[Update TEN 22062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

Hello everyone, this is the tenth update. The funds have slowed down.

It’s been a month since I received the Letter of Demand for Defamation. 3 weeks later, I spoke at Singapore’s largest protest since independence at the #ReturnOurCPF event to advocate for the return of our CPF back to Singaporeans. A few days later, I was dismissed from my job.

Over the past one week, my lawyer had filed my defence:

In summary, the defence is arguing that since Mr Ngerng has already admitted that the allegations are false and unfounded, there is therefore no longer defamation.

And since Mr Ngerng has also already apologised, there is no value in the defamation case anymore, because there is no real and substantive case for the plaintiff.

I am taking a rest for now but hope to get back on my feet soon.

We have raised more than $110,000 at this point. We reached the target of $70,000 for the legal fees four days after the fund raising began. You can read more about what the court case is about and the fund raising appeal here.

We are now awaiting the pre-trial on 4 July 2014. The court case will be decided at a later date.

We are $40,299 in excess at this point. The funds will be set aside for any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. We have currently stopped putting out an active appeal for funds but if the funds continue coming in, I will be open and transparent with them and publish them, so as to be accountable.

Please see below for further information on the funds coming in so far, as of 3.00pm today.

Funds Raised So Far

We have raised $110,299 so far.

Funds Raised  by 22 June 2014 3pm

Transaction Histories

Please see below the transaction histories of the bank accounts.

Below is the transaction history for the POSB Savings Bank Account 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling). This is my personal bank account.

$90,258.90 has been raised from here.

14 to 20 June 2014 3pm-page-001

Below is the transaction history for the OCBC Savings Bank Account 657-4-111750 (Ngerng Mui Choo). My father helped set up this bank account yesterday solely for this fund raising.

$4,127.82 has been raised from here.

OCBC 20 to 21 June 2014

There is no recent funds coming in via PayPal (royngerng@gmail.com). Please note that the PayPal is linked to my personal POSB bank account. I will include these amounts in the funds raised when they enter my personal POSB bank account, for ease of accounting.

$5,541.20 has been raised from here.

Over the past week, I received a red packet from a well-wisher and another contribution from a fellow blogger. $200 was raised.

In total, $15,885.60 has been raised in cash.

2014-06-22 15.08.53

We have reached the target of $70,000 for the legal and court fees. We have stopped putting out an active appeal funds at this point. For the actual amount of damages, we would only be able to know after the court case is over. Based on past cases, the damages go above $200,000.

There are still funds coming in – please note that the additional funds will be set aside any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. If there is any excess, the options will be to donate them to charity – I will consult Singaporeans on the use of the excess funds.

I will continue to keep transparent records of the funds so as to be accountable and allow everyone to keep track of the funds.

What’s Going On So Far

Since the episode has begun, much has been finally discussed about the CPF. There have been at least 3 forums held on the CPF over the past 3 weeks by the PAP, NSP and SPP. I have been actively attending the forums by the NSP and SPP and managed to gather feedback, which I hope to write about soon. I was not able to attend the forum organised by MP Hri Kumar.

The government has also since released a number of responses to the CPF since this episode has started, which I hope to discuss soon as well. Over the past one month, this episode has allowed more people to find out about the CPF and more has been written about the CPF as well. This is a positive development for Singapore, where Singaporeans are now more knowledgeable, and are discussing about how to improve the workings of our CPF.

We have to keep up with this. I am only an ordinary Singaporean who is seeking answers for our CPF, just like many other Singaporeans. My only hope is that I will be able to continue to do so, and that for the good for our country and our future, we will be able to continue to seek for answers and devise effective solutions for to move our country forward.

I have set up a petition to ask for the return of our CPF. You can sign the petition here. If the government can be transparent and accountable about how our CPF is being invested and increase the CPF interest rates, Singaporeans would be able to save enough to retire on. Our people will be protected.


