Feng Tianwei: Sorry, On Behalf of My Fellow Singaporeans

Dear Tianwei,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate and thank you for winning the Olympic bronze medal for Singapore.

As a Singaporean, I am very grateful for what you have done and what many of us couldn’t have done. You had the grit, belief and courage to stand on a world stage and go where not many of us have gone before – and bring back an Olympic medal for Singapore.

This is only the 2nd singles medal that Singapore has ever won, and the 3rd medal ever, and the plain truth is we would not have been able to achieve this without you, not perhaps in another 10, 20 or 30 years, after our programme to train more local talent bears fruit. You have once again represented the hope that Singapore has in achieving pride on the international arena, as you and your team mates had in the last Olympic Games.

Thank you, Tianwei.

When Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei won a silver medal in the badminton single’s finals yesterday, Malaysians rallied behind him and Malaysians cheered him on. They patted him on the back when he won the silver medal and showed their continuous support even if he had not won the gold medal. Because he dared to dream and he dreamt for Malaysians. And the Malaysians dreamt with him. Because they stood together as one people, with pride.

So, many have said that you are not born in Singapore and because of this, we cannot be proud of you. Because they say, you wouldn’t be proud of representing us. I’m really sorry that it has to come to this.

You had dared to dream for us, but we had forgotten how to dream.

But do we have the right to take personal attacks, or make snide remarks at you? Truth is, it’s not about you. The debate, at this point, isn’t really about you. You, like many other foreigners who have contributed greatly to Singapore – some of whom are now Singaporeans like you – have become a symbol and a pawn for our unhappiness towards how we think we’ve been unfairly treated by the government. Singaporeans are unhappy not because of you. Singaporeans have learnt not to be happy, because we have learnt to.

For a long time, we’ve been unhappy but we’ve not learnt to speak up. And now that we are beginning to find our voice, we’ve learnt to voice our anger and displeasure. Because that’s what we remember. Or choose to remember – anger.

Tianwei, I would like to apologise on behalf of Singaporeans who choose to get angry at you when they shouldn’t. Their anger was transferred onto you because they felt that they felt that if their anger towards the government wasn’t being responded to, they would then get angry at the people that they feel the government was favoring over them.

I’ve been rethinking about my thoughts about my government for the past two weeks again. My government might not have done some things as well as they could – they could help the poor and the elderly achieve a more respectable lifestyle. They could devise policies to ensure real wages respond more adequately to inflation. They could ensure transport and housing policies respond to the rise in population faster. In these areas, yes, they didn’t do as well.

But I’ve also been thinking and learning to appreciate once again that there are some things that they have done well – they have given us a standard of living that is financially more sustainable than many others, they have ensured that we can walk around at night safely and freely. Yes, I still think they can allow us to have more freedom to express ourselves and speak up for what we believe in. But with great power comes great responsibility. We’ve learnt to speak up online but we’ve equally learnt to abuse it. Perhaps it’s no wonder why the government is threading very carefully with regards to whether they should open up in this area – because of the implications of how we might only cause further rifts among ourselves.

See, Singaporeans have learnt to be angry and unhappy over the many years where we’d felt that the government wasn’t responding. And perhaps sometimes the government wasn’t. And sometimes the government was. But if anything, the government has also forgotten to explain to us what they are doing adequately. And which is why Singaporeans feel that they’ve been kept in the dark, that their concerns are not being met, that they’ve not been heard.

I cannot be sure if the government has finally heard us, but I would like to give them one more chance to make it better, not right – because we are kidding ourselves if we think Singapore is not good enough.

But the government has to learn to explain better what it’s doing. The government needs to look at their governing principles again and live up to these principles. The government has to believe again. It’s no secret that the government has looked at economic growth and prosperity as the highest priority for Singapore but with our knowledge economy and a more educated population which has a achieved a higher attainment of living, thanks as well to the government, it does mean that the government would need to also shift their focus on to the social and psychological well being and welfare of Singaporeans.

I know the government has realized this. And I know the government is responding. But is the government not responding fast enough or is the government not explaining well enough? The government has to ask this of themselves. And if the government is not explaining well enough, perhaps it’s about being more transparent in the communication. Perhaps it’s not just about using The Straits Times to say what they want us to hear but to say how things really are, so that we can learn to trust them again.

