Our Wages And CPF: Time For The Government To Explain Why They Have Not Grown

I had posted two status updates on Facebook on my thoughts of our wages and CPF in Singapore, which I have reproduced here. 

Spoke to a nice old lady working at a coffee shop.

She shared how tired she was as she had to start work at 6am every morning. Auntie had stopped work for 4 years but went back to work because she said that prices of things have increased, so she has no choice but to go back to work.

I asked auntie if she has CPF. She said she has but it’s not enough. She still has to take care of her parents, pay the utilities and household bills and buy daily necessities. Auntie is more than 60 years old but still has to work to support her parents.

Auntie earns $1,100. She has children but says that even her children do not earn enough for themselves, so she has to support herself.

She also said that her wages are low but blamed herself for not being able to have a good education.

I thought to myself – in other countries which have a similar cost of living to Singapore, the lowest a Japanese earns is $2,000. It is $3,000 in Australia and $5,000 in Norway. Yet, auntie earns only $1,100 and the average cleaner in Singapore earns only $850.

It is not just about her education level though. If wages had kept pace with our economic growth and inflation, a low-income Singaporean would be able to earn at least $2,000 today. But why has this not happened?

If the auntie had been paid fair wages, she would have been able to save enough to retire by now, and she would have enough to use. Wages for the low-income workers in Singapore haven’t grown for the past 20 years. It is impossible for them to earn and save enough to cope with the rising costs in Singapore.

Also, our retirement funds, the CPF, pays the lowest real interest rates in the world. It might be no wonder that with the low wages and CPF interest rates, that many Singaporeans are today unable to retire.

It’s also sad to hear that the auntie’s children are not able to earn enough, even for themselves. It’s something I hear many younger Singaporeans talk about. Also, it’s sad that auntie’s parents have to rely on her, instead of their retirement funds for retirement.

At the end, you ask – what happened to our wages and retirement funds? Why didn’t they grow to catch up with the cost of living, but yet why did prices escalate out of control?

Singaporeans are a contended lot, but when our lives are at stake and we thus ask rationale questions, it is only appropriate and reasonable that the government answers us.

Why did our wages and CPF not increase fast enough? It is time the government needs to be transparent and accountable with us on these issues.


According to a study, the poorest 30% of households spend 105% to 151% of their incomes.

According to a survey conducted by The Straits Times, two-thirds of middle class Singaporeans earn enough to buy what they need, but nothing else more.

This means that at least 50% to 60% of Singaporeans only earn enough to make ends meet. 30% of Singaporeans do not have enough to use. Another 30% have just barely enough.

When we look at this in terms of wages, about 30% earn less than $2,000. 60% of Singaporeans earn less than $4,000. Does this mean that Singaporeans need to earn at least $2,000 to $4,000 to be able to live, even in the most basic way?

In countries with a similar cost of living, the minimum wage in Japan is $2,000, it’s $3,000 in Australia and low-income Norwegians earn $5,000.

Is it time for Singapore to set a minimum wage for Singaporeans?

Up until now, the government has still refused to define what the poverty level is, or what the amount required for subsistence living is.

However, we know that the qualifying salary for the CHAS medical scheme is $1,800 and for the Workfare Income Supplement, this is $1,900. Does this mean that the government recognises that the poverty line is around $1,800 to $1,900?

If 30% of Singaporeans are earning less than this, does this mean that 30% of Singaporeans are living in poverty?

If 30% of Singaporeans earn less than $2,000, does this mean we need to gradually phase in a minimum wage of $2,000 at some point? (Note: this is where Japan is at now)

It is time the government is transparent and accountable to Singaporeans. What is the official poverty line? How many Singaporeans are earning below poverty wages?

Importantly, how are wages in Singapore determined, and why has wages for the poorest in Singapore not grown for the past 20 years, even as Singapore has now grown to become the most expensive city to live in, in the world?

It is time the government is transparent and accountable to Singaporeans.