  1. SG Indian Ah Lian

    I hope PM Lee will find it in his heart to go easy on you. I’m sure you didn’t mean to defame him. You are just immatured and unwise. You should have stopped short after the apology instead of aggravating the case. Hope you learn your learn lesson, Roy Ah Nei….

    • emily

      i am an American and is based out of Singapore. I cannot stop laughing at this “boy”. OMG, he is 33 and still living with his parents!! He is way past maturity debate. ask him to pay for this own rental and he will mature within a month. He is what the americans called sponging off the parents.

      you think CPF is bad, (btw, i contribute to it too), the system in US is broke and i dun even expect to get anything when we retire.

      • Desmond

        Fuck off, emily. Singapore do not welcome trash who cannot even capitalize her sentences properly. Obviously a fake.

      • emily

        poor desmond,

        are you referring to your great or great grand parents? i am sure they were “trash” too, by your definition. oh dun forget, you are a product of trash too!

        fake, want to meet up? loser can swim across singapore river at boat quay…how about that?

      • Desmond

        Hey faker, please go ahead and swim inside the DTSS sewerage tunnel. You belong there.

      • Xmen


        you are disgrace to singaporeans. challenged by a lady and you ran away.


      • English A1

        @Desmond, this Xmen is the same person as emily and most likely is an Ah Gua who keep changing between male and female identities. What a disgrace.

      • Xmen

        Whoever used the Xmen moniker above is a fraud. Stop stealing others identity. Your IP address is unique and can be traced to you, LOSER!

      • Mark

        Emily is not American. Americans do not use “dun”. It is poorly educated and intellectually-challenged muppet probably employed by the PAP grassroots committee. I am from Europe and disgusted that the courts powers have been used in this way against a citizen. What kind of petty government is this?!

      • landragon123

        You are just as stupid as the American Government to let is citizen sponge it and went bankrupt. Living with parents is duty since he is not marry. And when our Sick and Cancelled PM sue him and make him lost his job, who was wrong? IT is the Sick PM for he agreed to pay a token of $500 which usually the cases in most legal experience, like Ravi who is representing Roy have also paid $500 previously.
        Not it is the PM who wanted to Bankrupt this good young man so he have a new feather in his hat to tell LKY an GCH that what you both did , I can also do, Bankrupt this man, give the fine to Charity and I AM proud to commit a SIN. Donating court money is not donation at all, it is a sin and he will have to pay it back himself, or his families of the future generation have to pay. That is Karma in the religious language.

        Pray to the SKY and for my case it is to Kwan-in the Goddess of Mercy. Let me share this with those who pray to KWAN-IN that SHE is now the supreme God in the Northern SKY where all our ancestors went when they past on.

    • Xmen


      Americans don’t hide behind screen names. Why don’t you put your full name here instead of hiding behind a screen name?

      • Rachel

        Hey Emily,
        Like you said, you’re American. Don’t get involved and get your crap ass out of our country’s issues. We know what we’re doing.
        And as for your system in US being broke, no one gives a shit here. You only have your government to blame for that.
        And by the way, THIS IS SINGAPORE. He’s still living with his parents because he’s not married yet and hasn’t reached the age of 35 yet. Getting a rented apartment in SG is not even something his own parents would encourage. Get your facts right. This is Asia.

        And also, go f yourself foreign b.

      • emily

        rac, how rude of you. and so what if i want to poke my fingers in your ass? like you mentioned it is freedom of speech. btw, i may get my singapore citizenship.

        btw, it’s BS that you have listed. Pure excuses for running away from responsbilities, He can rent a room. Do you think there are public housing in rest of the world? 33 and parents don;t want him to live alone. how sweet and what a mama boy.

        Oh i know, you must be single and still living with my daddy. OMG!

      • Rachel

        B please. You’re childish and your points ain’t valid. And you talking dirty, shows how you must have been raised by your stud dad.

      • landragon123

        Please this is a site to help get our CPF back or the Medisave back and not a f;ucking site for fuckers like you TWO. Wanted to fucks go to your beds or if you do not have one goes to Hotel 81 belongs to my friend and if you still cannot afford, let me know, I try to get a discount card for you. Fucking is not free and sorry no discount. I think there are brought by the FATHER who many worshipped and call FATHER when HE was not a Father and have no father???