But for now, Singaporeans will still be angry. They have to. Firstly, we don’t understand or know if the government is responding. Because the government isn’t sure how to let us know, without making us feel offended even further, as well. Secondly, the years of accumulated anger is finally being let out with our new found voice through the online medium and it has sparked an emotion within that many do not know how to rein in responsibly. And thirdly, we do not seem to know how to respond positively to our negative emotions but have learnt to express them through our frustrations and misplaced anger.

And thus we have learnt to get angry at you, Tianwei. Even if we have disagreeing viewpoints, we can still express them in non-personal ways. So I am very sorry.

The state of Singapore is both the responsibility of my government and my people. We’ve learnt not to communicate over the past few years and we’ve lost sight of each other’s priorities. We’ve become like a bickering couple who haven’t been talking to each other and have learnt only to misunderstand each other. We’ve learnt to sleep in different rooms in the same house only to erupt now into anger because one doesn’t understand the other. Because we’ve closed off our communication channels and stopped talking to each other even if we are sleeping under the same roof.

And now we’ve learnt to communicate with each other through Facebook and through blogging, but instead of hearing each other, one has been quick to anger and the other has been slow to respond.

And then we’d welcome you to our humble abode. But like any couple who have forgotten how to show respect and understanding towards each other, we’ve forgotten and have learnt also to show anger to those whom we had used to welcome with open arms – when we were then also welcomed into this home, with open arms.

Now anyone who comes in is screamed at, kicked at and passed over. What right do you have to come into my home, when I don’t even feel at home? When I don’t even feel that this is my home? Sure, one pays the bills and the other feels stifled. The bickering couple who refused to divorce – because we can’t. Because we rely on one another. Because there’s still a sense that we’ve built this place together and we both still want a part of it.

And then we invite you in and because we no longer talk to each other, we talk to others. But when one invites someone else in, the other views with suspicions. And then hostility and aggression. And thus we berate you when who we truly want to scoff at is our partner.

But do things need to be this way? Can the couple learn to love again? Can we learn to respect and understand each other again? Can the government learn to listen and can we have the patience to hear them out?

Can we learn to talk again, and be honest with one another?

And truth is, we can. I don’t remember when we learnt to stopped trusting each other. But we need to learn to trust again. Otherwise we will continue to live with each other with suspicion and anyone whom we welcome into our home, with disdain and fear. Even when sometimes our friends from overseas who visit us come with good news and good tidings.

Even when sometimes, our friends, like you, Tianwei, come into Singapore and become a member of our family, come and win an Olympic medal for us. Even when you do something that we hadn’t been able to do for so long and rightfully, we should be so proud, and so happy for you, and for ourselves.

But truth is, we’ve forgotten how to be proud of ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to be happy. We’ve learnt only to grow angry and instead of look within ourselves for happiness, we’ve learnt to look outside to blame for our anger.

My dear Singaporeans, this coming national day or for the new year and many to come, do you want to continue to be unhappy for the rest of your existence or do you want to perhaps, stop and ask ourselves why we are unhappy? And if so, can we learn to be happy again? And even if we are no longer speaking to our partner or that we don’t trust our partner, can we start to perhaps try to understand each other and try to learn to find the respect that we used to have for each other, again?

Can we learn to remember that this is a home we and our parents and their parents have built together? But we do! But instead of bickering and being over zealous, can we put our egos aside and recognize that all of us actually want the same for each other – for the betterment of Singapore? What are we all really trying for? For a country where we respect those who have it the worst but whom we will still care for, for the elderly who have given what they had to Singapore and should be given time to rest and appreciate the tills of their hard work, for a Singapore which prides meritocracy, yes, but one who also respects the equality for each of us to be.

And we can. But in this chapter, in this home of ours, can we start afresh and anew? Can we forget our past unhappiness and look to forge a new consciousness? Can we learn to invigorate this new found passion and strength with positivity and unity? Can we come together and share our views to work towards a common direction? Can we?

For Singapore and Singaporeans to have come this far to where we are, we have only ourselves to thank, and the government to thank. But it wouldn’t have been possible if either one of us were not in the picture. Singapore is where we are because we forged a common consensus based on common belief, because we held on to each other even when times were tough.

