[Update NINE 14062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

Hello everyone, it has been a hectic past one week. Many things happened. After the #ReturnOurCPF event attended by 6,000 Singaporeans (the largest protest in Singapore’s history since independence), I was asked to leave from my job on Tuesday.

It has been a much busy week. I needed to take some time to rest the mind.

I have finally managed to put together this next update on the funds raised thus far. We reached the target of $70,000 for the legal fees four days after the fund raising began. There are still some funds coming in. I will be moving towards a weekly update now, as the funds are slowing down. You can read more about what the court case is about and the fund raising appeal here.

We are now awaiting the pre-trial on 4 July 2014. The court case will be decided at a later date.

We are $37,769 in excess at this point. The funds will be set aside for any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. We have currently stopped putting out an active appeal for funds but if the funds continue coming in, I will be open and transparent with them and publish them, so as to be accountable.

Please see below for further information on the funds coming in so far, as of 10.00pm today.

Funds Raised So Far

We have raised $107,769 so far.

Funds Raised  by 14 June 2014 10pm

Transaction Histories

Please see below the transaction histories of the bank accounts.

Below is the transaction history for the POSB Savings Bank Account 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling). This is my personal bank account.

$88,115.90 has been raised from here.

6 to 12 June 2014 10am-page-001

6 to 12 June 2014 10am-page-002

Below is the transaction history for the OCBC Savings Bank Account 657-4-111750 (Ngerng Mui Choo). My father helped set up this bank account yesterday solely for this fund raising.

$3,967.82 has been raised from here.

OCBC 8 to 14 June 2014

Below is the transaction history for PayPal (royngerng@gmail.com). Please note that the PayPal is linked to my personal POSB bank account. I will include these amounts in the funds raised when they enter my personal POSB bank account, for ease of accounting.

$5,541.20 has been raised from here.

PayPal 7 to 14 June 2014

I have also received many well-wishes from friends via cash. Some of you have given me ang paos. Thank you for this!

In total, $15,685.60 has been raised in cash.

2014-06-14 10.52.03

2014-06-14 10.54.02

2014-06-14 10.53.07

2014-06-14 10.55.02

2014-06-14 10.55.50

2014-06-14 10.56.54

We have reached the target of $70,000 for the legal and court fees. We have stopped putting out an active appeal funds at this point. For the actual amount of damages, we would only be able to know after the court case is over. Based on past cases, the damages go above $200,000.

There are still funds coming in – please note that the additional funds will be set aside any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. If there is any excess, the options will be to donate them to charity – I will consult Singaporeans on the use of the excess funds.

I will continue to keep transparent records of the funds so as to be accountable and allow everyone to keep track of the funds.

It has been a hectic week. Many people have been asking about me. I am doing well. Next steps, I might need to rest for a while before I look for a next job. I do thank everyone for your support and encouragement. It keeps me strong, knowing that everyone is keeping your spirits strong and that we are keeping the conversation on our CPF going. It is a positive development for Singapore that we are now taking an active interest in the CPF and the management of our country. I believe that one day soon, we can work together to create a more equal and fairer society in Singapore, for the greater good of our nation and our people.

When we stand united, our voice will be strong. When we are heard, change will come.

I have set up a petition to ask for the return of our CPF. You can sign the petition here. If the government is transparent about how our CPF is being invested and increase the CPF interest rates, Singaporeans would be able to save enough to retire on.


  1. Xmen

    I know you are not asking. But if someone wants to help you out with living expenses through this difficult time, please advise how he can proceed.


  2. michelle Chong

    Hi Roy, hang in there, our hero. I hope more people will take a stand against the oppressive regime. This is going to be a drawn out battle between the people and the traitorous party. The dogs can continue to bark, but it is the collective will of our people that makes this country great. Push on. You have our full support. Congratulations for reaching $100k mark. I think you will need much more. Our people can be more generous than that looking at how they donated $1 million to the widow of a foreign cleaner who got knocked down by an Ah Tiong. The PAP is tearing our nation apart with the massive importation of foreign trashes. See how the Pakistanis commit murder on our land. Or the Blangadeshi who killed the maid and dumped her body in the water tank. Or the Ah How muder Hunag Na case. All these murderers imported by the PAP government.

      • willie koh

        Hey you Aiyoh trash. No one will say you are a mute for not opening up your mouth. Buzz off!

      • Samuel Tan

        Agree with willie. I make sure you Aiyoh when I twist the stupid head of yours off the body like that of a cockroach.

