stepped up to fight for him and for ourselves, because Amos stood up and he showed us the way.

And now, it is up to us to lead the way for him.

Thank you, all.



  1. vince

    Roy, Amos is a young adult. And what about those special needs children that were harass by you and HHH?
    Can you also account for those money that was donated to you? Goes to your Europe tour?
    What about the lie that you said you were jobless without income, but Ravi claimed that you were earning 3k monthly from TRS?
    Why did you appeal to the public to bail you and donate to you, while your family and relatives are not doing it?
    There are more for you to answer. But please answer the above for the time being.

    • @ vince

      1. who set up the ill environment for the Special Needs kid’s mothers while in their pregnancy time, it was you – a selfish Office !

      2. who brought the Special Needs kids to Hong Lim Park ? — is was you again, the persecuting office !

      3. who’s party’s minister designed the kids for their political fight ? — was you again, framed people’s office.

      4. you can take many times tour travel aroud the World, why Roy can not ? bully people too much !

      5. Ravi said you must go to ask Ravi, Do you want to starve Roy ?

      6. because Roy helps the public, so the public help him, fine !

      7. you want him reply you so many question, why your PM never reply the people’s question ? Roy is not government pay people, so have right to give you no answer ! otherwise you put him into the parliament . he can satisfy you every questions.

      look, PM got so sky high pay, but never reply an question, so his sky high pay must cut 50% from now !

      • James

        Wow, Roy went hiding from those questions while sending a senseless person to answer. But I seriously don’t know what are you talking about. Lol

      • answer to idiot !

        ” James ” or Jg or R or jim or — PM office bitch ,

        1. Obviously you have an quota of persecuting Roy, otherwise you can not go back to report the task ?

        2. tell your LHL, Even if he is prime minister, he did not have any right to request response from Roy through this blog

        3. nobody seduced you here, nobody interested your grammar ! nobody wrote for your reading , our readers do not include you !

        listen, is you such shameless secretary come to your victim’s blog for shit !
        you – GoAway!

    • PAPer Tiger

      @ vince,

      Which PAPpy pushed out the disadvantaged children on the stage, just as Roy is moving past? Why not you answer it first?

      Not sure, ask your PAP minister Teo Ser Luck who was there at the scene?

    • wang

      @Vince, I could not possibly agree with you more. Roy is an abomination to the true significance of democracy and justice. Lets hope he keeps his melodramatic act together lest it falls apart before his final judgement here before the high court. Let justice be served against hypocrites; let due sanction be done upon those who deceive.

      An objective & concerned citizen.

  2. 討論發行債券

    ——————————————————- 一般而言, 政府在没有钱的情況下會發行债券,向社會集資。 然後再通過通貨膨脹,在幾年後償還,國內債是這樣解決的。

    換句話說,發行債券是解決國內財務困難的途徑之一。 難道新加坡政府缺錢了嗎 ?

    不是說不可以發行債卷,總要把財務向國人公布, 前幾天政府要收購巴西醫院,還有英國電信 ? 公積金都被扣在哪裡多10年還不夠嗎?那麼多錢不見啦 ? 希望借機討論。

  3. 討論發行債券





    —————————————————————————— 發行债卷,就是向民間老百姓借錢。

    通常一個國家在地震或者被自然災害損害以後,國家百廢待興之時,選擇發行债卷, 把大眾手上的閒錢集中起來搞建設。

    不過,一向聲稱世界上排名第三的有錢國家,也不是處在百廢待興之時,總理拿世界最高峰的薪水, 總理周圍人拿排名第二等級世界最高峰的薪水, 這麼有錢的GIC, Temasek,現在突然要向社會借錢 ?

    到底是他們謊報GDP, 還是。。。。。 ?
    為什麼這麼有錢的政府, 突然要借錢 ?

  4. You asked for it

    You have wished that you are in a stronger position now rather than your motley crew of supporters. It is perturbing that overwhelming slamming majority of Singaporeans don’t care about Roy Ngerng, right?

    The truth hurts Roy. You are nothing.

    • answer to idiot !

      PM LHL owed Roy money, He committed the crime of false accusations.
      Only from last year’s he brought to Roy’s mental damages cost is
      per day 10000 USD x 365 days = 3.65 million USD

      you must inform your man, compensation for all losses to victims !
      otherwise, get out !
      step down !

  5. 李光耀凭什么配享国葬?