      • Sheri

        I totally agree with Emily..to hide behind culture in these modern days is so lame…I wonder who washes the clothes..that is why child brides are in existence, throwing women into fire cos their husbands are dead and killing girls and women who ‘disgrace’ the family name cos she talked with a man and so on..tsk tsk..yes, go get a life people….so free nothing else better to do…I hope u all know you are the pot calling the kettle black.. How ironic calling others foreign trash…I hope you all know where the Chinese comes from?…

  2. ronnie

    It is in Singapore’s interest to be magnanimous, to be forgiving and to be compassionate.

    Singapore is heading to its 50th Birthday. We should be able to tolerate dissenting views, even very outspoken views. We need to be inclusive and to engage in debates. We draw the line when it comes to racial and religious issues. However, when it concerns a topic like CPF, we need to be open for active dialogue.

    I hope wisdom will prevail. Roy is an asset to Singapore. He is not an enemy of the State nor is out to destroy anyone. Engage him in debate, show him the facts. We can still have disagreements but at least the gap in misunderstanding should be less.

  3. True Singapore

    PM might breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct by using his Official Press Secretary to write a letter to the Economist newspaper defending the PM’s private defamation suit against the blogger Roy Ngerng. This states:

    “4.3 A Minister must not direct or request a civil servant to do anything or perform any function that may conflict with the Singapore Civil Service’s core values of incorruptibility, impartiality, integrity and honesty.”

    • landragon123

      PM is sick and do not blame him as he is never qualify to be our PM. He came to be our PM was his mother doing with the help of Goh Choke Tong. Why U may ask, and this is the answer, Casinos was proposed by him and when it was rejected by LKY outright, he went on to created the Footballs games.
      Since he like gambling, Mrs Lee get him to approach LHL in the Midef and awarded him the Sword and the title of 3 Stars General.
      I AM sure LKY never agrees to the building of the Casinos and it is out of respect to his wife who henpecked him he nob his head which in Indian customs is a NO. Please correct me if I am wrong as LKY is still around to verify it???

  4. Phua Choon Seng


  5. landragon123

    The Heart Truths is the true color of our sick and cancel PM trying his last bits to hold on to power. I have written in his FB many times but did not get any reply as what I have wrote it the truth and nothing but the TRUTH. LKY blog call LKY watch have about half it articles written by me and it was closed about a month ago and I AM wondering WHY.
    Maybe I claimed that I AM better than him as he a lawyer speaks Queen’s English and write Crown English BUT I AM better because I speak Singlish and writes Clown English and I like readers to Enjoy when they read about the PM making promises to give 65 older citizens MEDISAVE monies. But my questions are how many can use it beside using it to buy their coffin. This were my example, (when I visited the Poly Clinics I told the Docs, I AM not able to pay and his answer was use Medisave and I told the cashier I want to use Medisave. NO no uncle, it have to be above $60 but my fee was only $28 as I refuse to take the medicines the provide for the call me MAD as I AM bibola but I am a businessman for the last 52 years and my company Land Dragon Pte Ltd is 38 years.

    The next crazy things happen in the Family Court which is now called State Court, and I AM wandering if our PM wants to be part or Malaysia again or to be part of China to becomes their 53rd provinces. The judge give a Protections Order to my wife when I submitted in writing to her that I never beat my wife in our 44 years of marriage. We sleep in the same bed and I never scold her which my wife admitted to all while in the witness box.

    We were patient of Fei Yue for about 5 years and finally on 28th October 2013 my wife told her daughter and the councilor that she wanted a divorce. I move out to let her be on her own as she hate me because she believe and I AM mad and the DOGS at IMH supported her and admitted me to IMH by fault evidences and kept me for 5 days and charged me for 8 days.