      • johnson

        Aiyor, your own ancestor is a fucking trash say so, no need drag rest of us in. CCB

      • maya

        My ancestor build this place. Those foreign trash latecomers like Aiyoh should learn to queue up and not talk so loudly.

      • alan wake

        You Singaporeans are the fucking mindless trash who even let leaders like this take hold their hold in the first place. I have no sympathy for you. Now, shut the fuck up before I smack the fucking bunch of you hatred filled fucking assholes with my fat American cock and make you choke on its monstrous size. Piss on you cunts.

    • Admit it ...

      Just because you hold a pink SG ID doesn’t make you a true Singaporean any more than a blue ID holder or work pass holder. Just admit that your parents or past generations came from either China, India, Malaysia or some other countries to earn a living here and eventually settled down here. That is something hard to admit, isn’t it? PRIDE. You hypocrites love to bash foreigners and blame foreigners for anything and everything as if Singaporeans are oh so holy and blameless. Singaporeans also commit heinous crimes, both local and overseas, and get punished. Unlike some other countries where the police are sleeping, the SG Police is able to swiftly catch the culprits and convict them. Are you at least grateful for that? Or do you losers only love to complain? Losers will never see anything good about Spore with their bitter, ungrateful mentality. That is why you have to stoop to name-calling people as “cockroach”, “dogs”, “pigs, “sycophants” etc.., when you know that you have nothing constructive and meaningful to say in your defence. Typical anti-PAP behavior…

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @Admit it …

        although they were not too quick at catching ppl who burn and overturn police cars and ambulances at little india, it’s not really their fault, there is just too much alcohol powering the rioters. No amount of engineering can fight alcohol.

        despite this very little and insignificant and non-fatal glitch, we have to give credit when it’s due,

        we can see that the police is very swift and efficient at capturing ppl like Tang Liang Hong, Dr Chee, Chia Thye Poh and Teh Cheang Wan, which is a good thing, all the power to them.

      • hawkenobi

        Guys why don’t we just ignored the man , he is just a paid agent and we don’t need to even respond to a man behind his computer let’s be civilised and support those we should.

      • microsoft furbee

        usa bolo missing family
        china you have knife attack but
        your gov tank kill 200 protestor carry no guns or kidnap a tank so may be they go about against gov.
        doesnt matter if the against is next time your carry stick will police shoot you down?
        but the police didnt shoot they were walking around and hearing the people out so later both die is ok
        they can drop their weapon surrender but they didnt cause they know or fear or that the protestor may beat them up
        but the protestor didnt beat them up so police take one away i guess.
        next time fire in the sky then ask them drop weapon if not you can shoot his leg if he still run towards you
        but ukraine they carry axe hammer against police they never arrest them
        the police can use shield and push them on to the floor knock them out take weapon away may save life.
        but reality is there during the fight you may get cut hurt or die also.
        if a guy carry stick chase after people then they call police say he carry stick beat them. then your police surround him
        then the couple say he carry stick beat people. but the police didnt know the couple bang door distrub him.
        because of knife guy that why people can carry 20stick walk about. and got 20police with shield
        and because of that 200people dont die but the knife people all died. once no more knife people. police hunt people with stick?
        but even they take away theif knife if the police dont take them away the knife people kill their 2wife the husband take stone bash their hand throw onto their leg back. the school guy with bomb what happen if he wanted to put the kid into that school.
        but true away he may burn himself with kids. another is what happen if the chess table make noise or their people go their chess area distrub? but true they cannot take knife cut the girl or tourist also. they can just whack the boss look like they dont want there to have customer or business and noise or dont want gov people. if your 9 of them can run in and disable the guy with knife like the school kids 2get hurt but you save a life. 3mth parents guardian army trainning old folks home working get pay give parents or hurt. now 1guy smash a bottle into a girl face 24stichess here how we shoot him ? still 3mth but her scar there is forever like the tiger bit his head india worker loss one eye or face still disfigure like burn mark forever. another throw a bicycle from 9storyer kill a old women. the tiger they shoot die also. try to go in not beat them take away their weapon and trip them. then arrest them then 3mth parents guardian ask them work inside old folks home. 2nd time offence you can send them iran join militant not because their terrorist but because this muslim ai may join gov force one day the force you have can turn like syria or lybia shoot usa egypts troops may turn against west. there once a 3days the egypt troops didnt listen to west people. meaning you got 5000unit with weapon guns helo can fly to your country and like pearl harbour. not japan. but after 3days change look like the release the muslim brother hood all the people. japan send warplane to china after 3mth haha ok bye. the iran afghan you must keep they never chop any reporter head they reporter missing helo lately they have change if we go in kill them all is like we told them we help and they be gov give them tents and set refudgeee and give them grow food and they turn gov. so like us army go in talk to them so may take time turkey also talk to them but they may still shoot you and cut your head. but look at ukraine the russia police we beat bully them with hammer fire they ukraine got their indepedence loss their oil but the russia police walk away. so like the afgan we take make friend with them the farms now we want to clear them all out say they kill pikastan or bangladesh? we cannot kill afgan even they catch 27people so long they release means like muslim brotherhood is a indepedence state we only can drive tank in if they never attack means their peaceful. but if they can join to guard loaction every 4build 1jeep with machine gun army walk about guard farm and give them montly pay 5000 you got a economy. cause usa police arrest 9sit on them kill 2 before without knife by arresting them but if they carry knife in china and you send usa police 9 sit on them the knife people wont die. but because of us again they when up guy with jacket they spray kill 2police with machine gun. so like hongkong show i watch base on true story van with drugs run police man down. 1st car was tailing him he didnt know he was undercover police so he call backup they search his car 2nd car run down the policeman cause he thought the undercover police need help. the policeman uncover run away with his car. after the policeman got run down. didnt get arrested nothing happen policeman died. but undercover got arrest 3mth later for pointting gun in pub. but is their own group of people turn against him. because more of them got arrested for fighting or drugs. stand 5feet away from car and human incase drug car hit u run away or people take a bottle smash your face sg girl get hit with bottle face scar or car drive into you. jacket guy take a machine gun spray at you. or knife cut you use chair table trip him and run away.but russia police also have rape case like india police hang women on tree have to put church priest monkey show elephant show thai farmers lion dance radio tv football and school camp in farm lesser people location. can free the malaysia navy guy? his friend is gheart fighting for muslim rights maybe in singapore you have gurkah. microsoft cia