    • jasmine

      There is nothing Roy can do or should do. This problem is created by PAP. If PAP did not ask the police to catch the old man, there won’t be such a problem. So many landlords paste here scribble there but nobody catch. When you criticise the PAP, whole police mobilised. It is a PAP problem, not Roy’s problem. If they cane the old man, more people will vote against PAP. Just wait and see.

      • landragon123

        Jasmine, if you do not know the law do not write about it, OLD man cannot be cane and it is LAW and LHL cannot be caned too as he is over 60’s and SICK?

      • I hv another stomach ache

        U r an idiot. Roy made him do it indeirectly. Roy has surpkus. He is responsible. I am really disappointed with roys attitude.

  1. cock

    Wow. How about we just give each and every singaporean a 100% pay increament. That will be great hor.

    Lets artificially give everyone 1m.

    • Reality checker

      Based on reality checks, 100% of privileged people are desperate to deprive the non-privileged groups from attaining equal standings. How misinformed can the blogger be when the truth is not intended for us to find out?

      • I hv another stomach ache

        Yes, pl continue to be trapped in this dellusion.

        Hmmm how did steve gates got be a billionaire?????

    • landragon123

      These are replies to all who wanted to be millionaire, move to Indonesia and we are mostly in this bracket. Go to Vietnam and most will be instant Millionaire. Now do not talk money for it is the same for most of US, Money Not Enough? Too have too many be more worrisome than to have just enough.
      How do we eat, dress, house, and other necessary which basic Singaporean should compliant for we are in the Richest and Most Expensive Country in the World. It is not so if the PAP made live difficult for most and force you to work hard even if you are old and able.
      This good, what can you do sitting infront of your TV, go to Geylang café shop, or to Batam or Vietnam for young lad for it is too expensive in China now. Going for high TEA for rich taitai. But average joe will have to work to keep busy and fit or you need more health care which the PAP will not provide unless you apply for help and before there give you the help, these there will ask, who are your children, who are your uncles and unties and so on and on till answered, THAT is Enough, If I can get them to help, I will not have come to you???
      So tell me how will ask for social help under the PAP, the richest party and the richest Government, paid the Highest in the world ran the richest FUNDZ provided by US and there treated it as their OWN, never tell us where is it, How is it, and where there lost it.
      IF it is not lost, does Capital have to have few CASH calls in the last few years. Capital use to help other developers to co-develop and now it is the reverse. The LEGO house have 2 private developers, The Crooket development at Leedon/Farrer have to get ONG BENG SENG for help and these just few that I know, Name more if you tell us and there recently sold many REIT there have.
      Please tell us WHY? If there is enough money in the CPF just pump more in?

  2. Sgcynic

    If they don’t define what poverty is, how did Mahbubani claim that poverty in Singapore was eradicated?

    • landragon123

      Yes Manhbuhani is right, we have not proverty accept with illness that ran in the family line, the lazy who do not want to work but worked himself to debt and to death at the Casinos which our Sick PM built. Did any one see walking skeletons in our garden city? You see them many in Africa, and many other 3rd world countries but no here!!!

  3. William

    Roy, any idea how much money they have collected for COE and ERP per year. Why they never declare to the public.

    • landragon123

      Why care about those who wanted to owns a car when there cannot afford or just wanted to be compliant KING. If you stop owning a car, you will not no be Rob at EVERYDAY ROB PEOPLE, and not have to pay ransome to the PAP for it is COMPULSORY ORGANISED EXTORTIONS.
      If the PAP really wanted to prevent traffic jams, just up-size the slip roads in/ out of the Expressways. In the recent up-sizing there are sign the PAP is doing a good advertisement for LNL but the slip road is still 1car at the exist. Why, if there increases the sizes of these roads, THERE will have to bring down all the ERP at the EXPRESSWAYS and LTA and the PAP will be poorer and may lost the Title of been RICHEST, a position LNL wanted to tell the WORLD his is best PM making money form the motorists and from the gamblers. But tell me how much you spent trying to kill mosquitos, cutting down trees and how much you made from the Casinos. But it is MBS boss who is laughing to the banks and tells LNL, you stupid, lets us made money and you got so many problems, 2 Floods that should not have happened. The running through the Causeway by 5 within a year which have never happened before and off course the mosquitos that REFUSE to Die. There are others which have never happen by in his hands he created the BUS strike as it is ran by the Singapore Most Retarded Teams who is changing the SLEEPERS which is a non wear item in a train system. The only wears in a train are the wheels, now tell us how you changed the WHEELS and that is where all the noises and bump comes from?