    When I complaint to Amy Khor about it, she reply immediately that she will look into the matters and never get back after the 1st and only answer. When I try to see her at her Meet the People Session, she refused to see me and sent her Secetary and Lawyer to meet me and in the end asked to see my MP at Choa Cho Kang.

    If witness is require for this trail, I will volunteer to tell A11 about CPF Life as I believe it is a Insurance to Cheap it citizens for the rest of their LIFE.

    • Singish

      u need to really brush up your singalish. and what talk u? your wife dumps you and it becomes the state problem???

      • landragon123

        Did I told you or wrote in the above that my Singalish is better than any other language as LKY needed to have a Scholarship to study to be a LAWYER but i only went to Bukit Panjang High School which was the 1st and only intergrated School that have English and Chinese students schooling side by side and it was this school that produced Sim Boon Woh our Creative Boss

        AM I so sua to speak Singalish and can you comments with your name and identity; do not hide for only tatorer hide behind their shell?

      • Transparency - Why So Scared?

        @ John Koh

        Are you referring to Ho Ching and the losses suffered in Singapore’s purchase of foreign bank shares?

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  9. Justice Louis D. Brandeis

    “Fear of serious injury alone cannot justify oppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.”

    “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

    Justice Louis D. Brandeis

  10. Chris

    Dear all,
    Please go directly to cpf, HDB, etc website to understand more. Also, one can visit the many financial websites like “money sense”. To learn how to manage ur money.
    U can come to Roy’s blog for entertainment but not for truths…
    Lastly, for the real poor old ppl. Please advise ur parents and friends go to CDC or PA to learn about the pioneer generation package and various sources of help.

      • Chris

        Well, if I’m not Singaporean and I know and understand Singapore’s rules and regulations, schemes and policies better than u and Roy. Dun u think that ur lives in sg are redundant and wasted?
        U have my sympathies.
        But u r lucky. I’m a true blue Singaporean… Get a live lah. Dun leech on other ppl donations…

      • True Singapore

        haha in fact you just copy and paste with no knowledge about true life in Singapore. I think u are indian from india isn’t it?

  11. Singapore for Singaporeans

    Hi Chris, please get yourself a life. You have been clinging on Roy’s blog like a blood-sucking leech for don’t know how long. Are you unemployed? I feel sad for you. You are the only one who is so free to comment full time from morning to night responding to every person who disagree with you. Please get this clear, this is Roy’s blog, not your blog. If you are so free, go write up some CPF stuff and get it published and critiqued. For all the time you wasted here, you could have done something more constructive in helping Singaporeans understand CPF better by coming up with your own.

    Now, please go.

    • Chris

      Well, if ppl wan to donate to Roy’s cause. I hope they know what they r donating to.
      So, I am just telling ppl (who visit Roy’s blog) what Roy forgot to say (deliberate or not). After that, they can continue to donate or not donate anymore.
      By doing so, I’m hoping I’ll still get to help my fellow Singaporeans understand cpf better…
      No need to feel sorry for me. Rather, I just feel sorry for all those unwitting uncles, aunties and others who r donating to Roy.
      But for those who donate to Roy even when they know Roy is not telling these ppl everything. I wonder what motives such ppl have. Only they know…
      Maybe I’ll stop from now. Since I should think all those unwitting ppl may be made aware now… Night night… Roy, Roy’s other moniker & fans.

      • joseph

        @Chris, I just donate another $500. I just can’t stand dogs that keep barking non-stop. Thanks for motivating me. Hey guys keep the donation going, we need to show Chris is wrong by pouring in more money into Roy’s bank account.

      • True Singapore

        dun mind Chirst. He is from india, talk a lot but no action. He is the main reason why middle income is sufferering right now. PM salary had adjusted according to inflation bcos of the elite shit argument but we have not. So conclusion is , This chrst is full of shit around his mouth

      • Chris

        Were u that idiot that said some time back, he’ll donate every time I say something sarcastic to donors?
        First of all, u can claim u donate $1,000 but as long as u dun proof it. How I know?
        Second of all, if u r that idiot. I’ve made many such remarks before in the past. Why u only donate twice? Maybe thrice… Assuming I commented 20 times. Did u donate 500×20=$10,000?
        Do u know why Roy’s a joke? He can’t substantiate his thoughts and argument properly….