  3. Non-sucker

    Now that Roy is unemployed, he will need more financial support from Singaporeans. Keep giving away your money suckers !

    • Francis

      yes he screwed up by defaming people (he admitted what he wrote were not true), and have singaporeans help him pay for damages — oh it appears it is to pay entirely for him, not just help. . then he used company time/resources to do non-work related stuff despite being warned. Now he lost his job, he claims the company fired him due to political motivation. To complete this, perhaps singaporeans should donate more money for his living expenses and turn him to be a complete parasite. Roy never makes mistakes, he even thinks if he goes to hell, his hell is better than other’s. See http://www.myrighttolove.com …I guess he will remove this page soon because it reflects his true character.

      • willie koh

        I think you are the one who screwed up. What have you done except complaint? Cockroaches like you should burn in hell.

      • Samuel Tan

        Yes, cockroaches like Francis should burn in hell. What has he done for Singapore except to step on the toes of those who step forward. I would empty the whole can of insecticide into the mouth of such parasitic suckers.

      • No one

        Nincompoop like you are obviously mind blown by the mainstream media. clearly, is obviously a self-satisfaction personal attack against Roy judging from your tactless comments. Things shld be viewed in a holistic way, mind you! You think Roy is incompetent ? Why not show us what you have got then? Don’t be a dimwit, hiding behind the screen, thinking is perfectly stirring and completely fine by being a super uncool keyboard warrior.

        He, being an ordinary netizen spoke infront of thousands. He, perceive that Singaporeans has their rights in demanding for transparency from the government. He, make the people stand united, voicing out as one so that the government could hear us. He, step out of his comfort zone and did things that many fail to have the courage to do so.

        Now Francis, what have you done ? – a half witted comment and a sluggish mindset thinking that noone could outtalk you ?

  4. Francis

    And Roy, dont think that listing the amount of money coming in means transparency. You still owe it to your donors to detail how you use the money, and provide updates. and being audited not by leong sze hian and co., but by a neutral professional body. Even if you ask for permission to donate to charity (and to which organisation), you are unlikely to get a 100% agreement. And even if it is 99% agreement to donate to charity, there is a 1% who dont agree. just like you are the 1% who makes so much noise abt CPF.

    • Samuel Tan

      For someone who never donate a cent yet keep KPKB, I say the head need a reality check. I can sponsor a bottle of insecticide to be emptied into the cockroach body.