  4. Ray Chin

    William you asking wrong question la , different dept . You should ask the 7% GST run into which dept and how much did we collected and used to help the elder/retiree .

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      GST for FY2014 is estimated by MOF to be SGD$10,106,000,000, which is not really a lot of money imo.

  5. Tony Tan - Are You Listening ??

    Were there any sale of Singaporean state assets to Temasek without a global competitive tender being called?
    – Changi Airport ?
    – Singapore Telecoms ??
    – POSB ??

    • Jasmine

      Where did u leave yr brain? The more you wirte the more idiotic u r. It was never a sale to temasek. These are state assets. Temasek manages them.

      Do u prefer countries like russia where criminals take over state assets??

      • Liar! Liar! Liar! - Jasmine

        ” These are state assets. Temasek manages them. ”
        – Liar
        – Where is the proof that Temasek manages these assets?

  6. Vincent Ng

    This Auntie’s parents generation usually have no CPF/retirement plans by the govt because most don’t contribute to CPF. So, that not the govt’s fault. Its the era of growing Singapore which did not allow most older parents to have CPF. Therefore, be glad we at least have a CPF retirement scheme however inadequate it is. It is a simple thing to pass a bill that CPF contribution be upped by another 20% both ways. What would Roy and other do other than plain complain that PAP sucks our money again much like the Minimum Sum increases. Then there is the cost of doing business and the move will shut down a lot of SMEs. Sometimes, it may also mean all family members have to bent in to help people like this Auntie and his older parents. PAP can do so much and so slowly.

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      @ Vincent Ng

      compare what you said with the election promises made to the ppl from that era over the years.

    • landragon123

      Vincent, your point is flaw here, my father and his father before him do not need CPF and in those days, who suffered? It is the PAP treating us like baby to feed and guild you from womb to tomb, and your feel better? No me for the older day it was pensions. LKY was good because we are the only country started HDB to let 85% owns home, this was good.
      Now tweeting it again and again for medisave, and CPF Life is just trying to keep our money for us to buy GOLDEN coffin?
      But in 50 years time when PAP may not be around, we do not know where is the coffin money gone? So keep the PAP but sack those sick and unless one for there are in charge and knows where to find good ones around such as Goh Keng Swee and his old guards?

  7. joseph

    The real reason why Singaporean wages did not go up is because PAP keep importing cheap foreign labour and foreign PMETs. These cheap labour allows employers to suppress Singaporean wages. We have 50% foreign workforce here. These cheap labour no need support their family here or buy a house here so there cost of living lower than us and need less pay. In all other first world countries like UK, there is immigration control to protect their own people. In SG, the government protects businesses instead of people because government operates like business.

    The only way is to vote PAP out.

    • ezza

      I fully agree with you, joseph. The pap is a party against the people. It is a party for foreigners, a party for the employers, but not a party for singaporean rank and file workers. Let us vote out this self-serving party where MPs and ministers take care of their self before others. These selfish ingrates should be removed from office. These people, although not guilty of corruption, are no different from those corrupt china officials. Shame on them. Really shame. Our forefathers who build this country are rolling in their graves right now.

      • jasmine

        I agree. It is really shameful. And they got the audacity to pretend that they are tightening the flood gate when they are actually opening it further.