And now, in this new chapter, we’ve come to a point when we need to have a new understanding towards one another, where we’ve moved on to new and different chapters in our life, where we’ve learnt to appreciate other aspects of our lives, and of others, which we’ve never had to before. And in this new chapter, we are still learning of each other’s needs, new found beliefs and reenergised passion. Here, we are at another turning point in our nation’s history where we decide how we want to chart our path. The government needs us to work with them, just as we need the government to work with us.

Here, in this new chapter, we have a chance to make things better, a chance to make things perfect. Here, we can choose to work with each other, have a new appreciation of each other to be able to achieve the dreams that each of us want, together. We can do this if we believe, trust and use our new found passion to build new connections.

We can, my fellow Singaporeans. We can. I yearn to see the day when we will be there for one another, regardless of who he or she might be. Where, because of the respect and understanding I have for you, I will cheer you on and walk alongside you, because I know that you will be there for me, and put a supporting arm around me as well. I yearn for the day when we will create solutions for the betterment of all of us, whether you are considered less well-off, young or old, whatever your colour or beliefs you choose to hold, whether you choose a life that is different from another. I yearn and I know the day will come when we can finally hold the hand of our partner and say again, thank you for the trust and respect you have for me. Thank you for making this place a better place where we can live at ease, in happiness and in the beauty of one another.

And when the day comes when we win another Olympic medal that we will cheer each other on, with pride, passion and belief.

And as one.



  1. HLY

    I’m proud to be a Singaporean and im very proud of Feng Tian Wei too! She has brought glory for our country! Remember, she is playing for SINGAPORE, she is a Singaporean, why do people care so much that she is born in China? Her roots may be in China, but she is playing for Singapore. Our roots may be from other countries, but we are born in Singapore. What matters most is not where you are from, but where the heart belongs to. If they see themselves as Singaporean, we should be the most delighted and welcome them with open arms!!

    • TheRuffian

      You know what Feng Tian Wei should do? She should stand up and speak up that she considers herself a Singaporean and that she does not consider China her home anymore. Burn the Chinese bridge and in doing so, shame the Singaporeans who have insulted her loyalty to Singapore. That would satisfy most of those people questioning her loyalty to Singapore. But the question is whether would she do that? Does she deep in her heart still consider herself as a Chinese citizen and her move to Singapore only motivated by financial gain?


    Dear Tianwei,
    A majority of the Singaporeans are really happy with your performance last night. Singapore’s so lucky to have you in the team! Now, all the best and good luck to your next future matches!

    Clarissa (Student of FMS(S))

  3. My Right to Love

    Hey hi there,

    Thanks again for the discussion and comments. Someone wrote above that the comments here have resulted in an interesting discussion. And I agree. Bearing some discriminatory remarks which have been written here, I am actually able to learn more about the different perceptions people have towards this issue. It’s quite enlightening to know – that we take quite different viewpoints towards the same issue.

    Just to reiterate, my point of view might not be the same as yours. And sometimes I do find your viewpoints more complex and the analysis more in-depth, so thank you. 🙂 It’s really ok if the points that I had brought out might not be something you agree on, but thanks for sharing so that I am able to have a more diverse understanding of this issue.

    Just to also highlight again, I think it’s really good that we are having this discussion and having different viewpoints, so that we can learn from one another. I think it also helps that it expands my horizons in the understanding – which does mean being open to learning more. Someone mentioned that the article that I had written only brought out a certain perspective, which I agree. I had written this article from an area of concern that I am concerned about. And as well, I have also been enriched in my knowledge from the other perspectives in the discussion here.

    I hope though that even though we do hold different perspectives, we could perhaps find it enriching to learn from someone else, as I have. And hopefully, we will be able to find a common point which we can advance on. Actually, from the comments, I think most of us here are actually hoping to move forward together. And I thank you for this. Thank you. 🙂

    Some people have made some disparaging remarks about me. Well, look, I cannot be more assured about this. I am gay, no two ways about it. But is this of consequence? I am someone who cares, not only for myself, but for the well-being of my fellow friends, family and people who reside in Singapore. I understand some people are not able to understand me because you might not know me, or might not have friends who are gay. But it’s ok. I have learnt to understand and accept that people are different and that people have different views towards issues. I have learnt that we learn differently and think differently for issues we care about. And that’s ok. That’s the way we learn and appreciate life. I think as long as we are passionate about our beliefs, that’s fine. And as long as in our appreciation of these beliefs, we do not harm others.