    • Mike

      I second this. Those blind PAP supporters should just put the money where their mouth is. Go organise a donation drive for the peeM if you are so free. Our donation is none of ypur business. Fuck off.

      • Mannon

        @ Francis, it is quite obvious your points do not stand. I have seen you repeating your stale comments all over the place and despite explanations from others, you refuse to see their points. So it is quite clear to me and everyone else that you are just launching a mindless attack here. It is no surprise that curses are thrown at you since you have been refusing to accept other’s opinions. You can laugh it off, but seriously, I would reflect on my own behaviour if I were you.

      • True Singapore

        Fark u Francis, I can sense you are foreigener who want to stir problem out of it.

  5. Francis

    and I’m getting out of this useless blog… all those who cursed me will kenna themselves..

    and those who curse further from now will kenna double the dosage, not themselves but their own loved ones ..hahhahahahha


    • Mannon

      I have witnessed first hand at Jerusalem how the prayers from masses deliver a curse. I won’t laugh it off if I were you. I am not sure if you are a religious person, but you better pray at a temple to wash off your sins as it is indeed bad karma upon you.

    • johnathan

      What a bloody idiot. I seriously doubt anyone would bate an eyelid if this Francis is mowed down by a garbage truck when he cross the road. Why did the chicken cross the road?? Because it saw a chicken patty and wanted to make friend with it.

  6. hateMIW@hotmail.com

    Roy, better take your money out before the government freezes your bank account. Keep it in a safer place from “prying eyes”..

  7. creacrossive

    One of the reasons why this cause he’s fighting for might not succeed is because most people cant give tow shits about it

  8. Tim

    It’s so sad to see how you, Mr Roy, do your best to destroy the system that created Singapore as one of the best-managed countries of the World.
    “neighbor grass is always greener”
    it means notwithstanding how good is the government, significant amount of population will bind their own failures, anxiety, unhappiness with management flaws. And there always be a populist manipulating, abusing these feelings for her (his) own success. Its so easy to believe when somebody tells you that your failures are not your fault but somebody’s else.
    Singapore would be nothing without Lee – a true political inventor, visionary and genius. With scarce resources and hostile environment he managed to do what generations of other nations can’t… everything you see around in Singapore you owe him.
    The truth is majority in any country ends up voting for a populist who promises whatever people want to hear: higher wages, lower working hours, better social system, lower taxes, labor unions but prosperous business. Populism always destroys economy and opens the door for dictatorship – Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe are good examples. And what’s important, in these countries society supports there leftist tyrants because they keep telling them not the truth (truth is tough), but what they want to hear: that economic disaster is the fault of enemies (such as USA, UK and all civilized world).

    I am, as a foreigner, really wish my country would have such a leader as Lee Quan Yew. He is a blessing, a prophet, whose voice of truth you are trying to muffle. Your children will cry on his grave but it will be too late, remember my words.

    • Leong Sze Hian

      Very well said.

      People like Roy blame their own failures in life to the government. It’s so easy; push the blame to someone else. Never your fault.

    • simon

      The useless CPF system is not worth protecting. It is the worst managed system ever on the entire planet earth. Just compare with Switzerland and their 8% interest or Malaysia with their 7%. Singapore CPF looks like shit and smell like one. I am glad Roy is working to dismantle it. Don’t compare with thrid world countries for third world leaders are not paid millions. Singapore CPF should be the best in the world since we pay the highest salaries to our leeders. Lee Hsien Loong, besides earning millions as a PM, he is also earning millions on the side as GIC chair. Why is he earning double income? And how many millions is his family earning on the side? I remember Geek Choo earning millions because her law firm is the annointed firm to handle HDB transaction. Last time don’t have conveyancing, they created something out of nothing for their familee. Then how about the special property discount that Tang Liang Hong sounded out. We all know these people cannot be trusted. Only idiots will keep worshipping the devil.

      • Xmen

        It is defamatory only in PAP’s Singapore. Indeed, many posts you read on the Internet are defamatory in the eye of PAP. These kind of posts are written all over the Internet and I don’t see elected officials busy filing lawsuits anywhere except in PAP’s Singapore. Hmm… did I just write something defamatory? Oops.

  9. Murthy

    Roy, I wonder why you do not consider making a higher settlement offer of damages to LHL since you have already got the resources? As long as you admit to defamation there does not seem to be any reason not to do so. We can then see whether LHL says $100K is also ‘derisory’. Or are you planning to challenge that there was defamation at all?

