In the Year 3013

The year is 3013 A.D.

There are no more animals left on the planet, except for the stray cats and dogs that hide in the underground tunnels and drains, fearing for their lives. From what used to be man’s best friends, these animals are now hunted for food – there is no other meat left in the world. Any cat and dog activists would be murdered for their act of treason against god and mankind, as the religions would put it – humans need to survive, at all costs.

There are still plot of farmland where fruits and vegetables are still being grown, but no longer do they flourish. All arable land that could be used have been maxed out in their capacities, and the very farmland which continue to grow fruits and vegetables are tied to consortiums which sell their farm produce at black market rates – open black markets now that the capitalistic system has failed and governments no longer hold sway among people, who blame them for the state of the world, one that no longer has sustainable produce or living.

Where 50 years ago, half the world’s population was dying from obesity-related causes, now, people are dying from starvation. There simply isn’t enough food to go around. Even among the wealthy, or those that used to be, the money that they have stocked over the decades has become waste – there just isn’t enough food to be bought over.

The oil in the Middle East had run dry a few decades ago. Once the shining beacon of the world, after the Middle East had overtaken China and the United States as the most powerful region in the world, simply by the amount of oil reserves they had, they are now one of the poorest. With no oil to survive on, the deserts have consumed at least 80% of the population, while the largely migrant population deserted the Middle East once the country ran out of oil.

The Netherlands is now predominantly submerged under water, as the sea had inundated and pushed through all flood barriers that the Dutch had put up. There just isn’t enough natural resources to continue with the extravagant construction that the world had undertaken over the past few centuries, and exacerbated over the past few decades. Nothing could withstand the onslaught of tidal waves, as the glaciers in the Arctic region had gradually melted and unleashed itself upon what was once the world’s most developed region, but savaged by the economic crisis that hit repeatedly after 2008, and which the region never managed to recover from, due to constant infighting and politicking.

Even New York has now become a york, literally, the city washed up all the way past the Freedom Towers, no longer a symbol of what America could represent. It’s as if the scene from the movie, Day After Tomorrow, could actually really happen. United States is now no longer united, but the Disparage States of America, torn apart by political bickering, between the Democrats and Republicans, both which swung to the extremes. For a while, it looked like the Democrats could provide a moderate platform, but that took a turn when successive Republican leaders were voted in and the Democrats over-championed their cause. The smaller neutral political parties, which tried to champion on a balanced platform, never took off, brushed aside and slandered by the big two duopolistic government.

Half a century ago, the international organizations set out to seriously discuss about moderate growth, one which roots began in the early 21st century. But they never took off. Governments were not prepared to have “slower growth” – the concept that you could replace GDP with another monitoring tool, such as Happiness, just didn’t sit in well with governments, which have tied themselves to capitalist ideals, which wanted growth at all costs; amassing of wealth and fortune. There became a self-centred drive for all countries to increase their reserves – anything else was fluke.

Anything else was fluke, until two decades ago when all natural resources were all but used up and the land became barren. There was no more sea water to desalinate from. You could still desalinate them, but the water was too polluted to convert them to clean drinking water. Governments around the world collapsed one after the other, as angry peoples blamed their governments for the lack of forward thinking.

Even Singapore, which had one of the world’s more forward-thinking leaders and future-proof planning, couldn’t defend itself from the final economic onslaught that brought the world down. Singapore was simply too small to make a difference – we needed the world to be strong so that we could be strong with them. When the government finally closed its borders, it was too late as our borders are porous. Mass of people had thronged into Singapore, one of the last ‘safe’ havens of the world, before all hell broke lose.

What now? In 2011, the world leaders had an opportunity to make stand to manage climate change effectively. In 2012, the world leaders had an opportunity to create sustainable economic development.

They never took that opportunity. Governments were only concerned about perpetuating their own power, getting their people to like them, pushing through with populist policies. Africa was murdering gay and lesbian people up until the middle of the 21st century, before they became so broke and needed foreign assistance to prop them up. By them, even the overnight legalization of same-sex marriages could do little do help what had operated as a corrupt and mismanaged governments which had ran for centuries, since the advent of the end of colonialism. The leaders of the African nations simply never got out of their colonial mentality.

After 2012, the world has a few more years to change – to find a way to develop sustainable, to replace the archaic democracy-capitalistic systems to look towards holistic and sustainable human-nature-balanced growth. Question then is, will government leaders have the honesty, will and courage to do what needs to be done? Do peoples have the will to champion their leaders for what is right and accept the changes that come along?

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