    So, in sum, thank you for this invigorating discussion. I would also like to thank all of you who have also written supporting comments here. It brings a smile to my face everytime I read them. Thank you for understanding where I am coming from and taking the time to also write your comments and analysis.

    I would also like to thank all of you who have written comments which might disagree with aspects of the article. I do appreciate that you have written your comments here, and generate further discussion. I will read through to understand where you are coming from, to also appreciate your sentiments. I do believe, in the eventuality, we can find common threads of understanding, for us to at least appreciate certain aspects of each others’ viewpoints, as some of us already have,

    So thank you very much to all of you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, to comment and to enrich this discussion. Slowly but surely, I sincerely hope we can advance together. 🙂

    Have a happy holiday and Happy National Day – no matter what feelings you attach to it. 🙂


    • swdas

      i wouldnt say that the people are angry at feng tian wei is more like their angry at the system whereby Team Singapore just hires people from overseas, entice them with money to play and win money for our country.

      i heard we arent the only country doing it but i dont think we should be doing something like that in the first place. id rather wait a 100 years and finally we get some chap who actually born and bred and trained here who is actually good in whatever sports olympic has.

      as for disparaging remarks and personal attacks on her, well this is the internet and the night is dark and full of trolls.

      • A 100% made elsewhere and assembled locally outfit

        We are a 100% foreign-imported team. There is no doubt they continue train under the Singapore system and investment.
        Tell me which country promote sports development with 100% intake from outside to get success. The reason imports are taken in other countries is to use them as a catalyst to help the local players and hopefully some of them will stay on after.

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  5. Whatajoker

    What a joker.. What makes a Singaporean a Singaporean? Is it that Pink IC? Is it winning the olympics for Singapore? Is it saying the pledge or even paying Tax to ACRA? No. It’s being born and bred here with our culture, our heritage, our colloquial language and most importantly of all, it’s the fact that we slog through this entire screwed up education system, work our ass off only to have 9-5 jobs paying mediocre salaries and still have to remain stuck in this shit hole.

    What gives them the bloody right to call themselves a Singaporean when they just come here for 5 years, play ping pong, never have to go through what Singaporeans go through such as NS (which wasted 2 years of our lives) and best of all, get paid 250k to train and do what they love to do? They take up our land, our resources and even better, take up our children spaces in schools bringing all sort of uneccessary pressure.

    Awarding them the citizenship in itself is already a substantial reward so that they can upgrade themselves from a third world country. Now we have to pay them 250k? You don’t speak for us. What bloody mandate do you have? Are you a public figure? Are you the 3 million Singaporean citizens that have to tolerate another 2 million foreigner? What a joker.

    • Ming

      “It’s being born and bred here with our culture, our heritage, our colloquial language and most importantly [sic] of all, it’s the fact that we slog through this entire screwed up education system, work our ass off only to have 9-5 jobs paying mediocre salaries and still have to remain stuck in this shit hole.”

      i) Lancheow. You champion a mix of cultures from all over the world as “our heritage” and pidgin variation of English as “our colloquial language” because, obviously, these all originated from Singapore right? No one came here and made us. We are special and these things all created themselves, so if you havent been here for 47 years, you are Singaporean No Enough, correct?

      ii) Highlighting a personal inability to improve one’s own lot in life and discovering a talent in remaining in this “shit hole” is most definitely NOT a criteria for being a citizen anywhere. You pa jiao is it? Only Singaporeans work here? All those shitty jobs you don’t want to find employ in- refuse management, red-eye shifts, construction, monotonous labour- no foreigners there, apparently. These people, with an education no doubt shorter than the screwed up one you had the complete misfortune of obtaining (so sorry for you), manage to put their heads down and work overseas in thankless occupations under conditions you would balk at. This shames you and anyone else who bitches about the circumstances you were born into. This leads me to:

      iii) Complaining about other people taking things from you. You do not seem to realise that some things are inevitable. They make more babies than us, they are willing to work harder than us, they are willing to get paid less than us. Your government can only protect you that much.. if every Singaporean was assured of a job and didn’t need to fight for shit, do you really think you would push yourself to improve your situation? Enough can already what, consperm get hired. It’s like going to a hawker centre and stamping your feet because there are no tables available. Find an edge over a foreigner, maybe? You say there are inherent things that make us Singaporean- like our education and a cultural heritage. If you cannot use ANY of these to make yourself more employable than a foreigner then either a) they are pretty much just like us, or b) you are a less useful person.