      • jasmine

        @joseph, you are right. we can’t let loonies like chris destroy our nation. i will be donating another $100 to keep it going. action is louder than empty words. let’s donate the more the merrier. i want roy be able to afford a senior council or queens council from UK. let’s aim for a $500k legal fund.

      • youarenodifferent

        You’re having the same mentality as the government. You are worry that those who donated did not know how to manage their money. It’s their money, let them do what they think is right.

      • loser


        what makes you a singaporean? by birth? what have you really contributed?

        only thing you know is complain. what have you given back to the society? u are a pest.

        just because you have no ability to climb up the ladder you blame on everything possible. you have no drive and no hunger. you waste your time on blogs instead of improving yrself.

        ask yourself, what have you contributed to the society before saying you are singaporean.

      • jasmine

        @loser, I do not have to prove to you anything. If climbing ladders is the only thing you do in life, no wonder you are a loser. A parasitic vine does that. I do not need a ladder, I am the tree that stands tall by itself. You are a vine or a leecher that step on others to climb. That makes you a true loser.

  12. Chris

    I was visiting ur fb. There is lots of untrue things as well. Mr leong’s calculation of $1.5 million is incorrect, $3million was even more far fetched.
    If u truly want to convince ppl, post these calculations as well.
    U r so laughable. And those who unwittingly donate to u r so pitiful…
    Nvm lah… U r beyond hope…

  13. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    I am offended when some ppl here keep saying 2.5% return is enough when it cannot beat inflation.

    when we talk about enough, we need to examine the objectives of the CPF,

    according to cpf’s website, their mission is to:
    “To enable Singaporeans to have a secure retirement, through lifelong income, healthcare financing and home financing.”

    securing retirement is one of the objectives, when the savings are eroded by inflation, does are the outcomes moving nearer to the objectives or further away?

    ok, i know by now some ppl already finish writing their comments to argue with me, no need to argue until face red red.

    I am a constructive person, i’ll put forward my suggestion and if you can do better, please put forward yours, this is a challenge, if your cannot, then your are not constructive.

    i suggest to allow the government to set CPF rate at any rate, 2.5% also can, 1% also can, but introduce a rule where in any year should CPF return rate fail to beat inflation, the government shall make up for the difference, either from SWF returns or by drawing from the reserves to top up the difference.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ True Singapore

        CPF Minimum Sum is pegged to inflation, but the CPF interest rate isn’t.

        what do you think? does it make sense to you?

      • Chris

        @true Singaporean
        Pap supporter? So what? Oppo supporter? So what? Neither? So what? Just dun be like Roy is good enough. Have some basic human integrity lah.

        @…. Toothpick
        I thought u advised me not to challenge others?
        Why r u asking someone such difficult question when he can’t even spell others names properly (more than once is wrong)?
        Anyway, u should have read my answer on this inflation question of urs last time. Does asking another group of ppl really matters when u know the answers? Maybe, becos not everyone had read the past comments. So, there’ll still be ignorant ppl lurking around…
        ….chuckles. ..

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick


        i am challenging others to put forth constructive suggestions for discussion, you were challenging others to put forth their suggestions to the government.

        on many occasions, you were trying to silence discussion by saying something to the effect of:

        “get out of here and give your suggestions to the govt if you are so good”
        “if you are so good and so smart, get out of here and run for election”

        your challenges are illogical, why should a person be required to do MORE things just to be able to make a comment?

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        anyone is entitled to make comments and influence other voters with their point of view, if a person can carry the ground he/she wins in the marketplace of ideas, that is the basic principle of democracy, to suggest that anyone would need to do anything MORE (like running for elections) in order to be entitled to make comments is a contradiction to the basic principles of democracy.

        salary have to be measured against performance.

        when performance does not measure up, pay is revised downwards.

        weighing pros and cons are about making tradeoffs.

        tradeoffs would have to be measured against their outcomes.

        when the outcomes are bad, that means the wrong tradeoffs were made.

        and if the outcomes were good, why is the salary revised downwards?