      • Simon

        With no-portfolio ministars cum union chief like Lim Sia Sway prancing around promoting the mantra of cheaper, better and faster CBF workers sounds more like CCB FTrash, there is no hope that our pay will increase. Joseph is right, the only way is to vote out the PAP. No other way.

    • Joseph, definitely not a business owner or HR related person.

      come 1 july, MOM is withdrawing Work Permit, S Pass and EP in thousands. construction industries are slowing down simply because they got no more manpower. well, so you going to help build roads etc?

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        don’t worry, the bogeyman will built your roads if the FTs are really gone.

        this talk of cutting down on FT has been going on since last election (2011),

        according to official statistics, non-resident population(FT) still grew year-on-year for every year since 2011 from 1.39m(2011) to 1.49m(2012) to 1.55m(2013), come back when you have real numbers to show us.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        at a construction site, you can have 7 persons surrounding a hole in the ground, 5 of them are standing around using eye power and at any one time only 2 persons are working, this is something i have seen with my own eyes and it’s not just once or twice.

      • Simon

        Yes, the bogeyman again. Hong Kong can build without PRC construction workers. Japan can build without foreign construction workers. UK can build without foreign construction workers. Why Singapore die die need Blangalahs, Ah Tiongs and Ah Nehs? The reason is not because Singaporeans refuses to work but because construction firms refuse to pay more for local construction workers. Ditto all hawkers who hire foreigners. Very simple logic. And the PAP government encourages such hiring practices by collecting levies for themselves instead of controlling the immigration gates. These blood sucking PAPs and their minions profit at the expense of Singaporean workers by this transfer of wealth mechanism whereby a portion of the salary for workers are converted into levies for government. Singapore workers are effectively being taxed indirectly by the PAP government as they are paid less due to the free flow of cheap labour. The PAP government double gain from GLC cost-saving on salaries plus additional FW levies. Double gain for PAP, lose lose situation for Singaporean workers. Only self-serving ministers like MBT can think of such policies to squeeze us people.

  8. wait and die

    Constructive Roy, I had been follow your posts for sometimes and I believe I had visualized how you want Singapore to be. I believe only with your talent can help us to propose to the Government to increase our wages without short change from CPF and able to buy anything we want at very low or no inflation for more than 10 years, where no FT is allow to work in Singapore. In addition, we yield 10% from CPF every year and able to withdraw CPF money at any point of time.

  9. Saquanda

    $850 may be low for Singaporean cleaners but not for Malaysians, China, Burma, Bangla or Pinoys. If the Aunty finds the pay too low, why not work in air-con factory, can earn more… every random Aunty or random Singaporean will have something to complain about.

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      @ Saquanda

      foreign workers do not retire here and do not service a 6-digit mortgage for a leased roof.

      the problem is not with our sg workers, our cost structure is too high.

  10. BLAMER

    u blame the foreigner workers,
    u blame the government,
    u blame your the rich. next?
    blame your parents for being singaporeans.
    Blame your parents for being poor
    Blame your luck for being born in singapore but not india or indonesia or africa

    how about blaming yourself? look into the mirror? TAKE a GOOD LOOK OF YOURSELF, PUT YOUR HAND TO YOUR HEART and say “i am the results of the efforts i put in!”, STOP the FUCKING BLAME GAME. Be responsible for your actions

    ROY and Bunch of supporters, share one fucking commonalities, FAILURES!

    • #everythingalsoblamegovernment

      agree.this have to stop somewhere.
      #everythingalsoblamegovernment is the shittest thing to do

    • A land of garbage

      PAP doctrine all along has been with businesses , big businesses. Everything they do is for the businesses , hardly anything for the people.

      The power is in a few hands and they want to keep it that way. By making you work your ass for measly pay , you have no time to think about politics. Imagine if everyone is prosperous , then everyone will have more time to think and to complain, everyone will want to have their say. PAP has no time to answer everyone’s prayers.

      So they squeeze and suck you by way of overpriced pigeon holes , zero welfare , high health costs , erps , coes , bus fare hikes.