      iv) The trump card, NS. Wahlan eh.. NS was NOT that bad. Two years of your life to develop as a person, learn various things about working with other people and adjusting to situations that are larger than yourself. You will (probably) exit as a more mature individual, with an increased understanding of how the world works. Completing your 24 months and then waving NS around like you are entitled to something is like a chap demanding no one drive and everyone walk around Singapore because he doesn’t have a car. Want to get tulan, channel that towards the system. Obtaining a favourable outcome from any situation no matter how bad the circumstance is a the mark of a successful person. Learn from your two years and make those lessons a weapon in your arsenal of Singaporean awesomeness- don’t moan that you had to do NS and someone else didn’t.

      Singapore was, is and will always be an immigrant society. That is a fact, and the only thing to do about it is to adapt, like every other generation that has preceded ours in our nation’s short history. We are not large enough to close our doors off and sustain ourselves, and every other damn country has people hungry for success. If you’re still so upset that you’re stuck in this “shit hole”, leave la. Teach English in China if you speak some Mandarin, or become a regional specialist in Asean consumer trends. Maybe even play ping pong and represent some other country if you’re good enough. Try.. then come back and report strength ok?

    • truz

      Its like how top football clubs scout for talent…and pay those players ridiculous amounts of money. Now, you tell me what they are looking for. Singapore : n-th unsuccessful medal conquest in the xxyy Olympics. Apparently these people are the top few table-tennis players in the world. So technically, Singapore is buying talent in this sporting area. Apart from that, I fail to comprehend what “They take up our land, our resources and even better, take up our children spaces in schools bringing all sort of uneccessary pressure.” has to do with this. There are fewer than 10 (not so sure) imported table tennis players and definitely less from other sports in Singapore. So, are you telling me they are depriving our youths of their education, resources, jobs or even livelihood? Dream on, you’re just generalising the whole issue of immigrants in Singapore and giving some insubstantial argument to support your beliefs.

  6. J

    This is very simple actually, just try taking out the $$$ from winning games and see how many of these “FT” will actually come play for Singapore?

  7. ftw

    您好! 我需要有人纠正了下面这封信。 国际海事组织 ,这是很长的。 它是如此漫长的原因是我还没有通过电子邮件发送这个女孩大约一个月,有很多事情要告诉她关于。 我真的很感激,如果你阅读并纠正它。


    我对不起你这么久没有电子邮件。 我可能会告诉你,我做的是在一月份考试,可能会是忙碌的,而为他们准备。 我只是不记得,当我最后一次通过电子邮件向您发送。 我想这是很久以前。 我懒得出自己的工作……我可以看到你的信,你享受你的假期你*了*享受你的假期…… ;)你去上学,或者你仍然在俄罗斯?

    你访问了莫斯科? 如果你去过莫斯科,告诉我你在这里做什么! 这真的很有趣! 我有很多事要告诉你。 但首先,我想谈谈对你的信。

    有可能是在暗示什么有趣的事情,现在在莫斯科,因为你已经在这里点。有很多有趣的事情,看到在俄罗斯首都。 这取决于你想看到什么。 尽管我知道你的爱好,很难为我做什么,你应该看到在莫斯科任何建议。 如果你还没有访问莫斯科,只是告诉我,我会尽力想许多伟大的地方,尽我所能看到的。

    很高兴听到你热衷于拍照。 我想你有昂贵的摄影摄像,是吗? 其实我有两个数码相机。 一个成本约400元,是非常好的。 因为我没有专业摄影师,我非常喜欢这台相机。 最近,我读了这台相机的审查PC杂志的网站上,并通过它收到的意见感到惊讶。 他们说,在我的相机拍摄的照片是一个相当有噪音位。 这是奇怪的,因为我几乎看不到任何噪声。 也许,我的相机与其他相机相比,具有相当大的噪音,但我很满意我的大部分照片的质量。 其他相机售价仅150美元左右,但是这台相机的一大优势是它的大小。 这是另一个小的两倍。 你可以很容易地放进你的口袋和肯定,你就可以采取任何你想要的照片。
    实际上,现在,我只拿到了一台摄像机(150美元),“因为我爸爸放弃了昂贵的之一,而他是在欧洲。 因为我是用来与该相机的照片,这是很难与其他相机对我的工作。 我的爸爸说,我们给你买一个新的好(我的意思是相当昂贵)数码相机,如果这个人不能修补。 让我们拭目以待。