      • Chris

        I see.. Hmmm…
        I remember saying those things. But I also remember saying many more things before that.
        Correct? Or do we need to do a print screen of these past discussions?
        What’s wrong with revising their salaries? Is it an absolute that the outcome is good or bad? None of us has a crystal ball. Everyone will just forecast based on the available informations. If outcome is bad, then inflict some pain like salary cut, and amend the policy. What’s wrong with that?

      • True Singapore

        Told u Christ is just person who got dumped by Roy and also a pap supporter, coming from India, that’s why his arugment is very not constructive and full of shit.

      • Peter

        Looks to me like Chris keeps winning the discussions but his opponents resort more often than not to name calling and insults.

  14. Simon Lee

    @Deaf Frog’s toothpick,
    There is another query I would like to add to your insightful information, 6.5% returns should be an easy or achievable target for the CPF interest rates as those who managed the funds are so called ‘professionals’ whom are paid millions. Just wonder why this bunch of ‘professionals’ are not accountable to such unprofessional practice?

  15. Simon Lee

    Compares the CPF contribution (37%) to the UK welfare system, I feel that this 37% is like an income tax we paid to the state but coated with a better and fabricated name called CPF. If you think about it, after contribution for so many years, you get to be paid a few hundreds to thousands depend on how much you save after you turn 65. Take a look at the UK tax system, it starts when you begin earning S$21K – 75K (20% to 28%) and above gradually increase till 45%, the more you earn the more you pay.
    Nonetheless, you receive free medical services, free education till A level, the kids can borrow money from the state to continue their education and there are plenty of institutions to choose from, pensions start when you turn 65, when you are unemployed you able to seek help and there is Job seeker’s Allowance from £56 to £72 to tide you over this difficult period. There are plenty of courses to upgrade yourself which are free to all, the most important issue is you are able to find a job and be paid with at least a minimum hourly salary of £6.53.
    To read and know more go to http://www.gov.uk and click on Benefits and Taxes as well.

    • Desmond

      CPF is 37% tax for the low income. Those who hit salary beyond $5k like Mr PM pays:

      Assuming $3 million per year as PM and $9 million per year as GIC chairman.
      $12 million per year
      Or $1 million per month
      CPF cap at $5k per month.
      Assuming $2k goes to CPF, then $998k or 0.2% of total income goes to CPF.
      Income tax cap at 20%.
      PM may need only spend 10% of his income. Then effective GST is 0.7% over his total income. There is no capital gain tax on him.
      The poor spend almost all their income. So effective GST is 7% over their total income. They have no money for investment.

      If you are high income earner like PM Lee, you pay 20% income tax + 0.2% CPF + 0.7% GST. Or effective total tax of 20.9%.
      So if you are low income earner, you pay 0% income tax + 37% CPF + 7% GST. Or effective total tax of 44%.

      Conclusion, Singapore tax the poor proportionately more than the rich.

      • dissie


        your logic defies gravity. better tell us which school you came from, avoid at all cause. u are a disgrace to your teachers

      • Desmond

        Hey, true idiot, fake American, fake emily. Go be a cockroach. You are a disgrace to the entire human race.

      • emilt\y


        yawn, all words no actions. i dared you and you hided behind your keyboard. Chicken.

        btw, it is GO to be not Go be. free english lesson for you.

      • English A1

        Desmond is correct. It is “Go be a crockroach”, emilt\y, emily or whatever shit that is.

    • landragon123

      I do not think most citizens wanted their money back from the CPF as it was good until his sick son tweeted it again and again just to keep our money FOREVER for the PAP to use as there like. The money I like to take back is Medisave as it is coffin money to many and very few really benefited from it. The CPF LIFE is the worst Insurance that I ever come across. Believe me, ask Insurance Adjusters and they tell you what I have just said.