    记得王鼎昌夫人朱秀梅在总统任期内仙逝,当时人们就期望葬礼方面“政府”会有些VIP的安排,结果什么也没有。可是多年以后,内阁资政夫人柯玉芝仙逝, 虽然在私家(总统府)办的丧事,“但新加坡政府为表扬她对国家的贡献,以军用拖曳炮架,以运送阵亡军人或已故国家领导人灵柩的礼仪,护送她走完最后一程。”就开始有些奇怪,现在李光耀先生剩下的唯一政治职衔是国会议员,怎么会是国葬,且长达七天的哀悼期呢?
    按照李光耀早年独尊儒家来看,君子最重要就是守得住“高风亮节”,这才是真正的“廉”。所以“国葬礼”本不应该由李显龙“黑箱作业”,一切安排妥当,反而首先应该去翡珑山定个亭子,昭告国人:自己很低调,无意铺张浪费。另一边厢则应该去请托“长者”(比如说荣誉资政)出面要求“正名”——马上封个“国父”、 “建国总理”的正式称号给逝者,然后顺理成章地“国葬”,这才是正确的做法,不会留话柄供人诟病。



  6. Lester Kok

    Roy, on the eve of Amos’s verdict, I felt constrained to pass along my two cents’ worth. To say I am disappointed in your tendentious presentation of Amos’s situation would be an understatement. Your disingenuous treatment in advice and support for him is doing him a disservice.

    In your various commentary, you have repeatedly used the words ‘child’ and ‘boy’ to invoke sympathy for his juvenile status. Yet in the same breath, you characterize him as being ‘wise beyond his years’, someone you look up to and lionize.

    Now, you can’t have it both ways. Either he is mature and responsible in his conduct or he is acting puerile. At every turn, instead of calling him out for what it is — foolhardiness and recalcitrance — you pander to his whims and fancies. Don’t you suppose, you have added insult to his injury.

    If you are the caring ‘big-brother’ you wish to be, then give it to him straight about common-sense dos and don’ts rather than just beat around the bush with your feel-good bromides. It behooves you in your new-found brotherly role if that’s what you purport, to at least not contribute to his becoming a bigger enfant gâté by needlessly coddling his faults.

    • answer to idiot !

      You must immediately resign with your PM together, you must pay the prices of you persecuting Singaporeans’ crime.

      the leadership is him, not Roy, you said too much rubbish here seems Roy is the decision maker or the PAP leader ?

    • James

      @Lester Koh. I fully agreed with your statement. Roy is just trying to get back to limelight using Amos Yee.

  7. PAPer Tiger

    We pity only one or few PAP or PM office staff small brain on political forums, always shot down by multitude of international rationale minds and hearts, and making a fool of themselves and PAP

    Poor PAPies. Your days and hours for real accountability are numbered and imminent 🙂

  8. Hardeep Saini

    Hi Roy
    Do not get disheartened by all these negative comments about you.
    You are doing an excellent job, mate.
    These PAP stooges will always gang up on anyone who tries to shine a spotlight on PAPs screw ups.
    Let them remain in denial as they are all fools.
    Your articles are having a tremendous effect on it’s readers.
    Bloggers like you all over Singapore are slowly turning the tide.
    Even if one out of ten new readers were to be persuaded to vote against the PAP, it will build up to a crescendo come the next GE.

    Hardeep Saini


      Dear Hard INdeed.
      Singapore issues is for Singaporens to discuss and work on. Not for YOU. The great pretender to comment.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Dear Roy

        I had this response from one of the posts.
        As you are the administrator of this web site, can you please clarify “I LOVE SINGAPORES!!!” statement.
        If this site is indeed just for Singaporeans than I will stop contributing in the future.

        “I LOVE SINGAPORE!!!

        Dear Hard INdeed.
        Singapore issues is for Singaporens to discuss and work on. Not for YOU. The great pretender to comment”.

        Yours faithfully

        Hardeep Saini

      • I pardon you

        Hardeep Saini, you loss your fate? Now you don’t honor your word by not using real identity to express you opinion?
        Roy needs people like you to write rubbish to keep this blog active, keep up the lousy work, as fool as Hardeep.

  9. Sashaqueenie

    I, too, Support Amos Yee.
    Here is an intelligent, articulate youngster who spoke his mind and even gave a detailed rationale for his thought process. Yet the Govt has chosen to arrest him. This debacle is now a major international embarrassment.
    Free Amos Yee!

    • R

      I see in him (Amos) the honesty and truth that I uphold for myself.

      I see in him (Amos) the justice and fairness that I believe.

      Amos admission – Vincent molest me.
      Later, may be Prison, police —

      Can you fight for his rights?

    • Hardeep Saini

      One would have thought that after GE2011, and those by-election defeats, the PAP would have changed.
      They have in fact become worse.
      Singaporeans need to vote them out in the next GE, otherwise it will be too late. All these foreigners will than be the new Singaporeans who will vote for the PAP because they were very well taken care of.
      The PAP knows that the Singapore born voters have stopped voting for them.
      The importation of new voters will fit in nicely into their long term plans of controlling Singapore’s vast wealth (read CPF) for themselves.

      • amos must spill all beans about amos and gang

        Don’t know if Amos has any juicy titbits to tell about Roy? In the name of free speech, I hope Amos spill the beans instead of keeping mum. That’ll be so much fun.

  10. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

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