    旅行时,我总是需要大量的照片,我认为这是确定的一些图片是垃圾,因为这是不可能的,只有伟大的。 我的笔记本电脑和PC照片,以及局促。 我打算在他们有时转移到DVD。 有照片,我已经烧毁了约6张CD,但大约一年前,我已经采取了足够多的照片,自此。 最近我工作,我需要买2(也许3)DVD光盘(4.7GB)来烧我的所有照片。 因为我怕失去他们,我想他们全部转移到光盘。 如果出现任何错误,我的硬盘,我将无法恢复。

    我也得到低劣的人谁知道我的工作,当我分心。 我不关心你的语言,因为我太漂亮经常使用脏话与朋友外出时挂。 。 我已经得到越来越少的隐私,最近在我的房间。 我很恼火,当有人进入我的房间时,我用我的耳机听音乐。 我有时甚至不注意到他们进入房间和害怕时,他们突然开始跟我说话。 另一方面,据我所知,我不能做任何事情。 我真的不禁止进入房间时,我我的父母想不明白,感觉! 他们将是正确的!

    至于当代艺术,我不认为它的。 不要以为我严重。 我不是一个艺术的风扇,坦率地说。 我喜欢的一些照片,但他们几乎没有让我太多印象

    这时候我说几句话对我的考试。 我们做了四次考试。 他们是哲学,经济学,数学,和俄罗斯的历史。 我有两个坏一个数学(线性代数),俄罗斯历史的好成绩优异。 我总是在学校的数学不错,但开始投入少得多的时间,在大学,所以考试的结果是,因为它可能看起来不那么令人惊讶的。 现在,我将有一段做在二月重考。 我要准备重考,并得到良好或优秀等级。 希望我管理的!

    我还没有类似01月10日以来的滑冰。 第一次考试是01月09日,所以我当时没有时间玩冰球。 更何况,这是非常冷,在莫斯科地区。 这是约-28C为一个星期左右。 这是莫斯科的异常! 这是非常冷。 如果它会有所回暖,我可能去滑冰一次,但它很容易生病在如此低的温度下。 ,你可以很容易得病的主要原因是,你有一个非常寒冷的空气吸入负载。 在如此低的温度下溜冰,你可以得到一个严重的喉咙痛。 也许,这是很好的,它是如此寒冷,当我做检查,因为我几乎花光我所有的时间学习。 另一方面,我觉得我需要做一些体育锻炼。 然而,现在,我在寒假我可以滑冰尽可能我想。 我的朋友们做了他们的所有考试为好,所以我们现在都可以去滑冰。 温度是相当不错的曲棍球-关于-5C。

    自您上次给我发电子邮件,你都做了什么? 我敢肯定,你的生活非常有趣。 作为一名演员,钢琴家,艺术家和歌手(我错过了什么?J)是很少无聊。 我喜欢英语,数学,体育,历史(虽然我只喜欢俄罗斯历史,从1917年开始),和IT,当我在学校。 现在,我去上大学,我包括我的最爱清单上的一些科目。 这是哲学,经济学,和游泳。 你觉得我的最爱吗?