  16. How To Win An Argument With PAP

    1. Vote Opposition.
    2. Convert your friends & family to vote Opposition.
    (60% voted PAP in GE 2011)

    And the best part is that PAP does not even know that they are losing the argument until it’s too late!
    Let’s make the bastards cry like little girls in GE 2016.
    The same way they make Singaporeans cry when we lose our jobs to the aliens they introduced into the country.

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      no party lasts forever, it’s a choice between buying insurance and being a sitting duck.

      an insurance might not be perfect at first, but this type of insurance can be gradually improved over time, if you don’t start, there will be nothing to improve on.

      an employer with foresight will groom alternatives to his best employee, when the inevitable happens, one of the alternatives can take over. the added advantage is this best employee will perform better due to the competition.

      a myopic employer will have irrational blind faith with his best employee, and will start to panic when this employee turns rogue then he’ll find that the only candidate left to take over is the lazer printer.

    • landragon123

      Sorry, if the feng-shui masters are right, 2015 will be the next general elections. LHL will not last that long to see the 2016 election as relapsed cancel usually not last more than 3 to 4 years?

  17. Ivan

    Will you donate some of your excess donations to the 71 year old man who vandalise the bus stop to show his support for you? After all his charges are much more serious, he is facing a possible jail term.

    • landragon123

      I AM also 71 in June this year and celebrated the LUNAR age but will be celebrating my 70th birthday on 30th in the Maldives. You see I write CLOIWN English and created my birthdays to made myself ‘grows” younger for my age is 18 with 51 years experiences and will be 52 by end of the month.

      For these celebration, I AM offering my ION Negatives Clothing at a very Special Prices of S$ 119.00 for 4 pieces of Under Garments that will help you BE Healthy & BE Happy for the rest of LIFE………………Believe me I don’t cheat, don’t lie and never hurts anyone in my LIFE. Just try to help others to be healthy and happy with these Clothing which is one of the cheapest in the market whereas others are selling it by MLM to cheat their members and the public. There others selling Infaray and Magnetic which there claims to be Negatives IONS, just a pack of lies.

  18. landragon123

    We need not bring down the PAP and there having doing a good job making Singapore it name by LKY but it is the sick son now who is power corrupted and held on to power when he have no ability to do so. Take a look at all the MINISTRIES now, there are all in a mass, you name it there have it.

    Phones are answered with machine, and when a human gets to the line it will be transferred until the line gets cut. Your emails are answer with the machines and if you are lucky a human will reply and that will be the last you get. My example is one form Amy Khor, Minster of States for Manpower and Health and headed HPB and People’s Associations and how many more?

    She is trained and degreed in Properties but posted to something green to her and every department she is in charge does not give you answers, reply emails. MOM use to conducts meet the agents sessions and after the session, we are invited to ask questions. The last on done earlier this month have NOT questions and answer sessions as I BELEVE there cannot give US any answers???

    Putting a Doctor in charge of the Armed Forces who told the Indonesian Army Chief, I accepted your apology AT FACE value??? The recent naming of ships by Indonesia is a foreign affairs and it should be the jobs of the Foreign Ministry to made statement, But instead it were the Defend that made statements not according to the events that happened, I may be wrong, PLEASE correct me if I AM WRONG as I AM only a laymen telling something which I FEEL is not right?

    • landragon123

      You are right as Bibola patient but have the same illness as Richard Benson and Steve Job. In Singapore, we have Kit Chan. RIz Low and Choo Kay Yin and for the man it is M. Ravi the defend lawyer in this case???

    • Desmond

      IMH is looking for two missing patients:
      1) Chris
      2) Annoyed reader

      Both last seen at PAP rally wolfing down free chicken wings.

  19. Time To Change the LeeGime - I mean Regime

    Only a regime change can revitalize Singaporeans.
    A new broom sweeps

    It will also revitalize PAP.
    They need to reflect.
    Are they just a parrot/vision of one man.

  20. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    My next constructive suggestion is to abolish pegging ministerial pay to top earners in private sector, since no ex-minister has ever proven that he/she can get the same pay(or more) when they move on to the private sector*, it’s not meaningful to have the peg.

