Invitation To Singaporeans To Submit Thoughts About Singapore

Do you have something to say about what is going on in Singapore? You can send your opinions and thoughts to the We The Citizen Of Singapore website.

We The Citizen Of Singapore hopes to “develop a space here where we can encourage open and constructive discussions from diverse perspectives so that Singaporeans can have a space that we can truly call your own, to understand what’s really going on in Singapore,” and to “create a healthy environment for fruitful discussions and enlightened discourses which will bring us towards a more critically-thinking and engaged society, to bring Singapore forward into the next chapter.”

Do You Have Something To Say Emailer Publicity

May The People Represent The People Emailer Publicity

Here’s how you can send in your commentaries – you can send them an email at or send a message to them on their Facebook page at You can read more about how to send in your commentaries here.


I have also sent in an entry to We The Citizen Of Singapore, which they have published today. You can read it here.

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