    在完成考试后,大家都觉得像庆祝考试结束。 即使我失败了线性代数,我还是想庆祝。 这些都是我在大学的第一次考试,他们是非常有益的。 现在大家都明白,我们必须在考试前努力工作,使考试将很容易准备。
    我的一个朋友邀请几个同学从我组他在莫斯科地区的平房。 我们都同意去。 山寨是距莫斯科约17km,所以他问他的司机来接我们附近的大学和我们开车到他的小屋。 这个朋友很丰富,所以,他有一个私人司机和一个非常昂贵的汽车,它是小的奇迹。 他有一个揽胜,售价约113.000美元! 我从来没有如此昂贵的车前骑! 这是伟大的。 一旦我们得到了他的山寨,我们都惊叹其规模和所在地。 房子的位于莫斯科地区最负盛名的地方。 我不知道是买房子的有多少。 但我可以说,这是极其昂贵的。 还有一个桑拿浴室,小游泳池,台球,和许多其他真棒事情,在他的房子! 我有一个伟大的时间! 我们都做到了。 我们喝墨西哥啤酒“电晕”和缺席(缺席的你有没有听说过吗?据我所知,这在美国是非法的) 我们做了足够多的东西,在他的房子,但写这篇文章将带我小时! 很遗憾,我们花了有一天! (我们到达接近傍晚,在下午约三时,第二天离开)。 我们欠这么多的亚历克斯(这家伙的名字,我们去的山寨)。
    好了,我得走了现在! 谈谈您的到来!


  8. A Singaporean

    I take offence at “on behalf of my fellow Singaporeans”
    You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine.
    Do you have the mandate of the people?
    Are you the Prime Minister?
    On what grounds do you have the right to speak for us?
    I respect your right to freedom of expression, but I do hope you respect your fellow Singaporeans’ right to express themselves as well.

    • shomval

      You guys are so fucking touchy you know that? Oh no!! He spoke up on behalf of me! I shall shoot rhetorical questions to show that I’m speaking up for singaporeans who didn’t read this article! Believing what you do is equality but in actual fact just making yourself feel better, pft

  9. Whatajoker


    You gotta be shitting me with your views. Singapore was created as an idea by the great Mr LKY (no sarcasm there) to protect it’s citizens from being subsume by then hostile neighbours in order to create a country that we can call our own and have pride in. To provide equal opportunity for all races (WHO ARE SINGAPOREANS) and to instill a sense of loyalty to their (HOMELAND).

    I’m pressuming given your replies that you do not have children. When you have one, you will understand the pressure of bidding caused by the PRs / newly converted citizens, the pressure of studying non-stop, having tuition and even worst, seeing your child talk about suicide cause he / she cannot take it anymore. And honestly, who caused it?

    1) I think that if there would be much less pressure without these PRs / converted Singaporeans around. We already have enough. While i don’t deny that having talented people are required to improve the economy, why grant them PR / Citizenship knowing that they will migrate back / uproot once they are done? “One third of male PRs renounce their PR status to avoid NS” just fyi.

    2) Isn’t it another form of eugenics to improve the intelligence of the average Singaporeans hoping that they and their kids would stay? How does that create equal opportunity for all races (WHO ARE SINGAPOREANS) and do you think they will have loyalty to Singapore? We are giving away Singapore to people who merely wants to come to Singapore. Yes, they may perhaps be more hardworking, yes they may perhaps be more intelligent. But what right do they have to push our children to the fringes of extinction and failure? Every parents would want to protect their offsprings.

    3). Yes, i believe in the ovarian lottery. One that i was lucky enough to be born and bred in Singapore. If we are lucky enough to be born in Singapore, why must we share our luck with others? Would you share your winning lottery ticket with someone else? Don’t bullshit me about being altrustic because everyone would want to protect themselves, much less Singaporeans.

    You are young, you see it is being noble and being all inclusive. When you have children of your own, when you see your parents unable to get job because of the foreign talent, you will understand the frustration and anger that many feel.

    Till then, i find it ridiculous to talk to someone who hasn’t gone through life yet, who was drinking milk when i was in the army and still have the audacity to apologize on my behalf. If you are the future generation of Singaporeans who sells out, im glad i left.

    P.S. Ming I made it through this shit education system and thankfully left the country.

    IDisclaimer| I am not xenophobic. I just think it’s really sad that we sold ourselves out for the sake of economic growth. I have a lot of respect for the founding fathers of this country but along the way greed as always, got the better of us.

  10. My Right to Love

    Hi people, ok help me out here.

    There are some of you who might not be agreeable with what is said. That’s fine, really. And some of you might decide to get angry at me. And that’s fine too. You do know that if you get angry and use emotionally charged angry in your words, I am likely to bypass what you say because of how I might react to what is said. I will focus on what others have said, even if what is said is not agreeable with what I had written in the article. If you want to get your point across, not only here, but on other forums or websites etc, you do need to know if you use emotionally charged language directed at a person, they are unlikely to absorb what you say. It’s human nature. Try imagining reading something that someone says or writes to you which makes accusations at you which are not true, would you shut off or would you listen further? Perhaps herein, you can decide whether to continue using emotionally charged, and sometimes abusive, language.