    *by private sector i mean private sector job like what George Yeo is doing now at Kerry Logistics, not a job at a GLC or SWF.

    btw i think George Yeo is the best bet to get the highest pay in private sector among all the candidates, and now he’s not earning the same salary or more than when he was minister.

    since that is the case, just allow the government to declare any arbitrary number, if they can win election, it’s good enough, we pay them this amount, no need to peg here peg there and then waste time argue until face red red.

    let a political party declare the pay they want before elections and if they win, we pay them this amount.

    of cos, to prevent opportunists who might try to declare very low and unrealistic pay, there should be a minimum sum set, no political party can declare a salary below this minimum sum.

    i suggest the minimum sum to be determined based on the average salary of all the MPs in parliament (ministers excluded), since ministers are selected from MPs, this is a reasonable base to draw reference from.

    • jasmine

      how about getting those ministers out of GIC. Surely it is a conflict of interest to be a fund manager and a minister at the same time. and also, MPs should be a full time job to avoid conflict of interest between policy maker and business interest.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick


        i don’t think it is wise to get rid of all the ministers in the GIC, the government is ultimately responsible for the monies in GIC, if none of them are there that means their responsibility is “reduced” so to speak.

        what is stopping a government from saying they don’t know what is happened when GIC loses money if we do that?

        i think we should just ensure that they are not paid additional pay for their role in GIC, can give them transport allowance, but not a fixed salary for the role.

        my suggestion is maybe we remove of most of the ministers, but leave just 1 minister in GIC and put the elected president inside as well, just 2 person, and they should just have a supervisory role and leave the fund management to professionals.

        what you think?

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        as for MPs doing full time, I don’t think a full-time MP system is superior to the current part-time system, if you think so, please state why.

        we should put in a rule to remove the conflict of interest, for example if a person is a business owner that provides/tenders for services from town councils, then we disallow this person to stand for election. problem solved without changing the whole system and penalising those we do not need to penalise.

      • jasmine

        In the first place, the PAP already say they don’t know what happen. So what’s the diff. I say just scrap GIC and put the money in a basket of ETFs. Save the fund management fee.

      • jasmine

        Full-time MP means MP can use their time fully on policy making. This means we can have fewer MPs.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick


        i think if we put the funds in ETFs we’ll still need someone(still have pay this person as well) to allocate the funds and make adjustments when necessary, unless we are talking abt putting the funds there and then forget about it, which could be quite dangerous.

        as for full time MPs, how much are you prepared to pay them?

        when we ask ppl to do part time, we pay them $16k.

        now do full time, how much is the value going to be?

  21. landragon123

    Singapore never have a money problems as PAP is the richest government in the World and been richest there charge high rental in their Government own companies like Capital Land which controls most of the shopping centres here. Imagine, paying S$3,000.00 for a cart stall in the shopping centre which is lower grade and up to S$5,000.00 for a high end one?

    • landragon123

      PAP now stand for Pay Agent to Preform BUT so far A11 out sources jobs have problems. These are the new names I created for these companies or ministries, 1) SMRT is in fact called Singapore Most Retarded Teams. 2. HPB should be called HELP PATRICK BOO for there keep me inform, invited me to the dinner party called by Amy Khor and ask to be their volunteer for their 20th Anniversary at Garden by the BAY where I handed a letter to our sick PM and it must got lost somewhere. COE is now Compulsory Organist Extortion, for the jams at expressway are the work of LTA because .

      • True Singapore

        People Acting Party —become–>Pay Agent to Preform –For—>Pay And Pay–Act on—–> Poor Alive People—To Get—>Profit And Profit

  22. landragon123

    Most government jobs are out sourced to reduce cost but the draw back is very expensive when a new PM takes over soon. The MOM have missing records that there cannot trace and after more than 9 months, my annual records for personal bought is still missing? MP at the meet the people’s session have wrote on my behalf and after a reply, nothing else happened?

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