      The high cost of businesses are not the wages but the freaking rents. Big landlords revise their rentals ( upwards not downwards ) every year. so the people at the bottom of the food chain gets full brunt of these high costs.

      I support roy and his courage , i even donated to him and shook his hand at the rally. i hope out of this saga , 10 or more roy ngerngs will emerge to get the PAP to answer hard questions and truths.

      So to all the anti roys , eh screw you ! you guys dont even know you all are in big trouble.

      roy , good luck , always with you!

  11. Does Our 74 Year Old President Need Help To Protect Singapore Assets & Reserves ??

    Was there a competitive global auction before POSB was sold to DBS ??

    Keep blogging
    Keep asking questions to keep Singapore safe from Traitors & Aliens

    • I hv another stomach ache

      Yawn…..if u can rem posb, u must be another onw of those old fucks and to complain, you must be those that are left with nothing except cpf.

      Get on with yr life mate. If u can masturbate do it often till it cannot stand.

      • Is This PAP's Attempt To Side Step Questions ??

        Just answer the question.
        And you should be more respectful of LKY even though the old fuck may not be able to masturbate anymore.

  12. Did Singaporeans Get A Good Price For POSB Sale?

    Was there a competitive global auction before POSB was sold to DBS ??

  13. Cheaperest

    Keeping low wages lower and lower is an achievement. You didn’t know this? That was the plan for decades until the old establishment Mr Lim also cannot tahan.

  14. Ace

    It is really strange that PAP is so concern about people providing ourselves with an annuity income (living wage) after we retire but is not concern whether we are employed or earn enough money (living wage) before we retired. Does this make sense?

    The difference is that in the former, they just need to raise the minimum sum yearly. How we meet this sum is our problem and nothing to do with the government ie zero effort needed on their part. In the latter, if they define the living wage, then there is a lot of work for them to do to manage prices, rents, FDI and the salary of the top 20%.

    With higher wages, price in general will rise unless rent, salary of management or profit falls.
    Government need to do a lot of work to manage these.
    If prices rise, voters complain.
    If rent falls, less money for the GLCs and government bodies who are the major landlords.
    If profit falls, GLCs (major employer) makes less so less bonuses to the management in these companies. Who are they?
    Also it will be harder to attract new businesses into Singapore when profits are reduced. So government bodies will need to work much harder to get the same business to come here.

    There is a easy way out to solve this problem – keep the wages of the average worker low. Magically, you can control prices, increase rents, increase top management compensation (which their own salaries are peg to) and attract FDI with lesser effort.
    This is the simple formula for success that every country can follow. The only difference is that the people in the other countries would vote out such a government. If you are not benefiting from such a system, then you are the abused. Which category is more? Why are we rank 5th in the crony capitalism index?

    The only way for the ruling party to retain power is to control information flow and that is why they will not give up control of the printing press, TV and radio under any circumstances.

    “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”
    ― Bruce Coville

  15. Chris

    Who did u ask? In fact, the whole Singapore wages went up along the years… Ur last drawn pay was also $5k at least, right?
    The problem rather is why did TTSH pay u so much? Maybe the govt needs to audit TTSH Instead…
    As usual, u do not read the comments here. If u did then u may learn something. Stupid Roy…

    • Ding hua

      Hi Chris, I am here to ride your broken tape recorder — I mean your broken chopstick.
      Is it still dip in the saline Dr M gave you. You sound like a broken rag, keep whining about others.
      As usual, u do not reply my comments because you feel embarrassed that I exposed the location of your missing dig. 🙂

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  17. SG Temp Staff

    Several years ago, I worked as a Temp Staff at MOE for S$6 per hour. Then I went overseas and came back to SG. Now am working as a Temp Staff in another Govt office and my pay is STILL S$6 per hour !!!!
    I can’t help wondering if civilization has ceased in SG. If it’s the employment agency that’s short-changing me, I wonder why MOM hasn’t set any regulations with regards to temp staff salaries.