    You might get angry at me for writing this. Sure, that’s fine. Just as you might get angry at Tianwei. And just as you might get angry at our ministers and politicians. You might get angry at the neighbour next door who is a supporter of PAP. Or heck, you might get angry at the cleaner for not cleaning up your table properly, as you think. If this is what is happening, then perhaps if I were the person, I would see a consistent pattern – why the heck am I getting angry over every person and every matter? Perhaps at this point you will ask, who the heck am I to question how your thought processes are. I am nobody. What I am offering here is an opportunity to reflect on your thought processes, if you would allow. If not, you can do what I had did – I had read up on many books to learn to understand my anger and how I was responding to them.

    When you get angry at a person, are you really angry at them? When you get angry, are you really angry at me? You do not know who I am. You do not know me at all. What you are angry about is what I had also brought out, which is what has been brought out many times by other people. But why do you get angry at what is brought out? I do not know. You have to understand it for yourself. Perhaps you could be angry because you feel that your standard of living is good enough or that you don’t think you are earning enough and am thus unhappy that someone else is. Then if that’s the case, what should you be looking into? Could you look into advocating for higher wages or rallying people together to speak to the government to address our concerns?

    You do see the difference it is here right? Some of us choose to respond by directing our anger everywhere else because anger is what we know. Some of us choose to respond by finding out what the source of our anger is and deciding that we can take proactive action to address them. I don’t have to explain which is the more effective way to respond, not only to allow us to be heard, but to also manage our own emotions.

    You see, when I write here, every word I say or write, I have to think through them to make sure that what comes out does not hurt another, as much as I can. I have a responsibility to say and write things which do not unnecessarily hurt others, at least emotionally. You have to draw a distinction here between having differences in viewpoints and saying things which directly insults another person. I do not do the latter, but as can be seen in this discussion, the former exists – there are differences in viewpoints. Then the question is, how can we express differences in opinions in a way that precludes emotional hurt and abuse thrown at one another. We have a responsibility to ensure that what we say does not cause unnecessary hurt onto others, because we would know how it would feel if we were the receiver of this hurt. We have a responsibility.

    I am happy to be able to engage in these discussions with you, but at the end of all this, what do we hope to achieve? Some of us have found ways to move on in our own lives to learn to be happy and find effective solutions for ourselves. What about some of the rest of us? If we get upset and angry at every other thing and person, can we get things done? Can we resolve things for ourselves? Even if you might disagree with me, that’s fine, really. Because I do not attach my ego or my self esteem to what I write. I choose not to get hurt by what is said because I have people in my life who are there for me, and who mean more to me, and people here who understand and say words of support – thank you.

    Eventually, regardless of the opinions we hold, I do think it is very important that we know how to be happy and to learn to deal with things in a positive way, and find solutions for ourselves – this is where I am coming from. When we can do that, regardless of the opinions we hold, we will seek to find solutions to help move things forward.

  11. Pingback: National Day « LYL
  12. anpb

    Everyone has came across different obstacles in life to have reached where we are now. Therefore, having different perspective about life and I respect them.

    Respecting other’s perspective is acknowledging that everyone is different. Yes, indeed, we are all special individuals. We shine in different lights.

    We express ourselves because if we don’t, no one may know how we feel. We tell people how things are in a totally different point of view to us. We share.

    Well, and sometimes, we disagree to someone else’s point of view. In another words, we don’t really like their thoughts, but think about it. Isn’t this other person just trying to voice out his/her feelings?

    Well, if you don’t like it, go on and comment, but personal attacks? Please people, stop that.

    and I guess Feng Tianwei has also not offended any one of us in any ways that she has to receive all that personal attacks too. We can express ourselves yet be nice with our words, right?

  13. Wing Hung

    This is a joke.

    what is there to be sorry about? do you apologise on behalf of your brother to your sister over family matters or when she does well in exams but your brother doesn’t care or celebrate.


    It is not the fault of every Singaporean if the win didn’t inspire.

  14. buy toms

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