    • New Singapore Currency Denomination

      If $5,000 = one “derisory”
      $600,000 = one “peanut”
      Correct ??

      $5,000 may be a derisory amount for a PAP millionaire.
      But $5,000 is what most Singaporeans have in their bank account.

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      Roy should not be the one making the offer, they should make the demand.

      imo, since 600k is peanuts, anything less is probably undermining the reputation of the PM?

      we cannot allow the honourable PM to be shortchanged.

      i suggest we should lobby for a minimum sum to be set of defamation cases, minimum sum should be set at SGD$5million or 5% of the net worth of the person who is being defamed, whichever value is higher. the sum should be reviewed annually to account for inflation.

      what do you think?

      • Dead Frog's Entrails

        Why so scared?
        Why sue?
        Why not challenge Roy in open televised debate?

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        1. lol, that brings us to an old joke,

        fortune-teller asks pinky: “are you scared of dying?”

        pinky: “nope, but i simply despise dying”

        “scared” & “despise” are different concepts.

        2. stupid question. why not sue?

        3. if a celebrity has to debate with every person who defamed him on TV, then there will be no end to it, every opportunist who wants to get famous will give it a go, this celebrity will probably need 56hours a day.

        btw, thailand has a lese majeste law which works really well for them, we don’t have a king, but i suggest we can consider drafting our own version of it to protect our ppl, what do you think? sounds good?

      • Xmen

        The amount that Roy offered was already $5,000 over what President Obama would have demanded. (Actually Obama is too busy with national responsibilities to have time to worry about his own ego unlike LHL.)

  10. hawkenobi

    Maybe one day if Roy you form a political party people may rally behind you XD … PAP
    looks to the people to be a pasting old system that fails too many times at listening and
    doing proper ground work. They seems to most of us lazy and overpaid individuals who
    talk too much damage to the people’s trust.

  11. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    @ Xmen

    too busy?

    thats where the lese majeste law comes in handy, when we have something like that, the person who is defamed do not need to go through all the trouble and navigate the whole PR minefield,

    someone will come in and do the job of suing, can set up an agency just to do all the suing(can save money for the person defamed too, no need to hire expensive lawyer from private practise. can also bring down unemployment, kill 2 birds with 1 stone), or let some military guy do the job (which is what happens in thailand).

    good idea right?

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      @ Xmen
      i’ll write a letter to lobbyists in Washington to suggest to Obama if you also agree that it is a good idea.

    • terminator

      Hey fuck off you CCB Francis. You are the one that will destroy this country because of your stupid fuck head. I am sure many here want you and your entire family dead. Please don’t breed. Get yourself terminated.

    • terminator

      Fake here fake there, everywhere fake fake.
      Old mad donald had a farm, yee ya yee yah oo.
      Fake here fake there, everywhere fake fake.
      Old mad donald had a farm, yee ya yee yah oo.
      Kong kong here, Leong leong there
      Old mad donald had a farm, yee ya yee yah oo.
      Francis running around like a headless chicken fake fake.
      Old mad donald had a farm, yee ya yee yah oo.
      Francis running around like a headless chicken fake fake.
      Old mad donald had a farm, yee ya yee yah oo.

  12. might as well return everything

    The government is silly. Why keep the CPF scheme? Abolish CPF. Turn it into a tax – “retirement tax”. All Singaporeans and companies will pay social tax of 15-20% of their wages to the government. This is just like other countries. Then, there is no need to talk about CPF or for that matter return-CPF anymore. Easy, right?

    • Stop Arguing With PAP

      60% of your friends, family and relatives voted PAP.
      Remember to also convert them to vote Opposition hor!

  13. SS

    You want to outdo the bad politics of bully? Simple. Chip in and pay for ROy’s damages. This will forever neuter the political moves of the big bully on the local citizens and elevated Singapore politics. Then they will stop suing and silencing critics like JB jeyaratnam. Don’t let the same fate fall on Roy and then for another 2 decades no one will speak up for singaporeans. Do you still trust the PAP to speak for singaporeans? Keep hallucinating.

  14. Harry

    Be strong my friend. Life is short but death is everlasting.
    The old man knew about this and he asked for a quick death. Unfortunately, he lives to see one by one of his love ones passing.

  15. We donated money and now we want some answers

    Where is Workers Party?
    What are they doing?
    Why aren’t they making a stand on this?
    Why aren’t they speaking up for Roy?

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