    • ltk

      . more than 10 yrs ago after I left uni. My pay was 2.5k. I went overseas to gain exposure came back and found work and I am now paid 5 to 6 times my pay when I first started. I worked hard, did tough part time post grad. Upgrade and get many certification for my profession along the way. Burn many weekends and free time mugging. If you are motivated and keep pressing with upgrade you pay will rise. It depends whether you want to go through the pain of doing it.

    • huh

      @sg temp Staff

      6$, you can go to mcdonalds for better salary and with food. You are obviously not very smart. who in the fucking right frame of mind will do that?

      I dunno what the fuck you did overseas, if you did go study, you must have studied some useless course.

      you are cheated by agency and the mom now has to come backed you up?

      comeon, your IQ must be very low! u should be embarrassed with such a stupid post

  18. 林老师

    Roy u so smart, clap clap clap…now u get the attention that u have been craving for years! congrats!

  19. Please Sing This At NDP 2014

    Count Money, Singapore

    We have a vision for tomorrow
    Just released, just released
    We have a poorer Singapore
    We won’t receive, we’ve been deceived.

    You and me, we’ll do our part,
    Give our kidneys and our heart
    We’re gonna show the world just how daft we are
    We won’t receive, we’ve been deceived.

    There is nothing down the road that we can look for
    We were told a Swiss that we could never hope for
    There’s an odour in the air
    That same bullshit we all share
    We’re gonna build a better CPF for you and me
    We won’t receive, we’ve been deceived

    Count money, Singapore
    Count money, Singapore
    Count on me to give my arse and more
    Count money, Singapore

    You and me
    We’ll do our part,
    Give our kidneys and our hearts
    We’re gonna show the world just how daft we are
    We can’t resist, to vote PAP

    Count money, Singapore
    Count money, Singapore
    Count on me to give my life and more
    Count money, Singapore

    Together PAP, Singapore X3

  20. LN

    Prof Lim Chong Yah , the first ex-Chairman of National Wages Council had come out with advice that our minimum should be at least 2/3 of our median income. [ now approx $ 60,000 ]. That is what I cleaners and other general workers should be getting .
    Prof Lim ‘s comment then was : Double their wages within the next 3 years !
    He should know better than many, running and manning the Wages Council for umpteen years

    The same Prof Tommy Koh was very supportive of this move from Prof Lim CY.

    And guys in our political leadership what are they doing till now , only looking after themselves and their cronies , only seeing to their over millions dollar annual pay ?.

    FYI, in OECD countries and Spore is already in the First World , our low wage group Singaporeans have been neglected for the past > 15 years by NTUC and the government .

    Time they wake up.

    • I hv another stomach ache

      Wow expect??? Did u see a gold mine in singapore? Did u see an oil well in your garden?

      The more u write the more your ignorance shows. Lest u become another laughing stock

  21. landragon123

    We are already a laugh stock for some times now. Defend men reply to foreign affairs and the Foreign Minister just sit and watch.
    Putting green horns to be Ministers of States for few departments and not knowing what to do. Let the MND to built as he please, and I AM very sure the coming years will see another sales of HDB to PR or maybe even foreigners. Adverting that the Shopping Centres are now infected with thieves by placing a handsome police model, Shouting thieves is a CRIME. Even the children knows it but the sick PM is so sick he now announce to the WORLD to tell the tourists that if they do not know thieves is a crime, TRY SINGAPORE and you will be behind Singapore Bars to taste the food of our prison, famous for using cheap labour in the Prisons Departments.

  22. Parody NDP 2014 Song - Revised With Better Lyrics

    Count Money, Singapore

    We have a vision for tomorrow
    Just released, just released
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    You and me, we have to part
    With our CPF for a start
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    Vote Pee-A-Pee, Vote Pee-A-Pee

    There is nothing down the road that we can hope for
    We were told a Swiss that we could never dream of
    There’s an odour in the air
    That same bullshit we all share
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    We won’t receive, we’ve been deceived

    Count money, Singapore
    Count money, Singapore
    Count on me to give my arse and more
    Count money, Singapore

    You and me
    We’ll do our part,
    Give our kidneys and our hearts
    We’re gonna show the world just how daft we are
    We can’t resist, Vote Pee-A-Pee

    Count money, Singapore
    Count money, Singapore
    Count on me to give my life and more
    Count money, Singapore

    Together Pay & Pay, Singapore X3

  23. Mach

    Your posts are seriously misleading. You should stop guiding people to have wrong ideas about life and Singapore. Not every people in Singapore earn low wages. Not all Singaporeans fail to plan for the future in old age. This old auntie knew what went wrong. Education and all. It’s how she managed her life that leads her to where she is today. It is not the governments responsibility to tell her what she should do to reach financially freedom. Even if the government had guide her do you think she would have listened? People do what they want and should be responsible of they own actions. I don’t see a point writing this kind of post and highlighting that it’s an issue. Who says old people shouldn’t work and just stay home? What is wrong with working? Your mind works in a very very negative way Roy. I’m just worried that people are not smart enough to see the big picture and start believing all your bull shit. You don’t even understand the meaning of life. Your misleading article, please at least give a link to whatever study or report that you’re quoting instead of just mentioning ‘according to a study’ if a study is not endorsed it is all bull shit. Don’t mislead people with all these terms that made things sound legit when they are not. I can also do a study saying 98% of Singaporeans thinks Roy deserved to be sued. What do you think of the study?

    • makes no sense

      Exactly. All these quotes about “study”. There is nothing to back them up.

      30% are poor? Ok. Assuming I believe 30% is correct, 30% of what? Of the entire population? Of the entire working force? Of all households? You intentionally leave out certain numbers to sensationalise things. It is clear u do not have any intentions to show the whole truth. U have no interest in that, and u are guilty of the same crime that u accuse others of.

      Minimum wage is low in Singapore? You go to Australia, or Norway, and try their living standards. You should also find out what their tax structure is. Once u have the facts and entire picture, list them down in the blog for people to make an assessment.

      I don’t think u have the means to study and interpret the facts objectively. Stop trying to bluff people with your ignorant posts.

  24. Chris

    @roy ngerng
    Have u not learn from all the comments? And we didn’t even charge u a cent.
    Ur falseness will be reviewed in court very soon. I just hope u and all ur friends involved in this will be charged…

    • Ding hua

      Hi Chris, you sound like a loony. Stop pestering Roy, he has nothing to offer to you. If you want sex, I am always available for you and only you 🙂

      • landragon123

        ‘come to my shop, I offer Negative ION Clothing for Winter/Health/Travel wear. Here, if you offer SEX go to Geylang and Hotel 81 there are many. Be sure you are above 18 if not all your customers will go to State Court and than to jail. These men who goes to jail do not know the LAW?

        Now , let me ask the police a question – Can a layman check someone’s IC, if cannot how do we determine the sex and the age of the Ding hua? Did those who were send to jail given a fair trail is they are not allow to check IC or the law is now change for us to check IC or Passport?

  25. Jim

    How is it that “the poorest 30% of households spend 105% to 151% of their incomes”, where did the 5% to 51% of the income come from? From government subsidies???

    • True Singapore

      I dun believe in Subsidies anymore. They work like NKF, will got profit one just got lower profit margin with subsidies

      • landragon123

        Now why bring NKF into the picture. Man made mistakes and he admitted and paid for it, went to jail and repays the amount the court wanted him to pay.
        Where as coward ran away, found in HK and try to dispose of his ill gotten monies. Everyone on this EARTH makes mistakes and when you admitted to it, it is the end just like Saint Lee Kuan Yew admitted his mistake and he paid $12 Millions to a good course for the future Education our students.
        So when a mistake is made or Sins are committed, just admit it ask for forgiveness and A11 will be well. BUT our PM never admit any of the Sins he committed and he is paying for it NOW!!!

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